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Impatient Cooking

December 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment

three cheese foldoverThe carrots were cooked with brown sugar. Not soft. Maybe it reminds me subconsciously of a different time. My sisters told me that my mother was very concerned about her baby boy – that he was pale. The doctor told her to feed me carrots. So being new at this (I was the first), she fed me carrots and only carrots, until people started asking her why her son was such a strange orange color. Even so, I like carrots today, probably because they were given to me with a loving hand. Back to the plate. Put three types of cheese in the flat frozen dough I bought. Cooked on one side and turned over before putting the cheese in and folding. I really had absolutely no idea what supper would be until it unfolded – or in this case folded. Most of the time, the universe takes care of its own. I really don’t think we have any idea what is going on from moment to moment. But somebody does. 


lasagnaI think that this is the peak. After this, it’s all downhill. First, it in no way looks like the picture on the pasta box. I figure that they pay some chef 10,000 to make it, and a photographer at 500 an hour to photograph it, and some graphic designer to put it where it will get all of the most gullible. And me, I work for myself for nothing. So, what do you expect? I did not cheat. Used only one pan and the large dish and bowl. Now all I need to do is find out something about spices. But it was great. One tip. If you do cook with only one pan – “What are you crazy?”, cook the noodles last because otherwise they will stick together and you will end up with one layer lasagna.

[I have to rephotograph this] Just cooked a fruit compote, composit, compost, compodium – whatever. And ate it. Now I can wait til next year for fruit again. They are not my favorite except for the odd banana slices on just about everything I can legally put them on. I tried to take a photo while pouring on the whipped milk. All I got was something that looked like a winter landscape without the trees. What you see is washed off fruit with whip, applied with full concentration this time.

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    Good point. I hadn’t thouhgt about it quite that way. :)

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