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Impatient Cooking

December 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments

I am beginning to truly appreciate all those who cook, not for a living, but the day to day stuff. My thanks goes out to them on behalf of their families, neighbors who get a taste every now and then, pets, etc. I mean it. To take the raw stuff and produce something eatable, and looks good is a true art, and takes a great deal of concentration and energy. Tamara hated to cook but she kept me fed for almost 30 years. I am now, more than ever, tremendously grateful. There should be a medal out there for that sort of thing. And for those who like it or even love it, there is still the constancy of it which can get a little tiresome. My congratulations. If my voyage into this realm has done nothing other than make me aware of this, then it was well worth it.
chopped pasta with cheesePan Fried Two-Cheese Chopped Pasta. From yesterday with lettuce for greens and humus for protein. After a night in the refrigerator, the pasta would not come apart, so I chopped it up. This is not necessarily the best solution for a lot of things but it sure was for this pasta.on plate


six layer pancakeSix layer panCAKE with egg. This came out on the way to the perfect crepe. Which, by the way, never materialized. I ate it to save embarrassment. But I did not have to worry.  The camera batteries ran out on this one. And my ubiquitous bananas which you will not have to suffer for a while because this is the last one.  By the time I got to the eating part, after the crepe fiasco and the photographing, it was stone cold. “Art” is a tough business.

[photo to come] This is for two people unless you are very tall (that’s me) or very hungry (that’s me). The second is the same with corn and mixed, but the same my-own-tomato-sauce. This time I actually waited until the spaghetti was cooked.

Cheese TortillasTortillas with Swiss cheese, fried walnuts and raisins, and lettuce inside. I added the rest of the salad after the photograph. 

Tortilla with Bulgarian cheese and wineAfter finishing the above, I felt I needed dessert. This is tortillas with a Bulgarian hard cheese, sweet red wine poured on the inside while cooking, and parmesan on top. The lights went out just as I was going to put the parmesan on, so I went to bed. Never know when they will go on again and I do not like this candle stuff. In the end all is well except it was cold. And, well… it needed a little bit more red wine. You would think from my descriptions that I drink a lot of wine. I don’t, but it sure adds something to some dishes. I think that all toll I have  used a full 1/3 of a cup on all the recipes I have cooked since the beginning. Most things are not what they appear to be.

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