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Everything We Do Has Meaning

January 1st, 2008 · 2 Comments


possibilitiesThis is New Year’s breakfast. It has a number of possibilities. Absolutely delicious – the only draw back was by the time I got to eat it, it was stone cold. First of all, it was meant to be a smaller round omelet on top of the pancake. I would have given this to the hungriest member of the family and redone it, but in this case, there is only me. Since either one on top would hide the other, I offset them. Two skillets of different sizes would have worked. The picture beside it is one of the possibilities. Be sure to roll the syrup inside. The cheese is Swiss and so no one would say, I don’t believe it, I put the hole there. I could have done other ideas but I was told (whether or not) not to play with my food.


good omenToday is January 1, 2008
I decided at the last moment to make onion rings. This is how they fell onto the plate as I took them out of the pan. And I thought, the Olympics in China. Whereupon, I took out the red pepper(what else) I had just bought on a whim last night, and fried it with leftover rice/cheese/burger mix inside. On taking it out of the pan on a fork, I said to myself, “I hope I make it”. I did not. It landed upside down, fortunately over the plate, with rice all over the place. I tried very hard not to move the rings cleaning it up. I do not know what the spill was about, but if you even think it is possible, do something about it before it happens. “Everything is arranged – down to the smallest molecule”.


fried onionring cake with mushroomsFried Onion/Flour/Egg Cake. Did not know what to do with the leftovers from above. With the mushrooms and some white sauce or wine, this is a great dish. Yup, I ate this also. Weight wise, a very inauspicious start to the new year. But think of the possibilities for creativity.  Note: See mushroom warning at beginning of page.

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