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Impatient Cooking

December 31st, 2007 · No Comments

My computer has a mind of its own. It kept giving me warning signs – you know, the ones that pop up saying that the winlogon.exe was corrupted and the C:/$extend/$objId was corrupted. No matter what I did, there was no change. And I could not run defragmentation, cannot read gmail because it says cookies are disabled (not true), chkdsk runs but does nothing, etc. On the fourth day of this and after I had given up and just closed the pop-ups whenever they appeared, “the machine” refused to shut down so I had to manually flip the switch. This morning, no pop-ups, no corrupted logon file, and I could do all of the things I was prevented from doing before. I have the strange feeling that it had given up on all my fiddling around and had just fixed itself. A little unnerving. A harbinger of things to come – or is it here already? Or perhaps, more to the point, there are certain laws of the universe which are operating and we just have not discovered them yet.


squash “He ate that squash and died recently.” “Oh my … what was the name of the squash?” “It doesn’t matter.” “What do you mean it doesn’t matter? Oh wait, when did he eat the squash?” “Oh, about 1956.” “And when did he die?” “I think it was 2006.” Always get the facts. The reason I came up with that is I bought a squash I had never seen before (things I am not interested in, I usually have never seen before) in the super just on impulse, cooked it and ate it. And then decided to ask someone what it was. I figured that if they sell it in the supermarket, it must be eatable. But then they sell floor cleaner there also. Maybe something ornamental not to be eaten under any circumstances. Anyway, you can see it in the photo – butternut. Just sliced and boiled and then added fried brown rice/peas and some parmesan. Burger (veg) has Bar-B-Q sauce on it. Normally I do not give web addresses here but, because it helped in reaffirming that I was going to live, I will. Good photos and some recipes – I’ve been eating much healthier since I started needing to put some color into my photos. The only thing bad about all this cooking is the cleanup.


oatmeal cookies mushrooom soup with zatarDidn’t want to do what I should be doing, so I decided to add to the blog. This is instant mushroom soup (1/2 pac of a mushroom cup of soup, with cheaper instant stock soup mix to cut down on costs), with instant oatmeal rolled (in this case smashed) in chiffon flour and fried in some butter with special hard cheese on top (any will do). On the soup is whipped milk almost standing (I finally found out what was keeping it from whipping. The sugar. The more I put in, the less it liked it. Zatar on top. Should have put salt in the oatmeal but didn’t so I put it on afterwards. It definitely gets the fork, but if I am not going to use it… I believe in truth in advertising.


pancake with bananaCold pancake. I had to wait on this because I wanted to put on whipped milk and could not run the machine so early on a Friday morning when nobody works and wants to sleep in. So by the time I did do it, the bananas were a little bit brown. Left them where they fell on the plate – I call it the patterning of the universe. We muck around too much as it is. And the whipped milk just would not stand up so I let it lie down. But, I have to admit that the wait was actually good. The pancake was absolutely cold (its winter here) and it tasted great. With a hot cup of coffee, I really enjoyed it. Two forks.


moonegg pancakeThis is something you have to make for yourself. Then when it’s uneatable, you won’t notice because you made it. Total disaster art wise. I call this moon crater pancake. Egg in the middle with syrup to cover the cracks where I pieced it together. I think the guy who invented lego had a similar breakfast that morning. This is a no fork, but tasted very good. Whipped milk without any sweetener. One word of advice: If anyone ever tries this, do not put the pancake batter out to the sides of the pan. Otherwise, you won’t be able to turn it over. Also, in retrospect, fry the pancake ring a little on both sides before  putting the egg in. We learn a lot “in retrospect” but it doesn’t help until the next time -“if we remember” which according to history, we usually do not.


fried salad vegebergerThis one needs some explanation. First, I am running out of everything, so this is what is left. It’s fried salad in homemade (doesn’t have to be) olive oil together with a little bit of brown/white sugar, and Kashkaval hard sheep cheese (any good cheese will do). On the burgers is pan fried tomatoes (I found the piece I did not use in the back of the refrigerator – still good) with spices (I won’t mention which – just look at the back of the spice bottles to find out what they are good for and put it on) with a little bit of sugar.  And the ever present humus which fills in what everything else leaves out. The pita halves you can eat separately but much better folded over.


cookie crumbleFinally, crumbled cookies, whipped milk and raisins (on the fourth try). Still not perfect but I’m starting to put on weight so I think that this is it for a while.  Of course, I don’t have to eat it, but that will never happen.


vegedog/burgerHotdog/burger bun  They’re wrong. You can have it all.


zuchinni button mushrooms cheese sauceBoiled Zucchini with fried-in-butter Champignon (white button) mushrooms and hard cheese melted in milk. Just the right taste. This is what comes from buying at random and walking into the kitchen wondering what to have for lunch. Of course, you have to have mushrooms. I have had mushrooms on my mind for the last day and a half. That doesn’t sound very good, but I bought some on a whim two weeks ago and just found them. So,I bought new ones today promising that I would take better care this time but still no clue as to how I would use them until I decided to slice the zucchini in half and not chop it up. Sometimes it is just necessary to start something, and the rest falls into place. Note: See mushroom warning at beginning of page.


vegeburger and Swiss cheeseBerger and Swiss cheese wrapped in dough and fried. That’s part of my dwindling supply of tomato sauce on top. It gets two forks. And the mushroom thing above, three.


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