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Impatient Cooking

December 4th, 2007 · 2 Comments

skillet pizzaWhat I had for breakfast was not for publication much less photographing. So we move on to dinner.

My pizza on pizza pastry shell (flat pressed dough found in the freezer section of the super). Cooked in a frying pan. This took more than 15 minutes because I used olive oil in the pan and when I went to turn it over, it wouldn’t. I had to scrape it off the bottom and clean the pan and use butter before it would work. On top of everything else, while photographing, I dropped the fork. Had to wash it with one hand – the one not holding the camera, and dried it on my shirt. It’s clean, sortof. The sauce is a store bought pizza sauce. And uug, yellow cheese. The things on top are supposed to be mushrooms. But because I didn’t have any, I used very thick instant mushroom soup and dropped it on with a teaspoon. With oregano. Very good and saved a lot of money. Next time I call Pizzaman.


spaghetti with chunks great goat hard cheese 

This was before I learned how to make my own tomato sauce. But it still looked good enough to eat. So I did. It has chunks of hard goat cheese (but any good cheese will do) on top. Also walnuts which are a good source of Omega-3 which we all need and do not manufacture for ourselves (see for a discussion of why we need this). By the way, this is just the blog off of the main site of which you are invited to visit if you like stories, comments on living, stuff for living alone besides this blog, and a lot of other things including article of the month and computer tips. But back to the dish. I do not give recipes here. I hate measuring amounts, waiting in-between, setting aside for an hour, a night, a day.  If it’s not ready now (or 10-15 minutes from now), I am not interested. The spaghetti took 12 minutes including the boiling of water in the electric coffee pot to speed things up. A secret: It was a little bit chewy. And the burger? It’s a vegetarian burger which was boiled in with the spaghetti and then fried for a couple of minutes once the pan had been drained. These vegetarian look-a-likes are getting better and better in the taste department. One of these days, very soon, no one will be able to tell the difference.  

For those who know better, and those who don’t NOTE:
In this case, I know better… than to clean the pancake jar for the next use, so the dough will not go sour so quickly, by pouring boiling water into it WHLE HOLDING THE GLASS JAR. Don’t. If you want to be able to spill out the water immediately and put the jar away, place it directly under the tap for cold water. Fill it with boiling water, and then run cold water into it. I know theoretically all about heat conduction and different materials. Now I know first hand – that’s the hand holding the jar.

If you  have a “For those who know…” please put it into a comment. I am making a special page and will add some of them with name of sender.

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