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Life Is What You See

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How Decisions Are Made

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Enlarge to fully appreciate
Artist unknown.
A new wall was built around a  garden here. And on the following day, what looked like a layer of cement was added on top of the original blocks.  I thought – Brilliant! A way to keep wall painters from doing their own concept of wall art. This is a new form of art. And then there was the next day. A new layer of real concrete had been added and smoothed down flat. Oh well, so much for that idea.
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After a lot of thinking on how to save money, I decided NOT to have a muffin with my daily cappuccino, even though it is the one thing that gets me out of the house for my walk each day. So, there I was crossing the street: Can’t remember whether I was thinking about my decision or not, but I do remember thinking ‘That’s a strange place to stop a car, right in the middle of the road’ as I passed in back of it. Suddenly, it backs up and knocks me down. And as I fell, I do remember hoping that I would be able to get up. Two guys, one more shaken than I — must have been the driver —  rushed over and lifted me to my feet. The getting-up problem solved!
Then, all the questions about ‘Are you all right?’, ‘Do you need an ambulance?‘, ‘etc?’ I tried to reassure the driver that indeed I was OK – although a bit shaken. Then, while I was walking away still reassuring everyone that I was all right, I was trying to figure out why he had indeed backed up. Seems he had overshot a left turn.
I needed a muffin!

Selfie – together with what looks like a portrait of my last year
LISTEN TO YOURSELF – You May Know More Than You Think
I opened up the new bottle of gas which had just been delivered, after being sure the other, which was empty, was fully closed. Had decided to get only one bottle. Then, had an idea (it was one of those days). Why not put a little gas in the empty bottle so when I run out, I’ll still have a small backup although not really necessary because delivery here is great. Fast forward – finally ran out after 9 months (I don’t make soup) and called for a delivery. Since I didn’t know if my backup idea would work, when she said “Do you want it today or regular?, I answered “Today. Then she said “I’m trying to get the local crew but can’t get through so I’ll have them call you.” I waited and waited and by the time the local crew called, it was way past midday. “We can’t deliver today so the earliest will be tomorrow... and then her voice changed – that’s the marathon”, as she asked someone else “are we delivering with the marathon on?” and back to me “I’m sorry, but we can’t deliver until the end of the weekend (three days), and what we would have charged for one day service, we won’t charge you”. That’s nice.
Now I know why I had that idea to save some gas: the breakdown of the call transfer on the local level, and of course, there is always a marathon. In any case, when you have these ideas, listen – there is more going on then we know.

appliedturmericandcayenneYou’re thinking ‘Good grief. I’d throw it out’. But see what it does for you before doing that. And, by the way, it tasted great.
Not knowing how long I had with the saved gas, I cooked the vegetables for the evening meal along with the two grilled cheese sandwiches. I even fried the grilled cheese as open face to be sure both sides got an equal amount of the gas that was left.guaranteedinner

This is one lunch for the books. Covers a lot of healthy stuff including
turmeric on the grilled cheese.
fantastic sauerkraut which will solve problems you didn’t even know you had as well as some you do know. Check this out Surprising health benefits of sauerkraut. You might decide to start eating sauerkraut every day, or at least every other day… once a week?
a healthy portion of cayenne pepper (that’s right, the stuff that will make you wish you had never seen it. But, I found that you can get it’s health benefits and even enjoy it by mixing in some hummus along with a lot of sweet red pepper to take out some, if not all, of the bite.
In order to save on gas as well as the having to wait for whatever to cook, I have taken to making 3-4 times the amount of base (rice, beans, oatmeal, etc) at one time once every 3 to 4 days.  If the already cooked and saved base is something for dinner, then I simply add a new batch of slightly undercooked vegetables each day. The more stuff I add each time, the richer the base becomes, until it’s so rich even the fungus can’t resist it. When you find yourself fighting for space, it’s time to start fresh.
The example shows thick oatmeal (takes longer to cook than the regular quick cook or instant oatmeal but gives great texture (mush is mush, which this isn’t), raisins, walnuts, sunflower seeds, ground flax seeds, coconut oil. Added: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, maple syrup, butter.

I went through the store with the word ‘salad’ in my mind. Otherwise, I end up getting everything except salad stuff (and I needed it). Well, It worked, but I got the other stuff anyway.
Made the salad and decided to take a photo, but all the good stuff was at the bottom, so I had to go get it and put it on top. Remember this the next time you’re down, ‘the good stuff always falls to the bottom’. What you need is someone who cares enough to bring you piece by piece up to the top again.
Of course, there is another way and that is to turn the utensil you have prepared it in upside down onto the plate. Would have worked except that half the good stuff I had put on top was now on the bottom. Can’t win.
Still In Dream Time

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flowersoftfocus IMG_20140123_133905
Sat down at the table and noticed the flower
. ‘That’s a nice touch’ I said to myself, before taking out my phone and starting to work. Closed the phone after a bit. And the flower was gone. They were also gone on all the other tables. No, this is not the Twilight Zone. It’s just that I was so concentrated with what I had been doing, I wasn’t conscious of the guy who came and took them all away, only to bring new ones back about 15 minutes later. They weren’t as beautiful, but it didn’t matter because I was focusing on my food, which had been brought in the mean time. I need to say something pithy and brilliant here like
‘Misunderstandings are the result of  focusing on something different from those around you’
‘If you see someone focusing, give them a wide berth – the world is different for them than it is for you’
‘Success occurs when two or more people focus on the same thing’
or ‘Life without focus is a total waste’.
But I won’t.
2. Before I go out, I usually clean the sink. That’s so that if I don’t make it back, the people who come to collect my stuff will say something like ‘well, he lived alone, but his sink is clean’ sort of thing.  The rest of the apt will not be mentioned. But recently, on the threat of the insurance people coming “to do an inventory of the contents of the flat” for continuation of the coverage (they should have come every 3 years but I haven’t seen them for 7) , I started cleaning. Took me 5 days and I’m still in the middle. Things that haven’t been cleaned for maybe 15 years – like behind my desk, the top of the kitchen cabinet (which hasn’t seen a hand except for dumping something) for at least 7 years, and under the bed – at least 7 months. Do I feel any better for it? Well, there is a certain sense of accomplishment when I sit with my cappuccino and muffin.

But there are certain things I have to do before I go.
1. My cat sits on my lap while I’m getting my natural vitamin D. And when there is no sun, she gwacks (her version of meow) and runs over to the window ledge. Sun or no sun, we sit there for 15 minutes with her on my lap purring as I stroke her – as close to heaven as you can get without being there.

2. Recharging my cell phone because I don’t have that convention of doing it at night. So it’s relatively short, but at least I don’t get the ‘need to recharge’ notice – because there is only 5% 4% 1% left – BLANK.

3. An extra cup of coffee before the long walk to get the muffin. Which would seem to be counterproductive what with the usual timing of coffee passing through the system. But, the 4 km walk does seem to take care of the problem.

3. Hanging On
Late Night Eggpanclet
This is a second writing – the first was dogged by the cursor disappearing half way through sentences, so if I wasn’t a touch typer I’d be in real trouble, although I’m not usually looking at the screen anyway. Then, because I was concentrating on getting the words registered and fighting the ads, I forgot to save when the system rebooted automatically. Think I’ll get a new machine. 10 years is enough – apparently – although until I got hit by some virus, which even the technician couldn’t remove, it was doing great. I get really attached to things, so I keep working.IMG_20140128_222016 (1)

Now to the eggpanclet which was late night snack – so called because I found this leftover pancake mix – very little – in a jar in the frig. Why was it there? Because I said to myself ‘you can’t waste anything’. I do that a lot – talk to myself and save stuff which after two years in the refrigerator is unrecognizable.

So, added some water, too much, to uncongeal it from the bottom of the jar and added an egg. Poured onto butter in a hot pan.
My apologies if you are diabetic. But except for the maple syrup, this is all the stuff for healthy living – buckwheat flour, almond flour, water, egg and nuts with cinnamon, nutmeg and powdered ginger. 

A link to a formula which helps in cases of diabetes by stimulating the secretion of insulin to help regulate sugar levels has been removed since there are several counter indications for some of the ingredients which may not be clear in translation such as it should not be used during pregnancy or nursing or those suffering from hypoglycemia.


My apologies if you are diabetic. But except for the maple syrup, this is all the stuff for healthy living – buckwheat flour, almond flour, water, egg and nuts with cinnamon, nutmeg and powdered ginger. And for the maple syrup, there is something new called shugarcom which stifles the sudden rise in glucose when sugar hits the system. “The formula stimulates the secretion of insulin in the pancreas and helps in regulating the sugar levels in the bloodstream , as well as helps absorption of glucose in the duodenum (small intestine)” <translated badly from Hebrew>. Tevacom  This is one time it might be worthwhile to put the text from this page into Google for translation
Contains 5 plants I’ve never heard of. So, I’ll let you see them for yourself. Otherwise, I’d have to check each of them out before listing. But here is one of them: drops per meal, so it lasts a long time. לענה שיחנית מ”ג Artemisia arbor. 150
מלון מר מ”ג Charantia momordica 350
זרעי חילבה מ”ג Trigonella foenum graecum 250
ג’ימנמה מ”ג Gymnema sylves. 300
עלי ארטישוק מ”ג Cynara cardunculus. 400 – See more at:
לענה שיחנית מ”ג Artemisia arbor. 150
מלון מר מ”ג Charantia momordica 350
זרעי חילבה מ”ג Trigonella foenum graecum 250
ג’ימנמה מ”ג Gymnema sylves. 300
עלי ארטישוק מ”ג Cynara cardunculus. 400 – See more at:
לענה שיחנית מ”ג Artemisia arbor. 150
מלון מר מ”ג Charantia momordica 350
זרעי חילבה מ”ג Trigonella foenum graecum 250
ג’ימנמה מ”ג Gymnema sylves. 300
עלי ארטישוק מ”ג Cynara cardunculus. 400 – See more at:
לענה שיחנית מ”ג Artemisia arbor. 150
מלון מר מ”ג Charantia momordica 350
זרעי חילבה מ”ג Trigonella foenum graecum 250
ג’ימנמה מ”ג Gymnema sylves. 300
עלי ארטישוק מ”ג Cynara cardunculus. 400 – See more at:
מלון מר מ”ג Charantia momordica 350
זרעי חילבה מ”ג Trigonella foenum graecum 250
ג’ימנמה מ”ג Gymnema sylves. 300
עלי ארטישוק מ”ג Cynara cardunculus. 400 – See more at:
kaleand tempeh2
. Nothing new here. Just liked my photo – swiss chard base with veggies on top, and tempeh.
 Was standing in line behind a guy very advanced in age, but carrying himself with dignity and apparently still self sufficient. In the not too far future, we will have solved the physical appearance of age problem. And we may also have figured out how to judge the span of years for each individual. Without the telltale signs of age letting others know where they stand in terms of a possible lasting romantic relationship or productive years left for a job, we’ll have to indicate somehow where we are in terms of lifespan. Perhaps wear a sign saying ‘If not hit by a truck, I have 10 minutes left.’ But we always figure that we can beat the odds (I ate apples, nuts, no sweets, except the chocolate chip muffin, and sauerkraut). On the other hand, maybe it’s better not to put a number on some things.
Our Robot Selves
Or, we’ll use a look alike robot, with constant connection, to represent us (I predict that this will be possible within 10 years). [….] And love will be a matter of falling in love with the robot-self. In such a case, when we have ended the cycle, the robot won’t know what to do with itself except turn itself in for figuratively-a nose job and a wipe clean. Of course, there will always be the problem of a robot with it’s own head, which poses a large number of other problems.
Where we are today World’s 10 most amazing robots
IMG_20140129_082633 (2)
6. Fried and Fried and… the leftover oatmeal in butter to get it brown and crispy.
To show the difference between regular leftover oatmeal and the present, I put some of the original on the side (that’s the off white stuff on the right). In my rush to get to the eating part, forgot the nuts sitting there in the strainer after pouring boiling water on them. Warning – takes a lot of frying to get it to the browned state. Also, be sure to use thick oats and not instant or regular steel cut oats in order to get the textured, crunchy effect, and not just end up with fried mush.
IMG_20140121_192940 (1)
. This is something to die for – or at least stop for a minute.
Eggplant, tempeh, apple, red onion, bell pepper
That small blob at the top right is date-spread or date butter. Putting that together with a bit of fried apple and the fried tempeh in one bite is a true taste treat. Remember that fried eggplant can be cut and be cooked soft all the way through, including the skin, in no time. Didn’t know that until I tried to fit a large eggplant into one skillet. Necessity is the … and you know the rest. The stuff in the middle is red onion and bell pepper.  


8. Cold thick oatmeal with egg and baking powder, to give it some lift, topped with nuts.
Expiration date – never
Number 1. To save on gas, cook 3 batches of oatmeal at the same time. It’s amazing what you can do with cold oatmeal. Of course, this does not include the first batch which is hot off the stove.
Number 2. Can be flat and crispy if done in a large pan, or as seen in the photo in a small pan. IF it is a small pan, be sure that there is enough butter, or hot olive oil, or coconut oil on the bottom of the pan and on the sides when turning the cake over to be cooked on the second side, or you’ll be scraping.
Number 3. If you start with a moderately cold pan and it’s covered, it doesn’t have to be cooked on the second side. If not, the egg will be uncooked on top while the bottom is burnt.
Was out of raisins, sunflower seeds, pecans or you would be seeing them.
To get a handle on the different forms of oats:

Finally decided that I should get a teacher – live and in person. This teacher is so intense that I am constantly under tremendous pressure. After she leaves, I just have to sit there unable to move for a couple of minutes. Although I am learning a lot. But, perhaps I should just continue by myself and if the true Spaniards don’t know what I’m saying, at least all of us self-taught will be able to communicate with each other. Of course, we won’t have much to say.

10. Truth in cooking
Yes, the first batch of rice burned and you can see it there on the right side.
Yes, the eggplant was not quite done. I found myself politely putting (aka spitting)the skin on the plate in some cases. I have to admit that this is rare, but I’ll get to that.
The vegetables were overcooked while waiting for the eggplant. I only have one burner working – basically means I cook only one thing at a time, which is why there is as much as possible in the pan at once, all with separate cooking instructions.
OK, so now the process:
Got home and within 2 minutes had put the rice in the pan with some boiling water from the coffee maker and turned on the burner to low, thinking that I was going to be way ahead of the game – since I can never wait for rice to cook – although that includes about everything I do. Well, I totally forgot about it – changing clothes, checking the computer, etc.
So, had to start from scratch… and… well,… wait. Got the new batch almost done and put it on the side – to do its thing by itself (didn’t do it), so after everything else was ready, had to finish cooking the rice.

Now, why was the eggplant slightly undercooked
If there is a door or window and a draft however slight, then anything on the windward side gets undercooked.
This time I put the eggplant to the door side of the stove because that’s where the olive oil was – my stove tilts to that side. So I had both the draft side and the floor tilt working against me. Since the floor tilt thing is relatively recent (don’t know whether I should notify the housing committee or not), the end result is that the eggplant got ever so slightly undercooked.
Had this image of red in the middle of the rice. As you can see, the effect wasn’t total because there’s no red garlic.

With the addition of the salt, turmeric, black pepper, thyme leaves, oregano after the shoot, that’s my dinner unless the building collapses.


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Life is a series of trials and errors – if you’re not making some, you’re not living

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Wasn’t going to eat (9:00 at night and could actually go to bed without dinner) – I know how well that type of thinking has worked for me in the past. Then I felt the paws of my cat reaching over from the top of the box next to my legs where she likes to sit when I’m on the computer. And these paws had claws. I told her ‘no claws’ and put the paws back where they had been. Again, the paws, but this time, in fact, no claws. Well I can’t resist that. It’s the little things in life that count. I ask her if she wants to eat, and she jumps down from the box. Perfect communication. So while I’m  forking stuff from cans and putting brewer’s powered yeast on top which she seems to like (other than the fact that it keeps fleas off of her and does a lot of other great things which I should also be taking advantage of), I am thinking of only one thing – feeding the cat, because I’m male and have just been told (by a female) that I have no multi-tasking ability. But, when I finish – yes I had actually finished – there I am starting to cut an onion. Well, one thing led to another, as it usually does, and I have just finished eating one the of the most ‘chef special’ dishes that I have had in a long time. In fact, so good that I have to write it down so I can do it again and take a photo since I have 1000 on my cell phone and that happens to be the limit. Don’t want to eliminate them until I’m sure the drop box has worked successfully and that the computer is not going to be totaled in my attempt to fix the constant deluge of popup ads which make life online miserable.


Have found the solution to that problem:

free very exact instructions on how to ‘Remove Pop-up Ads from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome’  by  which is the first of other problems I have suddenly acquired:  automatic shutdowns (about 5-8 an hour), cursor disappearing all the time in the middle of typing, which means that I will be typing in thin air until the cursor finds its way back to the page and I have lost 2-3 sentences, non-responsive programs which I can only get out of by ctrl/alt (on the left) and del on the right meaning that I lose all of my tabs, sudden loss of internet sites with subsequent inability to open up any net-pages at all, inability to shutdown so that I have to pull the plug (literally since I have no on/off switch), etc.  I have a lot of patience. But it is bus drivers who amaze me. Infinite patience. They should be paid extra. How many time have you heard one of them swear or hit the horn? I heard my first today in a long time, and the deserving driver of the car had done a really stupid thing totally oblivious to everyone else.

But, back to the dish. As I was cutting the onion, a picture came to me of tempeh with the onions (sudden urge to increase my protein intake). Cut some thin slices and put them in with the already cooking onions – there really is no planning here. Thought of garlic, so added 6 cloves, and that was going to be it. Then I saw the swiss chard and cut it, followed by fortuitously seeing the mushrooms sitting there frozen in the freezer. Dumped them into the pan without defrosting, slicing, etc. Decided to add a small amount of spaghetti to give body to whatever I was making, and then started to add the spices: salt, turmeric, black pepper, coriander, sweet paprika and decided to add a small amount of Stevia (about 5 drops) to give it some hint of sweetness. Put the contents onto the plate since they were going to burn, and in the now empty pan added the spaghetti (which had been soaking in boiling water), the chopped up swiss chard, and some bits of cheese. Another 3-4 minutes until the chard had totally wilted and the cheese had almost melted (most of my cooking is ‘almost’ which means more nutrients, and a lot of anti-microbial spices as a result). Great! I get a really great dish once a week, which means 52 a year. Will add a photo when recreated – which necessarily means a lot of planning, and will probably not be done, so don’t expect to see a photo any time soon.




Decided to get a lot of broccoli.

“What will I do with so much broccoli” I ask? “Put it in the fridge”, he says. To which I declined and put it back on the shelf. He said ‘It’s only (round figure here)’. I reconsider the broccoli and added some  swiss chard. “You like green I see”, he says. I found out later the Super sold the broc for half price. So this is only the tops of the broccoli with cherry tomatoes fried together in olive oil. Then, while basically still uncooked, I added an already cut slice of some unknown cheese with holes in it, and wondered what I would put on the other side of the plate. But, too much heavy thinking can spoil your appetite.


It’s sort of cold here, a
nd I have been using a small heater on the floor which has two coils (one for low, and two for high, no gradations, and no off/on button – have to pull the plug out of the wall. Probably the simplest contraption around. So I was sitting there looking in the general direction of the heater, when suddenly, there sitting in front of me, well, over to the side about 7 feet away, was a small something which by its shape gave cold or hot air, I didn’t know. And it must have been there for at least the last five years. How it got there, I won’t go into. But, if someone had shown me a facsimile of it and asked if I knew about this appliance, I would have said that I’ve never seen something like it. And I’m not going senile, except for the fact that I didn’t get the spelling of that last word correct.

Talk about blocking things out! And once I had figured out how it works and discovered that it was a heater AND a cooler, much better then the one sitting beside it and with an off and on button and gradations of heat, etc., I realized that it wasn’t because I didn’t need it. It had just been invisible. An example of our not seeing what we don’t want to see, have no use for, in a different shape than we would expect it to be, or for some other reason invisible (at least to us). And I’m sitting here warming myself and wondering what else in the house I haven’t seen. We don’t have to travel the seas to discover new things. All we have to do is actually look at what has been right in front of us all the time.

An average day

Yeh, I was carrying too much and fell on the stairs. Fortunately up and not down. My cat likes to sit on my lap when I’m getting some sun for 15 minutes in the morning. She can’t settle down and those claws are sharp Someone has advised nail trimming but never declawing since that is like cutting off your toes). Also bought myself an ice cream (deserved it after the car accident) and biting into the cone, my front tooth fell out. Must go to the dentist). Got up from the computer to go to the kitchen with my dinner plate and soup cup in hand. Had my headphones on. Yes, attached to the computer. I’m looking at losing another of my best plates. But fortunately I looked down and saw the cord. Get so used to having the phones on, I think they’re a part of me. And, after the car incident, when I went to get my cappuccino and muffin, the coffee shop owner stood there looking at me and said “Are you OK?” Something he’s never said to me before. I thought I was doing OK, so I must have really looked shaken.


kaleand tempeh2
Tempeh and Swiss Chard
This is without the spices which totally obliterate it.
Five stages
1. Decision time: had to get rid of (urr, use) the swiss chard. Great stuff. Cooks fast, tastes great (better than spinach) and has almost all of the nutrients of spinach, plus.
2. Instructions: just throw whatever is lying around after washing and cutting into the pan.
3. After slightly cooking the swiss chard together with diced stems, onion, and garlic, transfer to plate. Put in the tempeh, mushrooms, and the tomatoes in separate parts of the pan so the tempeh can brown.
4. photograph
5. throw what you see (together with the spices) back into the pan to reheat since it has gotten cold.

Google photos of swiss chard


If you haven’t tried tempeh, you must. It’s like tofu, but fermented the way the Japanese have used it for centuries. Much healthier for you than tofu. While you might find it in some supermarkets, it is always sold in health food stores. Has a slight nutty taste as against the non-taste of tofu. Use it the same way you would use tofu.

Except for one thing. I have discovered that fried together with apple slices is truly fantastic. For a comparison of tempeh with soy, see Soy Wars: Tofu vs.Tempeh


Super Tempeh Dish      
Can be prepared in next to no time. The most costly being getting the hulls off the garlic and then, it’s nice to have the tempeh browned (which takes a lot of time) – it’s best if sort of fried crunchy, the thinner the better (the ones in the photo are too thick).

This is before putting on the spices which as usual obliterates the dish. However, when the spices are all mixed in, it sort of looks like the above but a lot grainier, speckled and whatnot. I could have taken another photo but the phone was charging. What better excuse to give when you’re hungry and have had it with taking photos which given my smart phone is just not going to come out anyway.

Only secrets here are:
chunks of apple to go with the tempeh
super thin sliced broccoli
1/2 tomato and tempeh fried in separate parts of pan and sidelined
greens, onion, garlic added to the pan and undercooked
noodles soaked in two changes of boiling hot water from the coffee maker before adding at the end
7 cloves garlic (that’s no secret after you’ve eaten it)
Spices: turmeric, black pepper, coriander, oregano, sweet basil (think), salt, dash soy sauce (which I forgot).

Google images of great looking tempeh



PROBLEM of getting up during the night and how I solved it. Had a problem. There were nights when I would get up 6-7 times and other nights when I got up once. Because it’s cold here, that once is too much. Multiply that by 7 and you get the reason I had to find out why there was the difference between time A (which is most of the time) and time B.Well, last night was a time B. Out of nowhere after many nights of 7s, I actually only got up once. What was the deciding factor?

Chinese vegetarian
I thought it might be my daughter’s chinese vegetarian dish with rice from last night. Humm, that’s it. Nothing else. So, after this 1 minute bit of research during the day, I ate some more of my daughter’s dish at night.
Nope! Didn’t do it.
So the next night I stood there at the sink to guess what I might like to eat at 9:00 at night which wouldn’t keep me awake, I thought of a buckwheat pancake with oatmeal. Nothing particularly novel. And as I was preparing it, I realized that the one time night had been preceded with oatmeal which wasn’t fully cooked, either with the length of time or the amount of moisture, and it acted like a sponge as it expanded during the night. Problem solved. All I had to do now is wait to see if this logical reasoning actually solved the problem.
Made enough for 2 nights. Here are the ingredients: buckwheat (which is not a grain and easily digested with a minimal turning-to-sugar property of normal grains (carbohydrates), egg (free range), oatmeal, baking powder, salt (actually put it on after cooking), topped with butter, coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, 7 drops of Stevia, a date (from the date palm) spread.
Results: Experiment failed. Got up 7 times.

Both the chinese vegetarian dish and the buckwheat pancake with oatmeal. They are now both reserved for when they might solve some other problem – like hunger.

Probable answer: Green Tea

Today I realized the commonality of the failed nights. I drank green tea (other teas might do it also) after 8:00pm, while on all the nights with numerous trips, I had had coffee much closer to bedtime. So everyone will say ‘We know that!”. Well, I wasn’t thinking and was starting to think I have a real physical problem. Solved, but I will try it a third time regardless of what I eat in order to test the hypothesis under different conditions.


Keeping the Old Working
5 minutes to open up outlook express which normally takes 1 second. You know the feeling. And if not you either are lucky or you know someone who knows what they’re doing. Gives me plenty of time to think about where I’m going to spend my next vacation – right here where it usually is.
Most of our learning is by registering reactions which are usually very fast in coming. If we had to wait minutes or hours for things which normally take seconds, we would not learn very much, mostly because we have forgotten the context.
When you’re willing to wait for a long time before getting a reaction – that’s called science — or love.
But, what I’m experiencing right now is just an old computer.

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Moments In Life

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 Concept Art: The beginning of winter


IMG_20131212_152936-004 Reality Art: cigarette, leaves, curb, photographer


If you want to deny yourself winter colds, fevers, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, cancer and a whole host of unpleasant things, this is the dish to prepare. Plus, it is really a taste treat. Made of some of the things you probably would normally try to avoid like quinoa, swiss chard.

Anyway, it includes, aside from the above, 5-6 garlic cloves (I live alone), red onion, button mushrooms (do not pick them yourself unless you are an expert on mushrooms), summer squash, top grade olive oil
And on top: melted on the stove slices of maasdam cheese (any hard cheese will do), mixed  with 2 heaping spoons (it’s winter here) of coconut oil and a small amount of milk (this one has too much, but it worked out) photos of Dutch maasdam cheese
Plus salt, turmeric, black pepper, leaf coriander
Instructions: dump everything into the pan on some olive oil and start cooking. when almost done to less than fully cooked, add the swiss chard plus the chopped up stems and cook for another 2-3 minutes. One note: make the black quinoa (small grains) the day before, or use another type of quinoa. In my experience, unlike other quinoas, the small black quinoa which I bought takes double or three times the time to cook. I finally gave up and fixed myself something else the previous day, and let the quinoa simmer until done.
If you have not tried quinoa, this is definitely one grain you should try. Considered a superfood, quinoa is a complete protein and contains phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, and is gluten free. “…quinoa is being considered a possible crop in NASA’s Controlled Ecological Life Support System for long-duration human occupied spaceflights”
Things I could have added but didn’t in order to save for lunch tomorrow: tomato, more onion, butter and although I have enough for lunch, oregano and thyme which adds to the power of neutralizing unwanted microbes, mold, viruses, along with the awesome power of turmeric when added along with a small amount of black pepper.
Spices against illness – ingredients to help against sickness: coconut oil (very good against Alzheimer’s), turmeric (curcumin plus black pepper helps avoid/cure cancer).  
While on the subject of turmeric, this is a letter written to a young girl who is fighting cancer.
I assume that you have received many helpful suggestions from well wishers and this is just one more. But I hope that you will at least watch the first video below. The reason I am writing this is that when I was in a difficult situation, everyone knew about alternative possibilities which would have made life much easier and just didn’t think about mentioning them, or thought I already knew, so why tell me. I therefore send this to you with the hope that it might generate some searching of things which, with some simple changes, could lead to overcoming your diagnosis and which may actually be the path to freedom from your condition without or along side of your current medical treatment. I hope you have someone there to help with everything you are going through, even if it’s just a cat…First, please take a look at this one video
 Cancer Cure | Turmeric | Natural Cancer Cure
    If you are interested, this is his book 
Second, if you are still interested, you should definitely take a look at this: 
Turmeric: One Spice Fits All Imbalances by Dr. John Douillard 
I personally use at least 2 heaping teaspoons daily on things like vegetable dishes, soups, egg dishes, sandwiches, spaghetti. Given its effect on the body, this amount will give you a fighting chance and if you continue with chemo, may increase effectiveness and reduce side effects (see References at the bottom of this letter). 
<Important note:> Be sure that you do not confuse turmeric with cumin (which is a different plant) or with curry, which may in fact have no curcumin in it at all. Available at health food stores to ensure quality. 
Third, and this may be very helpful: Tips for cancer recovery
Reportedly, ‘Outsmart Your Cancer’ has helped many people overcome their cancers including ovarian cancer.
Curcumin induces chemo/radio-sensitization in ovarian cancer cells and curcumin nanoparticles inhibit ovarian cancer cell growth, Journal of Ovarian Research 3/1/11

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The Here and Now

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A WinnerAn enterprising coffee shop with a patio put out a  chalkboard for the kids. 
                                                        This is a winner. 
Solving problems
Had a dream (some of them are good, and may even portend something which is about to happen or gives advice which it would  serve well to follow). Anyway, in the dream, I was standing in a long line which wasn’t moving. Asked why and got the answer that they had no change to give out on the purchases, and were waiting to receive it. So, I went over to the manager who was sitting on the outside and suggested that instead of waiting for someone from headquarters to rush over change through city traffic, at least half of the line could be served if they had the exact change. Whereupon he walked back into the shop (hopefully a good sign), and I woke up. And then I thought of all of the other possibilities: the customers can make the exact change between themselves, or there is someone with change who can make a loan and be given a percentage in return, or exchange their coins for larger notes, or the change received from those with exact amount will give the change needed for all the others who are waiting in line. Or, at the very least, go next door to the nickel and dime place and trade. Some things are simple if one has the right frame of mind. The solution is usually right infront of us. Or take Haks’ advice column which is really rather simple at base. It’s different forms of: dump the guy, tell everyone to mind their own business, get married anyway, cut the connection, ignore the in-laws, call the authorities, move to another city, adopt a kid, or grow your own (talking about a garden here). Of course, she has a better way of putting it, but in the end it’s all quite simple – until you actually try to do one of the above, which usually means that advice given is usually not taken and people follow their own path wherever it may lead. But, at least they have the feeling they have tried (which is very important). I’m still waiting to see if my dream is a sign of some sort to me.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –  an indication of time passed
Nope, not yet.

IMG_20131202_083355-001 Two Egg Omelet

Just had to photograph this – for the artistry of it. It’s a wonder what a little bit of warmth can do. Goes for many things. The underside we won’t talk about except to say that its sort of yellowish and white and very unappetizing. But when we get to the part of completing the ‘made for’ stuff, the taste is great. There are some similes here which I can’t come up with
so are apparently better left unsaid.




I surpassed myself with this
Started off with something else which rapidly changed into something different when I decided to use the last of the tempeh, which wasn’t that much.

But it’s the end of the month and I figure that I could survive another 6 days with what I have in my refrigerator and cupboard – which is basically nothing. Pickles made by my daughter, pickled cabbage (whatever that’s called), 7 eggs – 4 of which will go to the guy living on the street, the other half of the summer squash, some frozen hummus, some butter, and … well, that’s the refrigerator. Outside are some nuts and sunflower seeds, 2 tomatoes, an onion, oatmeal, spinach spaghetti, and some non-wheat flour, rice (which is really in the refrigerator for some reason), and that’s about it. At least I have cat food (no, for the cats), $10 and some change.

So, back to the dish which was great, unlike its predecessor (only eatable). Includes fried in olive oil spinach noodles (after soaking in boiling water for a while), onion, garlic, summer squash, the last of the tempeh fried in a separate part of the frying pan, and the spices oregano, turmeric, black pepper, salt, coriander. Try it sometime, but hopefully with more in the refrigerator as backup.

I’m Going Down 
I have been going down in my views per month. More recently had 3,000 views per month, which by ‘going viral’ standards is a drop in the bucket – in fact, not even noticeable except under a microscope. And now I’m down from that so must be doing something wrong. Perhaps I should stop eating, or taking photos of what I do eat, or get a better camera, or retire from the blogging business entirely. Any other suggestions? Trying to get comments switched back on so I can register the complaints, or advice which I clearly need.

I think WordPress turned off the comments because I was getting so much spam. Maybe a sign.
Words To Live By
If I had known in the past what I know now, my life would be exactly the same. There are some things better said than done, and they’re the things which should not be said. All the things I have to do, I’ll do in the next life, which gives me complete freedom to enjoy myself now.
And my attempt at Spanish (with help from Google) for the above: Si hubiera sabido en el pasado lo que sé ahora, mi vida sería la misma. Hay algunas cosas que mejor dicho que hecho, y ellos estan las cosas lo que no debe ser dicho. Todo las cosas que quiero que hacer, voy a hacer en la proxima vida.
And then there is ‘Este es un ensayo’.
Actually translated as ‘This is a rehearsal/test’ – which is in response to the sign I saw the other day: ‘ENJOY life. This is NOT a rehearsal’. My response: this IS a test so you can screw up as much as you want because you’ll get another chance, which is the way most of us live anyway, so why not acknowledge it and relax.
Fried apple and Tempeh
Fried apple slices and tempeh – and the green stuff
The broccoli is fried just enough to be eatable and still crunchy, along with red onion and garlic.
But the real winner is the tempeh with apple slices fried in olive oil. It’s really a taste treat.
Winter Patterns



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Life is counter intuitive. Everything you thought would happen is eclipsed by the unforeseen

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My cat Attackit is doing great except she’s upset with something right now. But usually, time is passed just sitting and waiting for the next meal (A repeat note on her name: As a small kitten she somehow found her way through the window into my apartment which is on the second floor, and in the total commanding fury of small kitten fluff defending territory, threw herself at top speed toward a hugh tom which had also interloped. I’ve never seen a big cat move so fast conceding territory to something 1/8 his size.)
Fast forward three years – Now she’s looking for a place to pee in the flower boxes, and when I tell her she’s not to, she flicks her tail as if to say ‘wish you hadn’t seen that’. I told her to go in the catbox or go outside. Seems she’s done the latter – or at least is somewhere contemplating it.
Wrote to a friend a number of days later:
Attackit has apparently left me. After coming a number of mornings from long nights away, she would come to me for petting, purring, and eating which was followed by disappearing to only reappear the next morning. Did this three times. I think she was sort of telling me she had found a new home, and that was her way of breaking it to me gently. She was a great kitty. I will miss her. I just hope she is happy where she is.
No-Ney never leaves. So I guess that’s some form of compensation, but there are some things that are irreplaceable. Have tears in my eyes.
Five Minute Omelet
Fast track to an omelet early in the morning after having fed No-Ney, the cat who gets what she wants, when she wants it, where she wants it by meowing and weaving in and out of my legs with constant purring. See, you can get what you want in life – it just takes using the right amount of meows, purrs, athletic dexterity, and singleness of purpose.
Of course, having the source or provider close at hand does help.
Procedure: Heat pan on low flame with sufficient olive oil to cover bottom. While heating, mix 2 eggs, a bit of water, some buckwheat flour and a small amount of baking soda (all carefully measured by eye) in a jar and shake, with the lid on of course. By this time, the oil is smoking. Pour and cover to cook while putting sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts into a strainer to be rinsed with boiling water from the coffee maker. And by this time, the omelet is ready. All of about 5 minutes. What takes time is taking the pictures. Solution: take no pictures.

This is what it looks like with the spices which almost obliterate all. Of course, it would have been better if I had put the spices on before the nuts and syrup but that would have taken forethought, something I’m in short supply of early in the morning.

Couldn’t find the omelet so this is the same thing (eggs) in a different form (scrambled) after putting all the spices on top. Includes cinnamon (powdered), ginger (powdered form), nutmeg (powdered), salt – and since we’re defining types (granulated).
Would have used milk instead of water, but I’m trying to find out what I’m allergic to, and milk is the next on the list to leave out. 

This isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done.
two egg answer

If you are on a low or non-sugar and a low or non-glutin diet, or trying to find out what is causing an allergic reaction and rash sort of thing, or on a ketogenic diet to lose weight, or trying to stem epilpsy, or want a power breakfast, or have run out of sugar and bread, or just like what you see, this is the breakfast for you.
Two eggs fried in butter with slices of goat cheese on top (no, I can’t find them either, but if I said they’re there, then they’re there), pecans, hummus with cayenne pepper and the regular spices turmeric, black pepper, thyme, oregano, salt.
I’m not going to say anything about the cayenne since I’ve covered it elsewhere, but it is absolutely amazing stuff. Just keep it in proportion to the hummus or tahini you have it in. Look it up or click here Cayenne Pepper  or here 17 Health Benefit of Cayenne Pepper 
And when we get to turmeric, it beats pharmaceutical drugs in preventing cancer

To see what else each of these these spices do, see The Healing Power of Spices
The spices of Asian cooking: Spices of Life

After that, you can see why I put so much of the spices on my dishes and why I add them after cooking. One of my dishes as an illustration:



A dark chocolate chip muffin.
The only thing that gets me out of the house each day for a 4 km walk. This gets me there – 2km. Then I have to get back home somehow.  Day before yesterday I cheated and took the bus. Wow, that felt good seeing all that scenery flash by.

Why I walk 4km each day

Why I walk 4km each day

Had to show you the inside with the dark chocolate!inside chocolate chip mufin


scrmbled eggs with spices 
Have resisted buying cauliflower because it seemed too big for one person. Then I heard someone say that cauliflower should be cut with a knife into small pieces. Just cut across the top. And the very next day I saw a small cauliflower — things sort of come together like that. Life is made up of things occurring in tandum.
Plus the fact that it does some amazing things for the body – just take a look at this for its health benefits and an amazing mashed cauliflower dish cauliflower
eggplant (cut into small pieces)
green stuff
garlic if I had had it
black pepper
coconut oil
Don’t cook it too much.

This has changed my thinking about cauliflower. Will actually buy it again – when I can find a small one.
This is cheat oatmeal
There are things which should not be in there, But I added them in token amounts as psychological support to enjoying breakfast – 5 raisins, 1/4 cap maple syrup (and let me tell you, that’s next to nothing), but you’d be amazed how much I look forward to the next bite knowing there might be a taste of them. I am trying the no sugar, no grain diet – and really, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. There are an amazing amount of things which I never thought of eating before which are actually quite good – like heavy (whipping) cream (unsweetened and no additions), lots of real butter, multiple eggs per day, lots of tomatoes, broccoli, sauerkraut, oatmeal, and the list goes on and on. It’s amazing the amount of stuff you really don’t require that we have based our life on – not only do we not need most of it, but because it gives so little of what we do need, we look for more and more as we try desperately to make up for whatever is lacking.  The keto diet basic principle: Instead of carbohydrates (sugars, grains, fruits),  get the body to start burning fat by giving it nothing but good fats, proteins, roughage and ….really does give all of the nutrients and roughage you need once you’ve made the transition. It’s making the transition that’s the difficult part psychologically, and just getting to the point where you have stocked up on what is really necessary without all of the sugars, fruits, and grains.
Ingredients: whey powder, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, coconut oil, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg.
About 9 small drops of Stevia take up the rest of the necessary space in the taste department.

An excellent overview of protein powder and alternatives Is Your Protein Powder Toxic

Doesn’t Everyone Eat Swiss Chard?
Found the photo for this dish. It was so out of focus that I can’t use it. But, the dish itself was incredible – for swiss chard. So I’ll talk about it anyway, and below give another rendition of chard with a better photo. 

This dish does 3 things which are very important:
First, it cooks all of the chard which otherwise would just sit there in the fridge and rot after the first few leaves are cooked. Swiss chard is one of my favorite greens, but have you had chard 3 times in a row?
Thought not?
Second, it uses the second half of the red pepper which would otherwise gather mold in the fridge.
Third, gave me a chance to pet the cat. Well, I didn’t have a third, and she didn’t come to me until I made  the smallest movement away from the desk in order to take the photo of the dish.

O.K., so after the photo, I shovelled it back into the pan with all the rest until I figure out how I’m going to keep two days worth of chard in the refrigerator. I’m running out of plastic boxes.
One of the great things about swiss chard is that the stems become tender and eatable, unlike celery, after just 3-4 minutes on the stove. Also, so as not to overcook the leaves and lose most of the vitamins, etc., another 2-3 minutes is enough. And it tastes great with onion and bell pepper with salt and whatever other spices you decide to put on it.
The process: I put the sliced onion and the cut bell (never have figured out the best way to cut a bell pepper) in the pan with some boiling water first (used the coffee maker to boil the water since I can never wait for that to happen), while thoroughly washing all of the chard, cutting the stems and leaves and adding them.
Spices: salt, pepper, thyme, sweet basil, oregano (didn’t have it), and za’atar.
Oil: 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, two heaping tsps pure butter.

 Another use for swiss chard
tempeh swiss chard squash spaghetti
Includes: swiss chard, summer squash, tomato slices, some strands of spaghetti, and separately fried tempeh. It all disappeared within 2 minutes after this photo.

Attackit came back today!!!!!
Gone for three weeks. She was suddenly there, acting sort of distant and unsure, so I almost thought it was another cat. When  I said “Attackit, you’re back!!!” and went toward her, she continued to act like a stray cat and wouldn’t let me touch her or even get close. So, I fed her and she disappeared, only to return about an hour later, all loving and as if nothing had happened. Almost as if she had been afraid of my reaction to her having left in the first place. Interesting… Can’t get out of her where she was all that time. But she’s much thinner. So dreams do have their down side.

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Not Again!

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 Notice: Recipes, such as there are, forthcoming when photos are available

Another Day 
‘Anyway’ should be my mantra – not ‘any way’ which would mean that I can do any thing, but ‘anyway’ with a sigh meaning something like ‘well, that’s the way it is, can’t expect anything more’. Just fell – again. That’s 2 times in the space of 3 days. Not good as an average type of thing. And I had good reasons for each, like I lost my balance putting on my socks, and the second time, I tripped over a box I had put there right in my normally traveled pathway, ready to be thrown out. I guess the box had to have its due. And the socks thing? I usually put on my socks first, so there I was lying naked on the floor with my socks on, wondering if I could get up. My age sometimes gets the better of me. And someone was passing in the hallway on the stairs outside my door, but due to my state of dress, there was no way I could call out for help. In any case, I did get myself up. And the second time, I was carrying breakfast – well that was the end of the oatmeal (that’s the second time in two days that the oatmeal has ended up on the floor. I wonder if I’m being told something), with the scalding hot coffee all over my face. Got up with the aid of the chair but couldn’t find my glasses. Finally found them on the top of a shoe box under the sideboard – in perfect shape. I swear I’m being looked after. That’s aside from my klutzy movements from which I cannot be saved. 
Talking about getting up – was watching a child just learning to walk, with lots of encouragement from mom. He would fall down repeatedly and just get up with no problem and continue. That’s the way it worked. But once you have learned to walk, that’s when the problems start. Even then, it’s amazing how a mother’s kiss on the wounded limb solves everything and stops the crying for a four year old for whom falling was no longer the norm. That’s what it’s all about – expectation, and mom’s support. 

The Dinner To Possibly End It All 
I’ve been trying to get myself to remember some cooked sweet potatoes that have been left in the refrigerator. Tonight was remember night. Opened the plastic whatever up and there they were, with little white spots on them. Can’t remember those from before. What to do?  
Step by step: and if you don’t see this comment, well… 
Cooked them again in its original water (should have added some onion and garlic to the mix for all of the antimicrobial stuff they contain) with some broccoli which, by the way, did not have any white spots. 
Once on the plate, put lots (and I mean lots) of turmeric on (with some black pepper to help in the digestive process) because according to one source it takes care of “antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antioxidant, antiseptic, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, radioprotective, and digestive activities” problems  
Added a layer of cinnamon because it fights its own corner of the world by taking care of different forms of bacteria, fungus and parasites  For other medicinal uses for cinnamon.

Would have added oregano and thyme which guard against their own bevy of microbials and fungi but felt I had already covered the field.  
We’ll see
Update: the taste was not bad (with plenty of butter) and I’m still here. But don’t take this as the end-all of how-tos. Your white spots may be different from my white spots. But at least you know some of the spices which do have an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-whatever effect and can be used whenever and however there is any question. That may be one good reason to put cinnamon on the top of a cappuccino – aside from the fact that it may solve some hard to handle health problems, it’s great – being slightly sweet and having its own unique taste. 

Decided that I really may not have much time left. I pressed the blue dot on my phone-camera and it didn’t register. No matter how many times I did it, no click, until suddenly out of nowhere it reacted – I think my frustration level got high enough to register as plausible force. I will have to take the phone in to be checked, and if they notice me, maybe I’m doing something wrong. Always think positively.  This dish should not be emulated – tasted terrible. But at least I got some greens (swiss chard) which I haven’t had in 2 or 3 days – very bad. Maybe one of the reasons for the non-registry. I’m out of spices except for turmeric – if I live it’s because of that. Was going to cut up an onion but forgot – not much of a game plan in my cooking. Almost out of olive oil, so cooked it in water. Also, by the way, out of coffee. This living alone sucks. Added a tomato, and 5 cloves of garlic. Put half of the remaining butter on top of the finished product. Didn’t help in the taste department. 
Lessons: eat greens at least once a day 
                buy olive oil so you can fry stuff 
                buy coffee 
                find someone to live with, hopefully better at  
                  remembering things and better at cooking. 
Just another morning until…
I was not putting the food down fast enough and the stray cat that I feed breakfast to each morning got confused – I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt. Like before when she bit me, it was because my petting her got in the way of eating – confused or not, she knew what she wanted. But for me, doing the same thing and expecting different results is a sign of insanity – to paraphrase a quote misattributed to Einstein – or my case a sign of stupidity. For other great quotes attributed and misattributed to Einstein, see So next time, I think I’m going to put the food down before opening the window.  
And as for the bite, I immediately put on one of the best and most immediate sources of stopping bleeding as well as providing instant antibacterial activity – cayenne pepper. Of course, let it bleed a bit to flush it out (usually not a problem as those teeth are sharp). 
And as for the cayenne itself, I could have used powder instead of flakes but then I wouldn’t have gotten the artistic effect I had on my arm. Carry plastic bag of the stuff in my pocket. It stops bleeding in 10-20 seconds or faster, and if taken as 1 teaspoon to a glass of warm water, will stop internal hemorrhaging in about the same amount of time. It is truly great stuff. And also for all the other things it does for you – it is an incredible herb. When half a teaspoon is taken in a glass of warm water on the occurrence of a heart attack it will stop the attack in its tracks. It is also very good for the pain of arthritis, ulcers and many other conditions: Natural News , Global Healing Center, BellaOnline   
This is one herb you want to know something about.  

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Another day following its predestined path

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Saying for the day, or month or year depending on when I have the next: As with many things, the beginning is always the easiest. We are sort of just in the middle of it before we realize. It’s the continuation that’s difficult. Which is why most things only have a beginning. 
I did tens of thousands of moves today and accomplished a great deal, but made few if any conscious decisions. Everything just flowed, one after another without thinking. There was a moment when I did not know what to do, so I just stopped and stood there until I found myself moving in a direction I had only contemplated previously as a possibility with very little probability. Such is most of life. If you think you’re in total control, think again.
Eggs With Whipped Cream and Cottage
Photo says it all except for the turmeric and pinch of black pepper I put on afterwards when I was just too hungry to photograph.
Preparation: shook the cream in a smallish jar until it was simply unshakable. Added two eggs, shook two more times and poured into a hot pan with melted butter. Slid onto plate and added cottage cheese (in this case 3%) plus oregano and salt. Fried the mushrooms, and then added lots of turmeric.
One of the best answers to the yokes vs whites controversy that I have come across
Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You In brief: whole eggs much healthier since the yoke contains the main nutrients, and the body itself balances out the cholesterol, while its higher calories actually help burn off body fat. This is especially so from free roaming chickens. The yoke is gold. Doesn’t say anything about the contentment factor and what that may mean in terms of the recommended eggs from range free chickens who get to eat what they want from the barn yard. And talking about contentment, there is the part about always having your eggs swiped each morning or whenever. But then, without access to the rooster, it may be a case of ‘who cares?’
The meal above was accompanied by green tea (2 bags, both of which had sen [seen] better times – like last night). 

One of the few if any decision points which I faced today: whether to add the letter ‘e’ before or after the ‘e’ which is in the word ‘sen’ above. Never had something like this before. I decided to put it before although, as I was in the process, it felt wrong. Should have been put after, but once it was in place, a seemingly pointless operation. Of course, I took it out to preserve the original state for purposes of this comment, with the ‘ee’ in brackets flowing naturally in perfect order from left to right. Problem solved? Not really.
Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar together?
For a while now I’ve been drinking half a squeezed lemon and 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with 7 drops of Stevia and water to the top of the glass. Just thought it was healthy. Now I know why. I ran across this article which is great – includes all the health benefits of 10 advantages of morning AVC tonic: apple cider vinegar, lemon and water  – be sure to rinse your mouth afterwards – the article warns: since apple cider vinegar and lemon is acidic and can erode tooth enamel, it is best to rinse your mouth afterwards with fresh water and NOT brush your teeth for about 1/2 hour.
OK, this is the first real photo with my NEW phone. The bad photo has nothing to do with the camera or the phone but only the fact that I was hungry and didn’t know what I was doing or its effects, etc. 
Took me 12 minutes to find the camera (yes, the lens is on the back). Don’t like reading instruction booklets. Haven’t even looked to see if there is one. The wall almost received the phone. I swear I’ll get the hang of this system – one of these days. 
Somehow the ‘wake up’ setting had been set and I couldn’t seem to turn it off, the only thing which reacted was the snooze button. So I ended up snoozing even though I was up and fixing breakfast. Doesn’t give you long. Finally, just had to let it run out – at least the sound is not so bad. 
Back to the egg. This is an eggalmonlete. That’s some almond flour in with two eggs. Minus the egg shells fished out, plus some brewer’s yeast to protect against a flea problem I have almost conquered, and some milk. Put some bits of swiss cheese on top. Added turmeric which makes you live longer and sterilizes everything (well not everything but close to it)  and does 20 other things you never knew you could solve with some simple yellow stuff. Just so you’re in the know, a very good article on it,  The Health Benefits of Turmeric  plus a warning at the end  “…normally has no side effects but…”, high doses should not be taken if you have gallstones or bile obstruction, or are on blood thinners (consult doc).”  By the way, can take it as a pill, like just about everything else.
If you have never tried turmeric (curry is not the same thing), you are really missing out on something which could just add some serious living to your life. And if you want to go early, forget I ever said anything. And, then, if you don’t try it after the next article, you are either: 
on the short trajectory to the end,  
you can’t stand the color yellow,  
you don’t know where to buy it,  
or you didn’t read the article. 
NOW, continuing with the inexact measurement of everything – a bit of oregano, salt, and some black pepper to help digest the turmeric. And now to enjoy it cold after finding the photo thing to take the what turned out to be a lousy picture. 
Sunflower Sprouts and Juice
salad shootsScallions cut to tips (both ends), tomato, cucumber, sunflower sprouts and juice (the juice being one of the best parts, so don’t keep draining it out. Although how to drain it at the end? I just tip my plate up, but then I live alone. The juice is made up of water still dripping off the well washed vegetables, plus soy sauce (and this is where the real art comes in: 3-4 swigs – swipes, chugs (whatever you do when  making some go out the front end while swiping it forward in a sidewise position and stopping suddently – there must be a word for it. And here I teach English?), and the spices: thyme, oregano, turmeric, black pepper, za’atar, and salt. Add some Stevia (only 3 small drops of Stevia unless you want dessert), organic/natural  apple cider vinegar (ab 1 tbsp). See Cathy Wong on Apple Cider Vinegar – Health from soup to nuts (no, that’s not the title)  7 Health Benefits You May Not Know About (wow)  
The only problem with Cathy Wong’s version of ACV is that once you get to the ‘Side Effects and Safety Concerns’, you don’t want to use the stuff. But remember, she’s talking about undiluted, and long term use, excessive doses, and theoretical drug interactions.
 And did you know that you have the makings of a porch garden or whatever in the parts of greens you are throwing out when making vegetables or salads? According to the article below, it includes leftover parts of scallions, garlic, romaine lettuce, carrots, basil, lemmon grass, celery, onions and bok choy… we’ll stop there 13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves.
And to an entirely different but related topic:
The Constantly Miraculous
Call it what you will, but we really do not know what is going on in this world. 
I have to admit that there is something which we tend to write off as fortuitous, or luck or just random occurrences, but when we ask ourselves, we have to admit that there is actually something much more – whether built into the protracted occurrences of the entire system, the unseen hand of an overarching world or mind(s) which intervene(s) on what we would call the cause and effect level, or a mechanistic world in which everything is set from beginning to end. 
This does not have the great romantic overtones of a fateful moment or the great aha moments that occur in life, but a very mundane occurrence which was one of the hundreds occurring every day without our even noticing them. But in their own small way they are miraculous. 
Whatever you want to call it, this was one of those times. Had a small but constant leak in the bathroom which I could not stop. I went into the local hardware store and asked if he had a round wheel which would fit the screw of the plumbing so I could turn the valve and close it, to which he said “no”. So then I asked if he had a wrench which would fit the valve screw and he asked if I meant a wrench which can be adjusted moving back and forth to fit the size of the screw.  He showed me several and I said “no”, I had one of those and it didn’t work. So then he showed me another type which was precast to specific sizes and exactly what I had in mind but they were all too large. As he was showing me, something dropped on the floor which both he and I ignored. But, as I was finally deciding that all he had would just not help since they were all much too large and there was nothing which was the very small size I needed, I looked down, and there on the floor it was. I knew without measuring it that it was the right one, bought it, took it home and it was perfect, allowing me to turn off the water and save myself 100s of dollars in water bills. Yes, I know, just fortuitous, but then again… 
One of the local delicacies 
Yup, made it myself. With the labor intensive part of breaking up the walnuts and pecans making me truly appreciative of those who de-shell these nuts. What a way to make a living. 
The ginger is on the side, because I really don’t like it that much but what it does for you makes it an almost necessary part of any omelet or pancake which requires maple syrup (gives a balance to the tang of the ginger). If you really want to know what it does: 11 Benefits of Ginger That You Didn’t Know About 
Just noticed while taking the photo that one of the disks beside the dish (which I dragged out from somewhere to keep the cats off the desk) says 1980 written in my sloppy handwriting. Can’t imagine that I was saving stuff on disks that far back in time. Before most of the readers of this blog (if there are any) were born. The ingredients, since I am trying to keep away from white flour, is buckwheat flour (would have put almond flour in it but the ants have found their way through the plastic (actually biting holes in it) and I can’t hurt them, so at the moment I have a supply of flour which will keep the ants trundling up here for the next 10 years. Have to find a way of carefully separating the two. There are enough other sources of sustenance for the colony.  
To continue, two eggs and a bit of milk. The milk is kept in a jar in the freezer since the milk goes bad in about 4 days in the refrigerator (actually keep it in the original container since it was sterilized and will last far longer than any jar). Add coconut oil – no measuring on quantity. All on the fly, making each breakfast slightly different and some unphotographable, although not ineatable – depends on what you’re ready to eat. With my bad experiences in the kitchen, just about anything. 
Fried on smoking hot olive oil (yeh, I know, not good, but the only way to keep the stainless steel skillet from bonding with the egg – too many instances of that). And of course, cinnamon – makes it all worth while. Fantastic! 
Living Alone
If I keep going out with the feeling that each time may be my last, and keep coming back, I’m going to have to wash the floor.

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I’m Back

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justchecking Just Checking Him Out


Most of my dishes I’ll never try again. Not because they’re not good but just because I never seem to have the same ingredients when I want something for lunch or dinner, and my appetite gives me exactly 12 minutes to satisfy it. But this one was something which I will actually try my hardest to replicate, which means keeping it in mind when I go shopping next time, which I have done for oatmeal with nuts and seeds for breakfast for about half a year now, but for nothing else.
So, in lieu of a photo, here is a verbal description – Delicious.
That is a word which I would not normally use for a lentil dish.
And the ingredients:

– that’s a symbol for pause while I went back and finished off the plate (it’s that good).
I’m back!

lentils – as much as you think you’re going to eat, which depends on how much you can’t stand lentils, body size, size of hunger pangs, etc.
Boil in water while the rest is being prepared.
cut up and dice 1/2 red pepper, 1/2 red onion, 4-5 garlic cloves
some dried wakame (very good for the iodine which you may be low on causing all sorts of problems (check it out. You really may be low which is really not good for you). And if you’re pregnant – extremely important for the new baby in terms of IQ and a lot of other things (see the link below).
Put it all in when the lentils are done, (more or less) and add lots of coconut oil, and if the water has just about disappeared, a small amount of water and cover.
Cook for another 3-4 minutes; transfer to plate
Add salt, oregano, sweet basil (didn’t put it in but would have made it even better), turmeric (and I’m talking about at least a tablespoon or more, and not the way we usually use spices, which is something on the order of the way we use salt, which is just not enough), a small amount of black pepper to help in the digestion of the turmeric, and, if you have it, a bit of butter.


Iodine in your pregnancy diet 
7 Foods Rich in Iodine


The great pick-me-up
Since lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are both so good for you for any number of reasons (from cleaning out, shoring up, keeping it going, destroying what needs to be destroyed and settling everything, what have you), I decided to mix the juice of half a lemon together with 2-3 tablespoons of ACV (that’s apple cider vinegar for those of us who don’t do so well with initials – can never get the hang of it), and 8 drops of Stevia to make a truly incredible cocktail before everything else in the morning. It tastes great. Then, since I can’t wait for that freezing part of grating frozen lemons onto whatever to add all of the extras which the peel of the lemon gives you, I just grate (on the large part of the grater) some of the peel on my oatmeal and nuts, under the cinnamon and maple syrup, and I figure that I’m ready for another day of disappointments (why not tell it like it really is most of the time) with the surprises which make life more than worth living. Which is why I know that I’ll come back in, after it’s all over. Which is maybe why I’m learning Spanish, because I certainly don’t plan on using it on this round.

She wanted more of the attention than the food
Although she didn’t turn that down either.
But immediately asked for more petting when she finished, before leaving me again for the night. I’m just very glad that she enjoys wherever she has found an alternative whatever.
I’m talking about my cat.
And I’m left with no-ney (short for No Name) who never leaves. When she doesn’t like the smell of the cat sand box, she digs up the flower pots to pee. And when I pet her, she constantly moves, turning to mock bite me, making her sound interspaced with purring. Whenever I move away from the desk she is immediately out of the delivery box which she has temporarily designated as THE sleeping place, and is weaving back and forth between my legs with her incessant meow, which in her case is maya-awwwwe. And when she is not waiting on the other side of the door to dart into the room I don’t want her in, she’s going out the window and up the sheer wall to my second floor porch to the part of the apartment which is off limits. And when I tell her that she’s “a pain in the a**,  but she’s a nice kitty” she doesn’t seem to hear either the disapprobation or the complement, and just keeps doing whatever is so exasperating, whether it’s sniffing the cat litter and then searching for a nice potted plant, or constantly getting between me and what I’m trying to do, if it’s on her level, wherever.

By the way
check out for excellent spell checking (most of the time) and grammar checking. I’m not being paid for this advertisement, but I use it so often I thought I really should give something back. Haven’t used the grammar part, which is why I can get away with such grievous errors.

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Flea Infestation: How to sleep and go out

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What to do about a flea infestation: As a public service

I’m talking here about a real flea infestation where an individual is constantly bitten by cat fleas. I have lived with a cat for 4 years and never before can I remember being bitten by a flea, even though she had them. This time is different.
These fleas which are causing the infestation I picked up outside from a spot where there were a lot of ‘homeless’ fleas. I know exactly where it was because they bit as soon as they landed. And there were a number, so that when I got home the pregnant ones gave birth and the others did their thing to keep the population going.

First off, there is a temporary solution in brewer’s yeast

Finally found a solution to being bitten on the legs.
The adding of brewer’s yeast to your food, taking vitamin B1 pills, and drinking apple cider vinegar may help to some degree – but only to some degree unless you increase the amounts of one or all to much larger quantities than you would ordinarily stand. So, in field testing, I’ve found that the following gives some relief. Put an amount of brewer’s yeast (I use powder) into a jar, add water until you have a fairly thick solution (not a paste), shake it each time (preferably you have a jar with a top), and apply it with you hands to the legs below the knees and to the feet. If you are still bitten, add another layer. It works! It only lasts for about 2 hours (perhaps less in summer when you are sweating), and up to 4 hours depending on the layers or thickness of the solution. If you use this in conjunction with the low lights over a dish or tray of soapy water in each of your rooms, you will obtain some reduction of the problem until you find a solution which will rid you of the fleas altogether.

Neutralizing of the flea problem for the cats
As for fleas on my cats, since the start of the infestation in the apartment, they were scratching a lot until I started putting about a level tsp of brewers yeast powder in their breakfast once a day, thoroughly mixed in, but making sure to put a bit of ‘untreated’ cat food on top, although the cats don’t seem to be bothered by it. The cats were really scratching, but after doing the above procedure each morning for about 3-4 days there was no longer any problem – no scratching (and I didn’t have to bathe them or do anything else). The fleas just can’t stand the taste or the smell of brewer’s yeast.

House cats not the usual source of infestation
I find that the only room in the house where I am not bitten is the porch (workroom) where my two cats sleep. Cat fleas really prefer cats – hence the name. From personal experience, house cats are not usually the cause of flea infestations. I have had my initial cat for years now and never been affected until now, even though she is allowed to go outside on her own. Also, during all this time, neighborhood cats have snuck into the apartment to eat whenever I’m not around. It would seem that most people pick up the fleas which become an infestation, as I did only recently, somewhere outdoors where the fleas can’t immediately find a cat, or in places where there is already an infestation.  

What to do so you can sleep and go out without fleas
So, what do you do when you have 100s of fleas, you are being attacked and it’s not just the normal fleas which every cat has? Until I get rid of them, I have developed a method for doing two extremely important procedures which enable me to sleep without being bitten by the fleas, and a way of getting rid of the fleas on me before I go out of the house.

How to go to bed without the fleas 
One thing to know is that fleas do not cling to skin, clothing, hair, etc. and slide or jump off when disturbed in the slightest way. It is claimed that fleas can jump 8 to 10 inches, according to some sources, and the height of the bed is 480 mm or about 18 inches which the fleas cannot navigate. These two pieces of information are important in understanding the following procedure which usually gives me a totally peaceful sleep during the night. First, if it is suspected that there are fleas in the bed itself, shake out the sheets, pillow case, and blankets. After a while, this is not necessary. The following procedure would appear to be a lot of work, but believe me, it works when you get it right. When wearing a nightgown or similar clothing, be sure to shake it out before putting it on. If lying down in house clothes, wearing loose fitting pants and shirts with short sleeves is helpful. If wearing socks, be sure that they are thick so that the fleas do not burrow through the material as easily, and also be sure to dust off your feet thoroughly with the socks or your hands when putting them on. As for me, since I work in the workroom with the cats, basically I just have to deal with the fleas in the bedroom, or other rooms I have to pass through to get to the bed. Just before lying down, run your hands over both arms and hands about 5-7 times, or just the hands if wearing long sleeves, although going over the long sleeves is also helpful. Then if there may be some in your hair, lean over and vigorously move the hands through the hair, and then do the hands and arms thing again. Then shake out the shirt or night clothes while on you, in particular lifting the bottom of the shirt or night gown up to shoulder level and then down before shaking it all out again. Then shake out the loose fitting pants about 40 times, then, take a step back and this is very important, go over your hands and arms again for any which have hopped off of the shirt and pants. Then sit down on the bed. When sitting down, be sure that your legs are against the bed so you don’t miss the bed while concentrating on the fleas and the procedure. Then, the critical part – while lying flat on the bed and your legs stretched out over the floor, brush your two feet over each other, and over the bottom of the pants and socks being sure to keep your legs level or just below the level of the top of the bed. If done correctly, there are usually no fleas left and is 100% effective. Sometimes it is not totally effective with 1 or 2 still remaining, but the more efficient the procedure becomes over time, the higher the percentage of success. Remember that this procedure has to be repeated after every trip to the bathroom during the night. It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s worth it. 
If, while lying there, there are leftover fleas on the hands, arms or lower legs, hold the effected limb over the side of the bed and brush the effected area off thoroughly, being sure to also brush off the hand or leg doing the initial brushing. Also brush off any part of the bed onto which a flea could have jumped. It may take one or two times to get effective at this, so do not give up. If I am bitten on the torso or upper legs, I generally suffer the bite and by not scratching find that the intense itching goes away in about ten minutes. However, if it’s more than one or two fleas, it might be necessary to get up and do the procedure again. 

Going out of the house without the fleas 
When going out, I can usually go out with almost no fleas, and in fact sometimes none, by adhering to the following procedure:  Wash the clothes, socks, etc. in soapy water and machine dry. Use a large plastic bag or cloth to put the clothes on near the door. Be sure to shake out the bag or cloth prior to transferring the clothes from the dryer. Wash the floor around the dressing area with water and some liquid soap. Be sure to wash the top of the baseboard and any other surface which might be a staging area. Take a shower, and if you suspect there are fleas in your hair, wash your hair. I have found that using a cat or dog flea comb can be helpful here. Go directly to your clothes, dusting off your legs and arms about 2-3 times before getting to the clothing area. It might be helpful to put apple cider vinegar on your legs up to the knees and on the arms. Dust off your feet and lower legs at a spot which is away from the door before putting on your socks and pants. Once you are fully dressed, dust off your lower clothes, socks, lower legs just above the socks, and arms before going out. Sometimes I can’t go into the coffee shop to get my cappuccino because my routine doesn’t work as well as most of the time.

One thing I have found is that fleas seem to be quite faithful and do not jump off if there is hair or clothing to wait in until the next meal, even if you have used all of the methods they can’t stand. So, any that make it through the procedure above will normally stay with you nestled in hair or under clothing until whatever you have used to neutralize yourself wears off. 
Part of this was added to Grandma’s Home Remedies Excellent site with many good comments.

As for fleas on my cats, since the start of the infestation in the apartment, they were scratching a lot until I started putting about a level tsp of brewers yeast powder in their breakfast once a day, thoroughly mixed in, but making sure to put a bit of ‘untreated’ cat food on top, although the cats don’t seem to be bothered by it. The cats were really scratching, but after doing the above procedure each morning for about 3-4 days there was no longer any problem – no scratching (and I didn’t have to bathe them or do anything else). The fleas just can’t stand the taste or the smell of brewer’s yeast. 

Neutralize yourself (the other methods which give some extra protection)
Some methods which I have found helpful in dealing with a flea infestation. 
For myself, I put about a teaspoon full of brewer’s yeast into my own oatmeal in the morning. If I took an equivalent amount based on weight alone of me and my cat, I would have to take an amazing amount of brewer’s yeast – about 17 teaspoons (10 lbs weight of a cat to 175 me). I also drink about 2 teaspoons worth of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water once a day.  Adding a little bit of sugar or stevia can help get it down.
Vitamin B1 is very helpful up to a point. I have found that 4-5 100 mg B1 pills last about 5-7 hours at which time you start smelling good enough to eat again. They’ve just been sitting there waiting, wondering when dinner will be served. 
Also B complex has some B1 in it although not much. But every bit helps. If you become too inhospitable, they will remember and wait until the next passerby, hopefully a cat. 

Reduction of flea population 
I have found that putting 2-3 empty plastic cheese cartons under lamps about 4 inches above each one with some water and liquid soap is very effective, up to a point. The fleas are attracted by the light, and fall into the liquid drowning almost immediately and apparently somewhat painlessly because of the soap film on the surface of the water which cannot be navigated. The liquid soap used is a soapless soap called Dermapon which comes in a yellow plastic bottle. Other people have found other liquid soaps helpful. 
A lot of other methods people have tried would appear to cause some pain and dysfunction over time to the fleas, so I don’t want to use them. The first time I tried the soap and water, there were about 1200 fleas in the soapy water within a period of 7 days. I guess I really had it bad. After that, the numbers diminished quite rapidly. But there were always some too savvy to be attracted by the light. So bites continued but to a lesser degree. 

I don’t want to kill them. They have as much right to live as I do. But they constantly bite me, when they’re not biting the cats. And now they are all over. And I know that I must do something. Others suggest that I bomb the place – you know with anti-insect stuff, which all the web sites say doesn’t always work the first time. And where am I going to get all that money to have the professionals come again and again. Plus the fact that to die from chemicals would be one of the worst ways to go. Me and my cats would have to vacate for however long it would take until we could go back in and not be listed as some of the victims.

So there I am, deciding that the only way to do it is by a light over a number of bowls of liquid soap water in different parts of the house, where I am told they die instantly, almost mercifully without pain through drowning. I live alone or this could not have gone on as long as it has. Others say that it is almost as if I don’t even want to get rid of them. What do I want them for? And I beg off by saying that I just can’t do them in with anything which would cause pain or prolonged suffering. And the new spray which someone found out which would solve the problem? – In my mind it would cause a more catastrophic end than I find is justified for the fleas, for all other insects and even mice and rats. So it doesn’t just effect those with a certain physiological structure. By taking out the rats and mice, it could also take out my cats, and possibly even cause me problems.

Other possibilities
Of course the main goal is to get rid of the fleas entirely. There is also the possibility of using a vinegar spray on the floor which is a deterant to the fleas. Have not tried it, but for a good discussion of the use of vinegar, see

Just ran across another method which I have also not tried yet. Will give the passage in full since it is short: Comment by Angelina in response to an article: “I found the solution to flea infestations when I discovered that my fleas had become resistant to commercial poisons. I cought (sic) several fleas and placed them into a container and then proceeded to find a household chemical that would kill them. This is what works best for me.  Mix four teaspoons of dish washing detergent and four shotglass full of rubbing alcohol with one gallon of water. Spray this mixture over your entire floor. Be careful with wood floors and test before using on valuable flooring. Your goal is to dampen all the rugs and flooring in the house at the same time, the flooring should be wet to the touch. I usually spray before bed or when I’m going away for a few hours to allow it to dry undisturbed. The spray drowns the fleas in about 30 seconds. You have to repeat the spray for a week to ten days to kill all the hatching eggs. This really works and is non toxic” source:”


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The Best Way To Improve Your English, Spanish (or any language)

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By the way: To change text size
In Windows IE, click View upper left and select Zoom or Text Size 
In Google chrome – go to upper right ladder and increase or decrease zoom
In Firefox – click view upper left and select Zoom 

What this latest post is all about:
Three ways to help improve and speed up learning a language. Emphasis is on English and Spanish but it works with any language.  Includes listening (understood or not), speaking to oneself (correct or not), looking up words, phrases, idioms. Gives useful links.  Be sure to scroll down for previous posts on cooking by a single guy when hungry and thousands of other topics.


Listen to the language (without looking at any text) for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. The more the better.  Do not attempt to understand, just listen. This is exactly how the unborn and newborn child experience language.  Later, when you speak, the correct phraseology will feel right, and you will use the accent you have heard in the pronunciation of words. So, unless you want a particular accent, be sure to listen to speakers from various parts of the world or country and you will form your own pronunciation patterns. You can actually do other things while you are listening.   

English Readings with Text BITS English Lanaguage Learning
Free English site with readings and accompaning texts – Incredible range of subjects and speakers (both American and British) with two reading speeds – faster and slower. This is one of the best sites I have come across for improving your English.   
How to use:
Click on the major titles for all listings of available readings:
Sherlock Holmes
Audio Dramas
Or click on the featured title just below each major category.
Also, you can scroll down for all of the major titles
plus English idioms, Saying & Slang
Reading Activities and Test Preparation for the PET
Practice Using Articles ‘a’ – ‘a’ – ‘the’ 
Hosted by Skip Reske
Spanish Readings with Text
A fantastic site made by 4 young people in Spain is perfect for listening to different individuals on many subjects. On this page you can select the type (category) of podcasts you want to hear, including the most popular and the best podcasts. Also take a look at all the categories covered including sections on phrases, idioms, vocabulary and a lot of tips and pitfalls (on this one, just click next to go from tip to tip – very useful). Remarkable site.
Other Resources for Listening:
Another way to listen is to copy a Spanish paragraph or article and put it into Google translate and just listen, without even looking at the translation. Also, be sure to add
whichever tool you usually use to the Favorites Bar at the top above all your tabs on IE (click the yellow star with the green arrow) hint: add it when the input is empty. Otherwise you will get whatever was pasted into input every time.
Copy a paragraph or article into this text-to-speech facility of Very good speaking voices. You can control the speed of reading the text.  

Speak the language to yourself at least twice a day. It doesn’t matter what you say. It also does not matter whether or not it’s correct. What is important is the experience of speaking the language and the flow of words which is created, so that you will feel comfortable with it when you actually want to use it. Whatever comes into your mind. Have a paper and pen or recording devise available to record expressions or words which you do not remember or want to learn, although this part is not important. Eventually, these meanings will be learned in the process of listening to and learning the language. Do this for whatever period of time is comfortable. 
Look up at least 3 words, expressions, or idioms each day
a.  Translate them with  
     Microsoft’s Bing Translator
b. Linguee (Fantastic resource)
Many examples of how phrases or words have been actually translated by professional translators.
If you are studying one of the languages and your native language is not one of the languages covered, just enter the word or phrase of interest and you will get many examples of how it has been used in context.
Languages currently covered: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese.


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Life Is Worth Living

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Yes, life is worth living. 
My cat meowed because she wanted to tell me it was dinner time. And then after she had finished, went to her favorite perch, and meowed again. This time I figured that she just wanted to be petted. So I pet her, and she was butting the top of her head against my leg and purring. Is there more to life? 
Plus, because today is a special holiday, and I was basically out of everything, I was looking in the cupboards to see what I might have left, and saw two bottles of beer that had been there for over 5 years just waiting for the right occasion. Well, this was it. The world holds things in reserve for just the right moment. We really have nothing to do with it, except as recipients. I had looked in there many times before and don´t recall ever seeing them. 
Plus, for the first time ever, I had decided to purchase a wedge of swiss cheese several days before. Matza and swiss cheese. What else is needed? 
And then to hear Alexandra Burke sing Hallelujah.
My Dish For The Holidays
1. Put already rolled up flat noodles which do not need much cooking, having already been cooked to enable the rolling process, into the pan of boiling water from the coffee maker.  
The rest of the ingredients are put in after the noodles have cooked for about 3 minutes.  
The secret here is putting the greenery and garlic and onions in for as little time as necessary, just to get the stems of the broccoli crunchy but soft enough to enable you to chew them.  
2. slice up the broccoli, about 3-4 buds with diced stem (dont’ leave the stem out, except for the very bottom, because there are a lot of nutrients in there) 
3. slice up half an onion or 1/4 if large. Remember, you’re cooking for 1 person, unless you are lucky. I wasn’t.   
4. put in 5-6 buds of garlic (diced) – if you’re not planning on working or otherwise being with someone in the next 12 hours. I so, 1-2. 
5. 1-2 leaves of swiss chard 
6. And most important, 8-10 raisins. Believe me, they give just the added sweetness you need for this dish. 
7. add 2 heaping tsp of coconut oil, if still cold enough that it is congealed, otherwise, the equivalent in liquid form (staves off Alzheimer’s plus any number of other benefits which I have talked about exhaustively in other entries).  
8. lay on a glob of butter 
9. put the spices on after everything is on the plate, in order to preserve the benefits of the nutrients still left in the spices after what they have already been through in the packaging process, making sure that at least one or two of the spices are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. I usually put more than most people would. In fact, most of my dishes are just the base for the spices which by themselves could probably support you to the level of health to which you have become accustomed once you stopped eating junk food, using less sugar and less flour, and if you’ve decided that vegetarianism is the way to go, less meat/fish/seafood, and started eating ‘under-cooked’ greens to be sure to retain most of their nutrients, etc.  
turmeric – major antimicrobial 
sweet basil 
oregano – major antimicrobial 
thyme – major antimicrobial 
10. Serve to yourself with a quarter glass of the wine your sister sent you for the holidays (not required part of the dish) made palatable with 4 drops of stevia.  
Fried Oatmeal Crunch Flat Cake 
You know, most of what we eat has a great taste but no personality. This has crunch, and if that isn’t personality in food, I don’t know what is. 
half of two eggs – well, that would be one egg you say. Well, not if you broke two eggs yesterday and managed to save them in a jar. So, this recipe calls for half of 2 eggs. 
Then a small amount of water – depends on how runny you want this mixture to be before you pour it into the pan. 
And some whole oat oatmeal. You can use instant but I can’t promise anything – not the crunch nor the halfway done oats which give it character (halfway done because you can’t just stand around doing nothing while you wait for it to really cook the whole oats) – so go ahead and try the instant stuff, but don’t blame me if it doesn’t live up to the reputation of this rescepie, recepe, reciepe, receipe – all the variations I went through until I searched for it on Google, and Google suggested ‘recipe’. Well, hell yes, why didn’t I think of that. 
And then add some buckwheat, the less the better until you shake the jar or whatever you do to the container you’re using to mix up stuff. But then, the buckwheat isn’t like wheat. True, and that’s the important part. Wheat instantly turns to sugar inside you while the buckwheat, not being a grain, does not. But then, oats is a grain. But, they’ve found (I love to say ‘they’ve’ as if that gives it authority and experience, and experiments and all the things that make authority, you know, authority. Even though there may be none of that stuff behind the ‘they’ thing. So, they’ve found that the body reacts differently to oatmeal, metabolizing it, or whatever the body does, more slowly and giving the turns-to-sugar thing a gradated, time-release quality which can be handled by the system and doesn’t create sucrose overload. And this is very important in diabetes for instance, where sugar overload in the system can cause all sorts of problems.  
Shake, and add more of whatever is needed to make it the pourable consistency you want. Then shake again. 
Now, this is the important part. Have the frying pan just on the edge of smoking hot and pour. This makes it non-stick-to-the-bottom safe which for most of my early years trying to survive with my own cooking, the truly one thing I couldn’t get a handle on. And then, tip the pan or use a fork or spatula to spread the mixture out thin if it wasn’t think enough. Cover and stand around, or make yourself tea. I really wanted coffee, but coffee makes me get up at least 5 times during the night while I’ve found the tea actually reduces the trips.  
When you have stood around enough, and have flipped the cake a number of times, transfer it to the plate, doesn’t matter if you haven’t sashed it since supper, since supper wasn’t that long ago and its still early spring. put on a glob of butter, pour on some syrup and enjoy. If you’re worried about the microbe thing on the unwashed plate, pour on some cinnamon which they say is one of the best anti-microbial, anti-mold, anti-a lot of other things spice around. If you’re really worried, put some oregano on or some turmeric both of which are even better. 
Totally Awesome Dish. 
Well, that was yesterday.  
Today, not as awesome as last night’s, and it was the same recipe using half of the quinoa and lentils left over from last night, plus some starting to rot mushrooms.  
So what went wrong? What had I left out? 
No, it wasn’t the starting to rot mushrooms. If anything they gave some extra flavor – not the rotting part which I threw out.  
So, I had to figure out what was missing,or too much, etc. And if nothing else, start from scratch. 
Had to figure out what was different: 
Was it the:  
oregano? because I had run out of it. 
turmeric? not much left but dumped in what I had. 
coconut oil? too much  
virgin olive oil? had put in more than I really needed because the mushrooms were sticking to the pan. 
coriander? which I had not unpacked last night. 
butter? left out because I felt that the olive oil and coconut oil were already an overload. 
The quinoa and lentils sitting in the refrigerator overnight? 
According to this, the cooking business seems to be complicated. Don’t get me wrong. It’s easy as all getout especially when you only have one pan, don’t know how much spices to use and just go by feel – which in my case it probably way too much spices, but I figure you can’t really go too far wrong with spices, particularly the ones I use, which have the added feature of taking care of any microbial overgrowth. 
Use your intuition and the voice in your head which basically tells you what to do if you are really listening, are not trying to impress anyone, use what you have and are creative by substituting what you do have for what you don’t. I always tell my English students: ‘If you don’t know the word you need, think of another way to say it. And the more creative you are, the more interesting your speech will be.’ One bright student during the first lesson said “Yesterday I couldn’t think of the word for moon”, and indicated that it was very embarrassing. When I said “Find another way”, she said “That round thing in the sky?’ Exactly, if you are speaking at night, and we’re not talking about spaceships, what else could it be. And you get the meaning across without missing a beat. Because language is all about communicating meaning, and only the sticklers are concerned with grammar and always having the right word. 
To get back to the dish. It appears that I will just have to start over again. 
So, here is the basic recipe: 
Dump dry quinoa and lentils into a pan and plenty of water. The more of everything you put in, the more meals you can create at one time, which: 
a. saves on gas or electricity 
b. saves the waiting time for them to cook. 
c. saves you from having to think about quinoa and especially about lentils because if there’re there, you just use them, whenever, without thinking. which I really don’t like doing,  
d. makes the next 2 or 3 meals much easier to prepare. 
e. keeps you fed even if that’s all you have, especially if you have at least one tablespoon of humus left. Have you ever tried quinoa, lentils and hummus. Great!!! 
Back to the recipe. 
1 diced red onion. 
5 cloves of garlic since I don’t have a date tonight. In fact, I never have a date. Maybe it’s all the garlic I eat while not thinking I have a date.  
2 and 1/2 leaves of swiss chard – when I pulled the leaves out of the pack, that’s what came out. Cut up the 2 and 1/2 including all of the stems. What’s so great about swiss chard? It tastes great (much better than spinach) – I would assume that kids would like the green stuff better if they were given chard instead of spinach, cooks a lot faster than spinach, the stems are very tasty and has a lot of fiber, has almost all of the nutrients as spinach without all the drawbacks, and costs a lot less because the marketers have figured out that spinach is what people look for when thinking about healthy eating, so they package it specially and charge more for less, while chard is just thrown in there, with all the original dirt, etc. You just have to go where the marketers haven’t been. 
Now, when the lentils are chewable without breaking a tooth, and the quinoa has a lot of small white circles – if you’ve never cooked quinoa, you’ll know what I mean when you see them – it’s done – which happens before the lentils. Drain, mix in a small amount of virgin olive oil, and put the onions, garlic on top and cover. Cook for another 5 minutes, and it’s ready, plus you have preserved most of the vitamins of the last three items.  
Then, add the spices after it’s on the plate so as not to lose any of the nutrients which, beside the taste factor, are what spices are all about, except for the antimicrobial, anti-mold, anti-whatever quality of some of the most widely used spices, which is necessary when cooking for yourself and undercooking, under-refrigerating, under-peeling/paring/scraping of the lone cook-for-yourself cooker. 

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Random Bits of…

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Best of Friends
 The dog was brought to the park, and a
young cat living in the park came running
over and nuzzled up.
Learned something different today 
I know that my cat knows time. She comes to me within 2-3 minutes of 11:00 for lunch every day. 
Once she didn’t come and I was very worried. Sauntered in towards the middle of the afternoon. Had had other fish to fry – so to speak. There were two other times when she was gone for a day or two. Apparently, someone had fetched her ‘found her fetching’ and had thrown the lock. Now, I feel for the ‘new’ owners because she did not come back. Very sad. But she has been with me since she was a kitten, and we’re getting up there – both of us, so I guess precedence rules. And anyway, I like to think that she would run away from them again, even if they did find her, causing them to realize that the situation was hopeless.  
Well, to get back to today. My younger cat started making noises for lunch.  So I looked at the clock. It was an hour early, and I told her that she would have to wait. Much too early. She acted like she didn’t hear me. Does that a lot. I gave her a treat – didn’t help. She was rubbing up against my legs and talking. Suddenly, my eldest, Attackit, came in and made her time-for-lunch sound. I was fixing a snack for myself and told them that it was much too early – what had happened? But as I sat down to eat, realized that if I was going to eat, so should they. Laid down the plate, got up and fixed lunch – for them an hour early. Apparently, all of us were working on the time since breakfast and not the clock. I had gotten up an hour early this morning which I almost never do. And they eat first. So now it’s quiet around here. 
Middle Eastern Cure  
This is a culinary surprise which is the Middle Eastern Cure you won’t find anywhere else. 
It’s the sanitizing dish that can solve so many of your health problems you’ll certainly know you ate it.  
None of this working at the computer and looking down only to find your plate empty. 
Actually, I don’t know what it does but it tastes great, and each of the ingredients does so much for you on their own that together your body will figured that it’s finally been saved. 
All the measurements are approximate since I never measure. So take the tablespoon measurement as merely a helpful guide to whatever is really in there. 
heaping tablespoon or 2 of hummus 
From a heaping teaspoon upwards to a heaping tablespoon of cayenne pepper flakes (if ground, be sure to use less) 
1-2 heaping tablespoons cottage cheese 
2 heaping tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed 
1 teaspoon cinnamon 
3-4 drops Stevia or a capful of pure maple syrup. 
To really put the finishing touches in, add a teaspoon of the fantastic yellow spice turmeric. 
Only 3 comments:  
1 Have a glass of water handy, but don’t skimp on the cayenne pepper. That alone can save you. 
2 The cinnamon, the cayenne and the turmeric are all sanitizers in their own right. Which I think has saved me many times from questionable food (get a lot of that living alone and cooking for myself). There are a number of foods and spices which are actually antibiotic besides each having many other healthful qualities for the body.   
3 Oh, and the turmeric. Be sure it is not curry powder, which besides having the turmeric in it as one of the ingredients also according to various sources may or may not have any combination of other spices: bay leaf, caraway, cardamom, chili, cinnamon, clove, coriander, coconut milk, cumin, curry leaf, fennel seed, lemon grass, mustard seed, nutmeg, different peppers. In other words, the turmeric and its curcumon which is the basis of much of its medicinal value, may be highly diluted. While turmeric is generally considered safe to ingest, there might be some side effects, and certain persons probably should not use it at certain times – see—Discover-the-Dangers-of-Turmeric-Supplementation&id=3141480. I, on the other hand, use a lot of it – about 2 tablespoons a day. 
Some of the things coconut does for you 
A great article which I just ran across by a guy 73 years old who lives in Hawaii and knows why coconut oil does what it does. He mentions quite a few things the it will do for you, and doesn’t’ even get to mention Alzheimer’s which I think is one of the great pluses, but then that discovery is rather recent. I think he uses more coconut oil than I do, which is getting up there.  Why coconut oil stands out as today’s most amazing superfood

Never use the last of anything 
Unless it is the absolute last. The bread was getting stale and had a slight mold. Put it in the oven to toast. Put butter on and realized that I had nothing else. Remembered I had finished the honey, but kept the jar. There was half a teaspoon of honey left for half a slice of bread. Seemed fitting. Still did not throw away the jar – by heating it and melting the very small amount on the sides, could get one more serving out for next time. Probably still won’t thrown it out because honey jars are just the right size for shaking batter for single pancakes. 
 The cats are doing what cats do
– eating and sleeping. Except that the ‘new’ cat is very particular about the cat box. Need to change it every day or she digs up the flower boxes which is not my preferred method of gardening. Plus the fact that the flowers don’t seem to like it much. And as for my cats and eating, sometimes they won’t eat until I pet them. Maybe it’s like having an official taster. If I pet her she figures I’m not trying to get rid of her. But then again, maybe it’s just that form of communication and love we all need. 

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More About English

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Below are two short, short lessons on  (1) a list of other words to use instead of always using the word ‘but’, and (2) a quasi rule to help decide where to put the emphasis in a word.

1. Do you want to find other ways to say ‘BUT’?

We often find ourselves using the word ‘but’ all of the time to
 express an opposite fact, action or feeling. However, there are many other words which can frequently take the place of ‘but’ and give you more latitude and variation in your speech, and writing.
Example of a sentence with ‘but’: I want to go, but I have decided to stay here.
The following are substitute expressions for the word ‘but‘ either used in the same sentence, or used to start a new sentence:
Usually used in the same sentence after a comma:
     example: I want to go, yet I have decided to stay here.
even though
notwithstanding the fact that
but then
but for now
Examples: same sentence
    I want to go, although I have decided to stay here.
    I want to go, except I have decided to stay here.
    I want to go, notwithstanding the fact that I have decided to stay here.
    I want to go, but then, I have decided to stay here.
Other words for ‘but’ usually used to start a new sentence or after the punctuation marks ‘;’ and ‘:’
  Example: I want to go. However, I have decided to stay here.
then again
on the other hand
on the contrary
in contrast
in any case
at any rate
Examples: For starting a new sentence
    I want to go. Then again, I have decided to stay here.
    I want to go. On the other hand, I have decided to stay here.
    I want to go. Nonetheless, I have decided to stay here.

 Woodworks – Sometimes the beauty is right under foot

 We are often faced with the problem of where to place the stress in multisyllable words.
One quasi-rule may help in some cases depending on what figure of speech is being used: noun, adjective, or verb.
Basically the rule is as follows: If it’s a noun or an adjective, the emphasis is usually on the first syllable.
1. nouns and adjectives: emphasis is usually on the 1st syllable
Nouns:  table victory entrance number surface problem terminal capital
Adjectives: slender clever happy careful adequate
2. verbs: emphasis is usually on the 2nd syllable. Verbs: extol decide begin 
neglect receive complete inspect extend include  
Even words which are spelled exactly the same but have a different meaning as a noun, an adjective or a verb, place the emphasis on different parts of the word. Remember: first syllable for nouns and adjectives, second syllable for verbs.
record: They have a record (n) of every sale which they record (v) at the time of each transaction.  
present: He wanted to present (v) the present (gift) (n) to his girlfriend while her mother was present (adj)
import: the latest import (n) was something they had wanted to import (v) for many years. 
entrance (put under a spell): It was her idea to entrance (v) the audience with her unusual entrance (n) on stage. 
Warning: there are many exceptions to this rule.
Also see some additional two syllable words at:

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Odds and Ends – mostly, and my 5 things to make it to 100

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The aphorisms below do not come from me, and I don’t know from where. During the day, they were just suddenly there in my mind. A couple of them are quite good. I can say that because they’re not mine. The rest are not so much. It may be that I saw them once a long time ago and don’t remember, or I’m channeling – from whom, I have no idea, but it comes to me that perhaps our best work is often channeled.
1. There is no greater accomplishment in the world than to find humility.
2. It’s never too late to express love.
3. I don’t have enough time in my life to waste it on hate.
4. It is not the length of life, but the joy of being alive that is important.
5. Brilliant ideas arrive in the dead of night and are gone by first light of day.
6. We are surrounded by ignorance, and no shortage of those who wish to use it.
Channeler: Morgan
Searching for a supplier
Here in Israel, facing a long winter and a very uncertain future, a genius in the government is thinking of providing thousands upon thousands of waterproof sleeping bags distributed to the shelters throughout the country, just in case. Currently searching for a supplier who can supply the product according to a very stringent set of requirements, plus be available over a number of years so that additional supplies may be made available. From a news article in an Israeli daily.

No Reason To Go Out

(aside from getting food for my cat, and the usual 4 km walk, with a cappuccino in the middle)

And anyway, I have only pocket change (waiting for the end of the month). But then there is the daily walk to reduce the ravages of diabetes or kidney problem – whichever or both as I still haven’t gone for the second checkup. The first was an emphatic ‘no high blood sugar’, therefore, according to my doctor, no diabetes. I’m going to change doctors. I still have this numbness in my feet and I go 7 times a night and I’m losing weight. The getting up doesn’t bother me since the moment my head hits the pillow again, I’m asleep. But my neighbors may not be as lucky. Therefore, I don’t flush, and I go on the side of the bowl (do that anyway), and very quietly open and shut the bedroom door (must be shut to keep the cats out), and wear soft soled Crocks, and so as not to run water, I have an old syrup bottle filled for when my mouth is dry, ostensibly from sleeping with my mouth open.  Now….., back to getting out of the apartment. Just in case I decide to go, I have my clothes in the dryer, and the final decision has been delayed until they are dry – and / or – until I count my change.  If at least 16 shekels aren’t there, then it’s not worth it. That cappuccino on the turnaround point makes it all worthwhile. That’s the first 10 shekels. But, even if I only have 6 shekels, I have to go. My cat is sleeping there on her new found spot, believing (dreaming) that I will give her a fantastic dinner. OK, but I’ll cancel the 4 km walk.

One of the greatest salads I have ever had.

Since I have a short memory for salads, I have to give my past salads some leeway.  Hence the ‘one of‘.
No oil for salad dressing, and here I went and bought lettuce and parsley. But, there’s really no decision. That’s what’s in the house except for an eggplant and an onion. Not much of a choice.
So put lettuce and parsley leaves in my stainless steel frying pan. Great place to mix salads.
Add one radish which my daughter gave me because she doesn’t like them. Ditto, but when you’re on the edge of an empty fridge, you don’t turn down gifts, or radishes.
Put spices on: turmeric, oregano, thyme, sweet basil and salt.
Add walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and about 10 raisins for taste.
And now the hard part without the dressing. I have coconut oil and tahini. Not my idea of salad dressing but not in a position to be picky.
Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with the tahini and add water until I get a pourable mixture. Pour, and as a final boost, add a capful of maple syrup.
Really, really great, or it is just the capful of maple syrup?. And I don’t often say that about food. Well, about my dishes anyway.

Lentils and Chinese Pumpkin Noodles TOGETHER

There is nothing better for getting you back on track than lentils and pumpkin noodles cooked in a base of diced medium red onion, lots of garlic (probably not a favorite with your close companions), and lots of organic coconut oil . Red lentils (very short cooking time), chinese pumpkin noodles (also short time when soaked in boiling water for 6 minutes prior to adding to the pan), and the spices turmeric, sweet basil, cumin, salt, and lots of ginger.  The spices are added and mixed in only after the lentil-noodle mix are on the plate, although in this case added the cumin during the cooking. The lentils and noodles were fried/boiled in a mixture of water and organic coconut oil until the water evaporated.  Delicious. Still no camera. In any case, no loss. It’s not a great dish visually, but the taste and the effect on the system is supreme.
Who uses ginger except with ginger beer, ginger ale and with lots of sugar in ginger snaps, but then most people don’t drink the liquid stuff or eat the cookies. However, much more research is being done which is proving that we are really missing the boat on this one. It’s a fantastic spice and one which you should use everyday – no, not on everything, but on something. Overcome that sharpness by thinking of all the good things it’s doing for you.
Here’s a good summary which gives the low down on what ginger can do for you in terms of cancer, plus the fact that the body does not become immune to ginger as it can do with some pharmaceutical preparations.
Ginger makes cancer prevention a reality. Studies show that it can be effective in breast, colorectal, ovarian, and prostate cancer through various methods which affect the cancer cells but does not have a significant effect on normal cells. These include: inhibiting the division of cancer cells, causing cancer cell suicide, promoting cancel cell self consumption, and inhibiting growth.
Also, ginger may help the body absorb glucose by bypassing the need for insulin, which is severely hampered in performing its function in diabetes 2.
 “…ginger extracts obtained from Buderim Ginger were able to increase the uptake of glucose into muscle cells independently of insulin. This assists in the management of high levels of blood sugar that create complications for long-term diabetic patients, and may allow cells to operate independently of insulin,”
And there are many other pluses to the downing of ginger on a daily basis.
One more –
Ginger gives relief from vomiting and nausea during early pregnancy with no side effects as with other over-the-counter and doctor prescribed medications.
Most of my comments about food and its effects come from self study, but the last one I’m not planning on testing  – at least not in this life time. Check out this site:
And if you don’t like the idea of shredding/grating your own fresh ginger, including occasionally your finger, then at least get the powder (much easier), or you can bag it with ginger tea.

The Essentials for reaching 100 years 

                THE 5 teaspoons of…

You might be able to make it without these five, many have, but then you miss out on some of the truly great health sustainers right there under our noses. And I dare say that most of the population does not use these, which could be one of the reasons only a small % of the population is around 100.
I have come to believe that most conditions may be resolved with the following five teaspoons (baking soda, apple cider vinegar, ginger, cayenne pepper, coconut oil), plus some garlic and an onion.
And the big question is why.
Okay, I’ll give you one reason why I take each of the above. But know that there are many other benefits for each of them.
Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) – Perhaps these two quotes sums it up perfectly: “…sodium bicarbonate becomes a first-line medicinal for the treatment of cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, influenza and even the common cold.”, “Sodium bicarbonate happens to be one of our most useful medicines as it treats the basic acid-alkaline axis of human physiology.”
However, do everything in moderation. There appears to be some risks associated with taking too much baking soda – see report on a life threatening condition to an 8 week old baby in which “baking soda was being used by the mother as a home remedy to “help the baby burp.”  Also see Acute toxicity from baking soda ingestion|en|%0D%0A
Apple cider vinegar – For its possible effect on type 2 diabetes. For other benefits and for risks associated with Apple cider vinegar, see
Ginger – The Health Benefit of Ginger
Cayenne pepper
After suffering deep vein thrombosis in my leg, cayenne pepper is a good replacement if I don’t have walnuts handy. Walnuts are the main support in this. They are a very successful replacement for me of the anticoagulant drug Coumadin which is used in the prevention of blood clots and thinning of the blood, with its restrictions on diet, sun exposure, side effects and drug interactions, not to mention price. If my leg starts to swell, I ingest walnuts or extra cayenne pepper and the swelling generally disappears. I want to warn that if you are on Coumadin, you should not stop on the basis of this comment. This is not medical advice. See your physician. One very important precaution. If you are on Coumadin or other blood thinner, do not take cayenne in any significant amounts together with Coumadin since it can lead to very dangerous conditions in the body related to possible bruising and hemorrhaging. See an excellent discussion here “The dangers of cayenne for Heart Attacks and Strokes” 
Also, for an indepth overview of Coumadin’s interaction with other drugs and spices it is well worth reading. Mentioned is a precaution about the interaction of ginger and coumadin causing the possibility of unexpected bleeding. This might be relevant to taking significant amounts of ginger and cayenne pepper together. 
A very good video as an overview of the numerous benefits of cayenne and in particular in the heart and venous structure
Coconut oil – helps in cases of Alzheimer’s (others, including a friend of mine, have had significant improvement in the condition when using significant quantities of coconut oil).
Onions and garlic – Onions and garlic: not only anti-cancer, anti-arthritis too 
How to take: 
Baking soda and apple cider vinegar (1 or 2 tsp) – in a cup of water for both the baking soda and the apple cider vinegar taken separately at different times of the day, just not on an empty stomach for the apple cider vinegar.
Ginger (liberally) – immersed deep in maple syrup on a pancake or on/in/under just about anything, 
Cayenne pepper (at least 2-3 tsp) – in hummus or tahini to soften the taste. Some people just do it in a glass of water. They’re braver than I am. 
Coconut oil organic, unadulterated and not strained (at least 2-4 heaping tablespoons) – in, on, under (as in frying) anything. For example, in stews, in vegetable dishes, on pancakes, and according to today’s salad, in salads. For fullest nutritional value, I make sure to use most of the coconut oil uncooked. And what type and quality of coconut oil should you buy? Check out this source for a very good rundown I buy mine in a health food store, and even then, I’m choosey. Be very careful of most of the products sold in supermarkets. Not all coconut oil is created equal.


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Very important if you live alone and sometimes even if you don’t

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Just you and leftovers
When cooking for yourself and you live alone, and you have a lot of leftovers, or stuff just sits in your fridge or elsewhere for days, weeks or months, it might be wise to use a number of antiseptic and antibacterial spices (see below) on your food, just to make sure you make it through to the next day.

For extra caution, when you really have suspect food and that’s all there is, you might down some sodium bicarbonate (1 tsp) in a glass of water before the meal, or just dump it on the food itself. Aside from all of its other uses, it’s a great antiseptic and antibacterial. Aside: however, if you are on a high calcium diet or taking calcium supplements, you might be careful since sodium bicarbonate may cause problems if there is an overload of calcium in the body. Check out this reference

Now to tonight’s dish
‘don’t mess with me’
Not shown for esthetic reasons, although the real reason is the camera is still not working.

 The dish? Highly suspect rice-lentil combination donated to the cause by my daughter four days ago and kept in my minimally performing refrigerator, together with some vegetables I had cooked two days ago, and some picante tomatoes, from a jar, which had a healthy layer of mold on one of the slices. Figured that cooking it all for 8-10 minutes would solve most of the problems. But to just make sure, I poured on a healthy amount of turmeric, thyme, oregano, basil, coriander and cumin, all antibiotics in their own right, when the stuff was finally on the plate. In other words, I took absolutely no chances, plus I liked the resulting taste. Then, I looked at the dish, and because it looked back, I took the cinnamon packet and poured a small amount on top since this is one of the best antiseptic spices in the world. I would have added some cayenne pepper, but I wanted to enjoy my meal.

Of course, all of this is not necessary in a clean, all-cooked-just-that-day, excellent refrigerated food storage, etc. kitchen. So, when your partner sets a dish in front of you, don’t automatically reach for the spice rack – very bad form.

Don’t overlook  the fact, that in most cases, the body can take care of most of these situations through its own microbial action. I just didn’t want to overload an already exhausted system which is keeping me healthy regardless of my environment. Also, I had started the whole heating process by frying a chopped up onion and the picante tomatoe slices before adding the rice-lentil-vegetable mix. I would have added garlic if I had had it since both onions and garlic have their own antibacterial action. If you want the full story on any of these, see

List of everything I did to be sure my meal didn’t end up eating me
1 tsp sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in a glass of water
frying or boiling for 8-10 minutes
not used this time: 
    1 tbsp apple cider vinegar in a glass of water (for lunch)
    cayenne pepper (a lot used at lunch in hummus)

Another Day – Nothing in the kitchen
Remember, I live alone and most of my spare change goes to feeding my cat and the boarder who I still have not given a name to – she doesn’t care as long as I feed her – and pet her once in a while after she sees me petting Attackit (my cat) and decides she wants some of that too.
So, breakfast in an empty kitchen,
except for the roach
Came into the kitchen to feed the cats. What else, when they are both meowing as if its the end of the world. And there in the sink was an old cockroach just sitting there, totally defeated and depressed. The small ones have no problem getting out of the sink – although there haven’t been any recently, but the old ones who have survived it all, can’t master the sheer sides. It’s hell being old. The fact that they could fly out just doesn’t seem to occur to them and apart from suggesting it, I figure I can’t help in that regard. Too old to learn new tricks. So, I put a tissue down in front of him, and sensing that it was a lifeline from heaven, he just climbed on and hung there while I lifted him out. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that count. And saving another living creature can be as important as all  the other stuff we do to just keep it all going for another 24, or whatever star you’re going around.
Well, back to the empty kitchen.
There was that perennial bag of quinoa, and then I found an organic date which my daughter gave me which I cut into as many pieces as one can with a single organic date, and some dried papaya my sister sent me for Christmas, and a bit of stevia, cinnamon, and ginger. Then, after the quinoa was
cooked, I threw in some walnuts and pumpkin seeds I bought yesterday, with the last of my money, along with getting coconut oil which I felt I really needed. Don’t know where these urges come from but if I listen, there’s some inner body consciousness that knows all this stuff. Or maybe its all the microbes down there that know what they want and get together to decide what they’re going to do to let the supreme consciousness of their world know they’re unhappy with the state of things. Their memory is better than mine, and some times something I haven’t thought about in a long time suddenly is just there – hanging in mid air. And this is the hard part – it just stays there until I get organized – find the money, dress, walk to where it is available, buy it, get back home, prepare it for getting it in there, and finally get it down into that inner sanctum where they are all waiting. It’s a matter of survival. I think sometimes that they rule my world.I

n any case, the quinoa ‘fruit mix’ with the seeds, some coconut oil, and 4-5 drops of Stevia was really not so bad.

Speaking of microbes or bacteria, here is one of the most amazing TED talks I have come across in a long while. It gives a whole new perspective on new developments in science and biology. As of today, there have been 1,002,172 views of this incredible TED talk. 
Bonnie Bassler: How bacteria “talk”

This is a quote from the presentation video:

“Bonnie Bassler discovered that bacteria “talk” to each other, using a chemical language that lets them coordinate defense and mount attacks. The find has stunning implications for medicine, industry — and our understanding of ourselves.

Bonnie Bassler studies how bacteria can communicate with one another, through chemical signals, to act as a unit. Her work could pave the way for new, more potent medicine.  

You think of yourselves as human beings, but I think of you as 99 percent bacterial.” (Bonnie Bassler)”
Remember that you can get transcript (subtitles) in 35 different languages.

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My Take On Breakfast

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My take on the makeup of breakfast: never throw anything out – you’ll find a use for whatever someday – which is one reason you wouldn’t believe what my apartment looks like. I guess my philosophy is to let those who clean up after I’m gone do the throwing. But if they’re smart…  well OK, each to his own.
Humm, I wonder if green tea which is more than 5 years old is still good.

Now to the actual breakfast:
if you’re looking for a breakfast which will really do it for you
but without grains, this is it.
A non-cereal absolutely healthy breakfast
Woke up with pins and needles in one foot. I figured that this breakfast with all of the extras would take care of it.
 Not pictured here is the quinoa which I had as a substitute for cereal, and to wash it down, a cup of 5 year old green tea followed at intervals by cayenne pepper in hummus, a tsp of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a glass of water, and finally a tsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. I’ll explain everything.
The quinoa (more of a vegetable than a grain since it is related to beets, spinach and tumbleweeds) together with a lot of throw-ins made it one of the most complete breakfasts I’ve had in a long time. Will add a photo when I find my photo chip. In the mean time, thought the photo of my cat sleeping would suffice.
The throw-ins included some dried papaya (the reddish chunks you can see in your mind’s eye) which my sister sent to me in a gift basket almost a year ago, together with some apple slices, walnuts, pumpkin seeds topped off with 2 capfuls of maple syrup, a teaspoon of virgin olive oil, cinnamon, and turmeric.
One of the reasons quinoa is so great is because you can tell it’s done when the ‘seeds’ split apart and you have a lot of tiny rings in the boiling water. Most other things leave you in that undecided/indecipherable state until you… whatever you do to see if something is finished cooking. Unless you’re taking the time off of some recipe in some book, but then, if you live at a different altitude than the author, you’re in trouble.

Nap Time

The year old dried papaya has just been sitting there on the cabinet in the living room for about a year. The cat walks over it (hence the photo) every time she goes to her favorite sitting/sleeping/what-have-you place. Of course it’s still in the plastic container.   

The turmeric doesn’t really go with this dish but it does so much for you that it goes in anyway. Just to give an overview, turmeric is anti-inflammatory, provides relief for rheumatoid arthritis, is an antioxidant, lowers rates of many cancers, reduces risk of childhood leukemia, improves liver functioning, may provide cardiovascular protection through prevention of oxidation of cholesterol, may provide protection against neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. And this is just the beginning of its many other benefits.
And for those who like lists:
dried papaya
apple slices
pumpkin seeds
2 capfuls of maple syrup
teaspoon of virgin olive oil
lots of cinnamon
some turmeric
Vitamins: on finishing breakfast took 2 drops of D3 in water (even though I sat in the sun for about 12 minutes, but it is November and the sun’s distance means I probably didn’t get the most benefit from it), magnesium, vitamin C, herbal complex  (extract and powder of black elderberry, una di Gatto alkaloids and polyphenols, olive leaf, echinacea root, astragalus root (triterpene glycosides), licorice root (glycyrrhizin)), and all the other vitamins I usually take which are on hold because I’m out.
And after breakfast:
Cayenne Pepper in Hummus: taken about an hour after breakfast – lots of cayenne pepper mixed into a glob of hummus for everything cayenne will do for you. Chased it down with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. I’ve gone an and on about the benefits of cayenne in other posts so will not belabor it here.  
And then baking soda (soda bicarbonate) We’ve all been told of the things that baking soda can do – like all of its uses around the house in baking, cleaning, sterilizing, etc.

But we are not often told of all its other uses in health.
– Besides being an antacid, it prevents and dissolves kidney stones, and reduces urinary tract infections.
– Also, taking baking soda has been shown to be beneficial in reducing possible damage to kidneys as well as other negative health effects which can be caused by contrast agents which we take in medical imaging procedures such as cardiac angiography, CT scans or MRI.,
– Further, a truly amazing study showed that baking soda reduced cancelled reliance on kidney machines for kidney disease patients. Simply taking sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), according to a research study at the Royal London Hospital, may be useful in relieving kidney patients from the need to use kidney machines, and demonstrated that it drastically slowed the progression of kidney disease. 

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Six Important Rules To Good English

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How To Reduce Chances of Heart Attack
What To Do About A Diagnosis of Herpes
The healthiest meals
If you are vegetarian and even if you aren’t
Impatient Cooking with some tips, comments but no recipes

A Whale Rescue; The Turning Point On Alzheimer’s
Getting Personal With Cayenne
Natural Approaches to MRSA
The Body Wins

Six Very Important Rules To Master For Good English

1. Use of ‘s’ on verbs for he, she, it
Why say sings instead of sing. Always put ‘s’ or ‘es’ on the end of verbs in the present when speaking about he, she, or it (third person singular). He sings when he is happy. The dog barks when hungry. He does not want to go. She goes whenever she likes.  The meal stays hot in the cooker.
It is exactly the opposite of what you would expect. With all other persons and things,  the verb never has the ‘s’. This includes ‘ I, you, we, they’ in the present tense: I sing when I am happy. You cook when sad. We do nothing on our holiday. They sit for long periods of time. The cities heat up during the summer.

This is often difficult to apply when speaking about things or concepts which seem to involve plurals but are actually singular. Everybody says it differently (meaning each individual [every body]). The phone’s connection was bad (one phone possessive). Industry in the States changes rapidly (the word changes relates to the single concept of ‘industry’ and not to the noun ‘States’. On the other hand, ‘Industries in the States change rapidly’. The noun ‘Industries’ is plural and therefore there is no ‘s’ on the verb.

Be careful of verbs which normally end with an ‘s’: They stress the cat. Add ‘es’ to form the singular. She stresses the cat. But, the ‘They stress the cat’ stays the same.

The following are all incorrect:
Incorrect: The cat like his food.
Incorrect: She buy only what she want.
Incorrect: They wants many things.
Incorrect: The birds sings.
Incorrect: She have a bird and want get another.

Remember to use ‘s’ with he, she, it: he sings, she sleeps, it works.
But never use ‘s’ with I, you, we, they: I sing, you sleep, we work, they cook

Other English Language Page Additons To Blog

The Two Basic Principles of Learning Another Language
English As It’s Actually Spoken – Prepositions At End of Sentences

 2. The verb ‘to be’ (am, is, are, was, were, to be) must be used in front of ‘ing’ verbs
When there is a verb with ‘ing’ on the end, there must be a verb ‘to be’ (am, is, are, was, were, will be) in front of it. And vice versa: when there is a verb ‘to be’, any verb connected to it must have ‘ing’. I am going to the party. She is, happily and with bells on, going with me to the party. It does not matter how many non-verbs are in between (she is going…). They were coming also. They will be driving with me. We are sitting this one out.

The only problem with ‘ing’ words is when they are really nouns and not verbs: I like singing in the shower. Hint: Try putting the words ‘the act of’ before the word with ‘ing’. If it makes sense, then it is a noun and does not need the verb ‘to be’ in front of it: ‘I like ‘the act of’ singing in the shower’ is a successful indication of a noun.
However, the sentence: ‘I am ‘the act of’ going to the party’ does not make sense. Therefore, ‘going’ is a verb and it must have ‘am, is, was, were, to be’ in front of it. Of course, if there is ‘the’ or ‘a’ in front of the word, then it is a noun.
Example: I feel like a talking puppet whenever she is around.

The following are all incorrect:
Incorrect: We swimming when we go to the lake.
Incorrect: I am see only what I want to see.
Incorrect: He is walk for 3 miles every day.
Incorrect: They are plan to go?
Incorrect: They looking for a good house.

3. Must have a pronoun in front of a single noun: usually ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’
Always put something in front of a single noun. Usually it is ‘a’ or ‘an’, but it can be:  ‘the, my/your/his/her/its/our/their, this/that’. Plural nouns do not need anything, or they can have all of the above except for ‘a/an’. Of course, ‘this/that’ can also be used with a single noun, and it must be changed to ‘these/those’ for plural nouns.

Examples: I have a dog.
However, with plural nouns: do not use a pronoun:  I have dogs, or use any pronoun other than ‘a, an’: He is buying this shirt.

Exceptions: There are a small number of nouns which can be said without ‘a’ because they are considered to be processes and not single things: home, school, class, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bed: I am going to class, Do you want dinner? He is going to bed. I think I’ll have lunch.  Also, do NOT use ‘to’ in front of ‘home’: I am going home.  My daughter loves school.

Also, these words are considered singular but do not use ‘a’: sunglasses, pants, grass, hair: the grass is wet, his hair is short. She has long hair.
However, you can say ‘a pair of pants’, ‘a pair of sunglasses’, a head of hair, etc.

The following are all incorrect:
Incorrect: I am going to home.
Incorrect: They ordered meal.
Incorrect: They have a nice hair. (hair does not take ‘a’)
Incorrect: We are going to house.

Actually a pronoun can be used in front of all of these, but the meaning of the sentence and noun changes.
normally we would say: I am going to school. However, if you say ‘I am going to a school… then it is assumed that you might be talking about a special school (i.e. which specializes in cooking).

4. Put ‘to’ in between two connected verbs
In the present tense, when there are two verbs together, the second verb is always the root form of the verb, and there is a ‘to’ in front of it. I go to run when I get tired of reading. He goes to eat in a restaurant (remember the ‘s’ or ‘es’ on the verb in the present: goes). We want to sleep. He tries to work during the early hours.

This is not true with the verb ‘to be’ and a following verb with ‘ing’: She is buying food. They were getting bread. And it is not true of the modal verbs except for the modal verb ‘ought to’: The modal verbs: can, could, should, would, may, might, must, ought to, shall, will.

The following are all incorrect:
Incorrect: I want cook when I come home.
Incorrect: They always start talk when movie begins.
Incorrect: My dog starts bark when he is hungry.

5. Modal verbs
There are ten special verbs which are always used together with another verb, and is always the first of the two verbs. It modifies the second verb, and never changes its spelling.

The modal verbs: can, could, should, would, may, might, must, ought to, shall, will

Other special characteristics: Never use ‘to’ after  a modal verb (except for the modal verb ‘ought to’). Also, any verb used after these special verbs are used in root form – example: I might run to lose weight. Always use the root form of the verb, in this case ‘run’, and never runs, running, ran, etc.

Other words may be put in the middle between a modal and its main verb but the model and its verb are considered a pair. I can usually check (can and check are a modal and its pair). I must, if the time is right, go to the store (modal ‘must’ with its verb ‘go’. Also, the modal is often used without its pair verb: Yes, I must. But in these cases, the verb is always implied: Yes, I must go.

Other examples of a modal and its main verb:
He must go. She should run. The cat can play. They ought to sign the contract. I may come. You can go.

The modal must, can and will are used the most in English.
I must go.
She must eat now.
We must talk to him today.
I can ask him.
They can buy the present here.
You will see her over the weekend.
The idea will be brought up at the meeting. 

So to repeat the rules about modals:
– always used as the first of two verbs
– modifies the status of the main verb which is paired with it
– never changes its form or spelling
– second verb is always in root form with no changes of tense
– the word ‘to’ is never used between the two verbs (except for ‘ought to’)

The following are all incorrect:
Incorrect: He should always thinking before he acts.
Incorrect: They must to be on time.
Incorrect: She cans swim.
Incorrect: I must to talk to the man.
Incorrect: He should says what he mights to do in the future.

6.  Using verb ‘to be’ and ‘ed’ instead of ‘ing’
You are correct to use the ‘ing’ form of a verb when using the verb ‘to be’: am, is, are, was, were, will be.
I am going
I am teaching
He is singing
My students are learning
The dog was eating
They were sitting
We will be coming late
when you are using the verb ‘to be’ to describe a person’s feelings, ‘ed’ is added to the end of the verb and not ‘ing’.
Examples: ‘I am excited’ which means how you feel. You can say ‘I am exciting’ but that means that you are exciting to other people, and it does not relate to your feelings.
In the following, we can say I am interesting, disappointing, tiring, depressing, exciting, boring – but this says how the person is or appears to other people.  When it expresses how you or a person feels, use ‘am, is, are, was, were, will be’ with the ending ‘ed’: I am finished. She is tired. They are discouraged.
Other examples:
I’m interested
we are interested
she is interested
I’m disappointed
I am tired 
I am depressed
he is depressed
I am bored
they are bored

The following are all incorrect:
Incorrect: I teaching in the morning.
Incorrect: They were sing in school.
Incorrect: The dogs and cats singing outside the window.
Incorrect: Everyone on my team is frustrating.

One sentence with examples of all 6 errors:
He tell me that I have get package at post office, but I must to have a notice. I am discouraging because the post office is ask for the notice, and I want give it, but I always forgetting it.

He tells me that I have to get a package at the post office, but I must to have a notice. I am discouraged because the post office is asking for the notice, and I want to give it, but I am always forgetting it.

Answers to all other incorrect sentences in the lesson

Rule 1
The cat likes his food.
She buys only what she wants.
They want many things.
The birds sing.
She has a bird and wants to get another.

Rule 2
We are swimming when we go to the lake.
I am seeing only what I want to see.
He is walking for 3 miles every day.
Are they planning to go?
They are looking for a good house.

Rule 3
I am going home.
They ordered a meal.
They have nice hair. (hair does not take ‘a’)
We are going to the house.

Rule 4
I want to cook when I come home.
They always start talking when the movie begins.
My dog starts barking when he is hungry.

Rule 5
He should always think before he acts.
They must be on time.
She can swim.
I must talk to the man.
He should say what he might do in the future. Remember, no ‘s’ on ‘should’, ‘say’ or ‘might’ or ‘to’ since they are modal verbs.

Rule 6
I am teaching in the morning.
They were singing in school.
The dogs and cats are singing outside the window.
Everyone on my team is frustrated.


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A Perfectly Planned and Integrated Random Existence

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The other stuff is carrier. The herbs and spices are the real food.
Surviving a flea attack
Turmeric, ‘the mother of all spices’
Making the right decision for my kidneys
Knowledge of the future and the International Date Line

before the spices which obliterate it

 This isn’t what you think it is. It’s only the base.
OK, so this is the base for my real breakfast. As you know, if you have been following along here, I think that herbs and spices are the real food which we tend to either bypass totally by ignoring them, partially ignoring by sprinkling a small amount on as “taste” purveyors, or because they are part of some recipe we’re following. This is serious business. If you look up what each spice or herb I use below can do for you and the wide range of ailments, general good health and solutions to all sorts of problems they cover, you might begin to eat entirely differently. Which is not to say that you can use anything as a base – like a white flour, white sugar, and canola oil pancake which in and of itself will increase the possibility of diabetes, increase body fat, and downright starve the cells of everything they need to just barely exist because most of the nutrients needed for life have been processed out of the ingredients.
And yes, you lose some of the taste of all that delicious white flour and sugar. Which means that you need to reset your taste expectations to really gear up to eating healthily, and enter a whole new world of taste treats which you never knew existed. It’s incredible. Tastes which you thought only came with high priced foods in restaurants serving meals from foreign lands, sort of thing, become routine. So picture this, because I was too hungry to photograph after putting on all of the following.
The final egg/mushroom/red bell pepper/avocado omelet I ate was totally obliterated by the following spices which literally covered the dish so that you could not see what was under it – thyme, sweet basil, etc, really serious coverage of cayenne pepper (a heaping tablespoon), and a dash of sea salt and black pepper. With some coconut oil, that was one great breakfast. And the taste, with the base as pictured, was indescribably delicious.

How To Reduce Chances of Heart Attack
What To Do About A Diagnosis of Herpes
The healthiest meals
If you are vegetarian and even if you aren’t
Impatient Cooking with some tips, comments but no recipes

A Whale Rescue; The Turning Point On Alzheimer’s
Getting Personal With Cayenne
Natural Approaches to MRSA
The Body Wins

Another in the Saga of Surviving a Flea Attack using Brewer’s Yeast and Apple Cider Vinegar 

This was built in stages. I forgot to add the brewer’s yeast to the original, so poured it on top of the already cooked buckwheat pancake. Then because it would not taste so great, cracked another egg over it in order to seal it on and  deaden the taste. Then decided that walnuts and raisins would look great after I had already added the cinnamon and maple syrup.

Explanation: the brewer’s yeast does give a little lift to the buckwheat which otherwise is uninspired to do anything but sit there. But in this case, since I am fighting a flea attack, and fleas do not like the taste of brewer’s, I decided it had to be added. In fact, I had gotten up in the middle of the night because of the problem. Drank a glass of water with 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in it, which they also can’t stand, and ate a fried egg with some brewer’s yeast on it.  Worked like a charm.

Tahini Eggs and Turmeric, ‘the mother of all spices’

Well, this did not have the expected effect of waking me up and endowing me with new energy. I had to go and lie down. After another 1/2 hour snooze, I struggled to my feet for my 4 km walk. That cappuccino in the middle of the walk does it for me every time. And linked with a dark-chocolate-bit-home-made-muffin (that’s the name of it) sure doesn’t hurt. We have to have some nudges and incentives in our lives to keep us going. Of course, I may look back on this era as the days and goals which kept me from becoming diabetic and losing my whatever.
So, what does this dish do for me? 
The healthy tan on the egg – 2 eggs with a small amount of water and some coconut oil – is due to the fact that I forgot it while doing other things. Forget what the other things were, memory not being at the top of my list of things to stay on top of these days. Anyway, that’s tahini in the middle with lots of cayenne pepper – which does so much good for you but is difficult to get down without the coconut oil – which is mixed in there with the water giving a nice smooth running tahini actually making the omelet taste healthy along with the thyme. and the turmeric, which is supposed to be a bulwark against Alzheimer’s as well as a booster of memory. And the other spices which do more or less the same thing – cumin, sage, rosemary and _____ I forget. Time to use more turmeric.

But now to describe the turmeric which has been called ‘the mother of all spices’ due in part to its wide ranging effects on the body – a fact which is summarized in this passage:
“Turmeric can rightly be called ‘ the mother of all spices’ . In fact evidence indicates that it is anti inflammatory, anti carcinogenic and anti diabetic to name a few of its health benefits. How turmeric exerts is manifold benefits is only starting to unravel as several labs around the world are investigating the molecular mechanisms of curcumin. Limited evidence suggests that turmeric and its active compound, curcumin, are effective for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), inflammatory eye disease and familial adenomatous polyposis. Other inflammatory diseases where turmeric might play an important role are neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis. Indeed these diseases are less common among people living in the Asian subcontinent, where people regularly consume spices.”

Amaranth with spinach and mushrooms

I did it all wrong – at least the cooking of the amaranth. First, I should have read this article which gives the real lowdown on how to cook amaranth Oh well, it tasted great even though it had not fully cooked, and I didn’t pour off the water (because there was none left) to lower some of the non nutrient elements in the grain. Very high in protein and lacking some amino acids but is said to have been a major grain in the Aztec culture. So next time, I boil it in sufficient water, or pop it – which seems like too long and intensive a process to produce enough for one person, much less two (which I don’t have to worry about – now anyway. The ingredients added after the grain was fully cooked (or almost) and let simmer for another 3-4 minutes: red onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, spinach leaves, pecans, sea salt, za’atar, sweet basil, turmeric until mix is noticeably yellow in color. Drizzled a forkful of honey on top.

 Making the right decision for my kidneys

That black stuff is nigella sativa and it’s been there on the shelf for as long as I can remember. Never used it, until today – maybe a decision backed up by my decision to be sure that my kidneys were healthy and I reached for it sort of instinctively. I tend to do things like that. Don’t ask me where the instinct comes from. We all have it, and just tend to ignore it most of the time (but follow along anyway). Like today, I started to go around a tree in the middle of the sidewalk on one side and got the strong impression I should go around it on the other. Took the suggestion. Did it influence my destiny? All I know is that I’m still here. But, back to the present. And then just as instinctively, I reached for the coriander which I have tended to ignore for about 2 years now – maybe because it had sort of clumped together (I actually had to break it apart to sprinkle it on), but also because I felt I just didn’t need it. Now, with new focus, it seems to have gained some relevance. Most of the effect on kidneys for the nigella sativa is sort of tangential (what do they know?) as in this s
uper article about nigella sativa which calls it black cumin, while most of the info for coriander is right on Clean your kidneys with coriander  (there must be an original for this but can’t find it).

Quinoa Splash

To continue the nigella and coriander saga
, this is quinoa, the grain which is not a grain, with lots of garlic, onion, tomato and raisins, the afore mentioned spices plus Atlantic sea salt (real, no additives), butter, turneric (the mother of all spices), and of course, the avocado slices. Preparation: each added to the boiling quinoa depending on how many nutrients you want to lose in each.  

Knowledge of the future and the International Date Line
In one of my random thoughts – most of which are of absolutely no significance whatsoever, out of nowhere and with no relevance to my life or thinking at the time, I wondered where the International Date Line actually went and why. Two days later (and without looking for it) the answer came to me in the New York Times Blog which is delivered automatically each day to my email ‘The Border That Stole 500 Birthdays’  quote “The date line is the logical consequence of the so-called Circumnavigator’s Paradox” endquote, and a lot more. Truly magnificant article.

The great unanswered question
– Was my random thought a precognition of a future event in an unordered cause and effect universe, or a part of a fixed and intrinsically intertwined unchanging universe producing cause and effect only through our limited perception of the whole, or was it simple serendipity among the chaos, or is the universe actually on my side? Of course, the fourth option is sheer megalomania, unless we figure that it took so long to answer because it was answering everyone else’s question first. But then we miss the incredible incomprehensibleness of the first two possibilities.

The rest of the photos are what a single person (vegetarian) can prepare in under 4 minutes (plus the wait for the cooking part which is usually about 5-10 minutes). If any of them don’t make instant sense, leave me a note.




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