Some New Smilies

:-) )-:
:-) :-)
:-/ \-:
:-) :-)
:-) (-:
:-))>> :-o~~
:-- |:|
|:| :--
regular smiley guy
same guy just learning about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
twin brother a breech birth
mirror image (bet you can't tell which is which)
mirror image (now you can. Yeh? so who's real?)
world's first (modern) human parthenogenesis (virgin birth)
guy having an epiphany (coming face to face with himself)
the triplets singing act. The third is upset with the others.
weight loss program before and after
not quite sure about this life stuff
you know the type - perennial rosy cheek
nose job didn't take
new Easter bonnet
just got audited
found out his wife gave birth to quints
time machine screw-up
resend (same screw-up) but now he's all right.