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Impatient Cooking

December 10th, 2007 · 4 Comments

See purpose of site after the picture of the cat enjoying lunch. For those of you coming in again, I also have put some new at the bottom.

This site is not about hotdogs even though this post may give that impression.
vegedogs in mufflersWith the fact that I am just winging it and really do not know what I’m doing, it’s not bad. Hotdogs (vege) in mufflers (it’s getting cold outside), and grape salad (check to be sure they are seedless whether yes or no), and the last tomato. Be sure to cook the dogs first because they won’t cook in the coat. Made the flour with just enough water so would not stick to the spoon, and then with the back of my fingers mashed it against the plate with enough flour on the plate and my hands for it not to stick. The longest time was the photo. The whole grain mustard took my mouth by surprise. Only tried it one more time after first attempt.  


vegedogs with fried bananaI walked into the kitchen and said to myself, why not hotdogs and fried banana on bun with mayonnaise. Number one: Do not drop peeled banana on floor. Number two: Do not fry banana without first rolling in a little bit of flour (the banana), otherwise you will not be able to get it off the bottom of the pan. Number three: Do not put whole grain mustard on the hotdogs – just does not go with banana. Number five: Do not try to stop eating until you have finished. I tried and failed.

I have a lot of hotdogs.

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