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Impatient Cooking

December 25th, 2007 · No Comments


CookieCakeAfter that workout, my sweet tooth has gone into retirement. Or maybe just hibernation. For those “I would really like a cake” moment, and there is no way that that is going to happen, but… you do have some cookies. This is four cookies with fake maple syrup in between each one, topped with – that’s right, more maple, some of the fried in oil instant whole wheat/raisin/walnuts mix, and some whipped milk which is without sugar. Three days ago it fluffed to a stand still and now – well, it almost made it. It’s best to wait until the syrup softens the cookies, but I could not.


Fried Potatoes Peas SlicedVegecutletAs a guardian of public health, I would have to give this only half a fork. As how much I enjoyed it, 3 forks. The universe had its own comment – the fork dropped on the floor. What you see was all deep fried, including the peas, and some onion rings in shiffon flour which just did not work which is why you don’t see them. The “meat” was a pre-grilled vegeburger sliced up. After taking the picture, I realized that two of the potatoes looked burned, so in order to take a better picure, I ate the apparently burned ones and then there was almost nothing left so you see it as it was. If you hear of someone having a heart attack at my apartment. It was me.


tortillasI decided to make only one of these but when I started eating, I was glad I made two, and afterwards I was looking for a third one. Those are store bought tortilla shells fried for several minutes and pre stirfried burger, tomatoes, onion, and brussel sprouts. Add grated cheese and/or ketchup and/or other sauce but really not necessary. Great. I put the lettuce in the second one, after the photo, to get my daily dose of the green stuff along with the brussels.


Tortilla pancakeThis started out as a disaster. I had no flour left and wanted a pancake. But I DID have a sack marked chiffon. So I said to myself, “o.k. the thing last night with the onion rings didn’t work, but pancakes?” So there I was 8 minutes later with a moist lump of dough in the pan which wasn’t going to lie down and fry. You know those instructions which say “Always read the instructions first”? So, I remembered that I had tortillas. And you say “Tortillas as pancakes?”. Well, I heated one up, put the apricots on it, and the raisin/walnut/whole wheat crumbles and syrup. And something inside me reacted – maple syrup and apricots? I could not get my mouth around that but I figured that with my cup of good hot coffee, I could eat anything (and usually do). Now to the eating part: To start with, tortillas are not supposed to be cut with a fork. You have to have strong wrists to try this one. But once I got my first piece severed from the rest, it was a surprising treat. It wasn’t breakfast, it was a holiday unto itself. Moral of the story? There isn’t one. Just try it.


Chiffon Cheese BallsMid morning and I was hungry. You know that glob of chiffon in my frying pan this morning? Well, I could not just throw it away although everyone I would have asked would probably have said “Yes”. But as the saying goes “Waste not, want not”. Now I want a stomach pump. No really, these fried chiffon cheeze balls rolled in – what else – chiffon flour, have a nutty, cheesy flavor. Not bad. Add salt. I called and told the rescue wagon not to come. Although soon, I guess, if I keep cooking with oil like this.


Stir Fri PlusA healthy lunch. Almost no oil, except in the stirfry squash/peas/rice dish which actually could have been a dish by itself. But then I have only been using one dish, and a smaller one for underneath because when I’m in the kitchen everything is always covering the counter. Anyway, I need a larger plate. Underneath the sauce is a burger. Was going to use my own tomato sauce but it would have taken the full 15 minutes to defrost, so I went with the store instant-in-a- packet which was surprisingly good. And the carrots? My idea of color.


Natural Rice Eggplant/RedPepperA masterpiece. The rice (natural whole grain. I like the white stuff but enjoy being healthy when I don’t have it). Could have been a little bit more cooked. I gave it my famous bite test. If I can just bite through the grain, then I give it the count of 60 and it’s either done or it isn’t – I’m finished waiting. The eggplant and red pepper were deep fried beforehand.


Pancake whipped milk with maple syrupWas not going to show this because it is just another pancake. No, this is not the same picture as before. The free fall bananas have their own unique up-to-the-millisecond universal patterning. The other unique thing here is the whipped milk with the maple syrup in it (put in afterwards, otherwise the milk does not whip). Really great for an otherwise uneventful cold winter morning. Crumbles – nothing new except this is the last of’em. Put what was left over of the whipped milk and syrup into my coffee.


Noodles Stirfry WhitesauceThis is not all for me. I invited my alter-ego over for lunch. Only ate half of it. He lost his appetite watching me eat it. It started out pretty well. I put the spaghetti in to boil. Then decided to make a topping which I sort of had in my mind before I started. So I cut up eggplant, onion, red pepper and put that in on top of the spaghetti, together with a vegeberger in order to save time. This one pan cooking must come to an end. Separated out the spaghetti when it was done and stir fried the rest in some oil. Put that on top of the spaghetti. It looked bleak. So decided to make some sauce. As I was making it, I said to myself “I don’t know what I’m doing”. So before you do this, look at making white sauce on the net. Anyway, I put in flour, butter, more flour, more butter, milk, more milk, more milk…don’t start this unless you have that much. Then I added some of my famous “old” red wine and some hard cheese. You see the result. I put in some oregano and thyme because I had heard that they help. In the end, with a little bit more salt and some pepper, it was great. When the time is right for something… In this case it was right. But the timing for all of this was about 45 minutes with all of the pan changing while the rest just sat there getting cold. But since I did not sign any contract, I’m all right.

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