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Impatient Cooking

January 23rd, 2008 · 5 Comments


Poached/scrambled egg with flaxThis one should be in the category took-too-long. But it is the first time that you can see the flax I have talked about. In this case, it is fried in butter. The egg it sits on is egg shaken in a bottle and dropped into water. Sort of scrambled-poached. Was going great until I increased the heat, the water boiled, and it fell apart. On it is melted Roquefort.


Fried Salad On Burned TortillaThere should be a corner for failures. There is. I just don’t show them. But sometimes, a failure is so good that it gets shown anyway. Like this one. The tortilla is burned – on both sides. I was too busy separating out the leaves of a week old lettuce. Usually I throw out the parts that do not have any green – just white and yellow. This time I decided waste not-want not and fried it with olive oil, brown sugar, olives, Parmesan cheese, tomatoes and vinegar. One precaution. Do not put the vinegar into the hot olive oil. Do it after the lettuce is in there.  Need I say more? And neatly arranged to cover the burned spots. As you can see, they cover the whole tortilla.


South American OmeleteSouth American Omelet. I gave it his name because I was in the middle of writing a letter to someone in South America and got hungry.  The instructions which come with this one: Fold and Eat.


Cabbage and Eggplant with MushroomsCabbage, eggplant and Champignon mushrooms mixed in a hot pan (I guess that’s called sauteed) topped with melted Kashkaval Cheese. Cheese of the week – Kashkaval, Dona Pilato on I tested this dish extensively – put different spices on parts of the dish. Had to stop testing because the dish was finished before I got very far. But, what I can say is the Oriental Cumin and Sweet Paprika were very good. Try the testing yourself, and although you will have small bits where you wish you had not put the spice, in the end you will really know what you like and don’t like. Most of life is about experimentation. If we don’t, how will we know. And that applies to a lot of things. Sometimes we just know. But the rest of the time, if we just follow what everyone else is doing, we may miss out on a lot of life.  Note: See mushroom warning at beginning of page.


Cabbage and Potato FryThis one took two weeks, but you can skip that part. I found some raw sliced potatoes from two weeks ago in the back of my frig. Mixed with dogs (veg) and cabbage with coriander and red wine, Kashkaval cheese in flour/butter/milk sauce. It was a bit of the barn yard with a continental flavor.  After the photo, I poured on the rest of the cream sauce. Couldn’t see anything under it.


*Half a fork – but you sure do not feel hungry afterwards. The taste could have been toned up with a bit of sugar.


CookieCakeI would take this any day over a cake. The whipped milk (with coffee which provides a binder to help make it whip, and sugar) softens up the cookies during the time you are fiddled around with it enough to make it look good. And the bananas and syrup add just enough to make it interesting. I was going to put a cherry on top but since I didn’t have one, I was going to put on an olive – but I figured that would gross everyone out so I refrained. Enjoyed this one.


Pancake VolcanoThis received the prize for the best from conception to realization, the best architectural rendering of ancient architectural structure using ultra stable building concepts (smaller and smaller concentric forms), and best eatable architectural design. Filled with sweetened whipped milk and topped with maple. Two pancakes of slightly different sizes with three interior rings cut out with a tablespoon and stacked in ever decreasing concentricity.  Should have also won for fastest eaten dish prepared.


Grilled Cheese on Sweet Roll and SlawThis is a “I am not going to have lunch today” to “I’m just going to have a grilled cheese, no photography” dish. No, I am not wishy washy. I am able to change my direction when I receive more facts and perceive that my new actions can be of some benefit to others. Boy, I wish I had said that. I just did.  Sweet roll with top sliced off to brown, Swiss cheese, coleslaw with mayonnaise, and after the shooting, sweet paprika and coriander.


Health CakeDecided I needed a cake. It told me it was done but I did not think so. Well, the cake was so good that the burned bottom actually added flavor to it. All sorts of things in here including a banana, raisins, my mix. Advice – listen to your cake.


Cake and Cheese OmeletThis is a cake omelet with Kashkaval cheese. I live alone and have to do something with all that cake. It was really great. By the way, Kashkaval cheese goes very well with sweet things. For a snack, a slab in between two vanilla cookies is very good.


Tortillas DisasterThis is, what can I say, a total total failure. It was going to be fried eggplant, mushrooms, blue cheese rolled in tortillas soaked in water to make them soft and then fried.  Well, the first part went very well,  but the last part, the frying, stuck to the bottom of the pan. Success is having an open mind and recovering from failure with aplomb. In my case, the above, chopped up and mixed and fried in a new clean pan with butter. Not bad. Might, I said I might, just try the failure part again, or I may redo the original now that I think I know how to do it. In any case, after that, I need a piece of my delicious burned on the bottom cake and a good cup of hot coffee.     


Squash SoupAll of the parts here are also featured in their own production below. So the lineup is squash, walnuts, onion, burger all boiled together. Then I separated out the soup (water) part and did some experimentation. The filling is no good if the main soup is not what it should be.  And this is the part where the cookbooks will tell you all the things to add, and how much, to make it taste good without all the experimentation. But that spoils all the fun. Word of precaution. Never experiment with all the soup. Otherwise, you may just end up with only the stock. The soup part was finally composed of turmeric, sweet paprika, sheep cheese (Kashkaval), salt, pepper until it was “according to taste”. Only then was it recombined. I took some pictures and while looking at them, it looked so good that I forsook the artistic part and got on with the other part. Very good. 


Vegetables and Burger From AboveThe secret to cooking when you don’t know what you are doing, is to do it in stages. Cook it in parts, split it up, add something, taste, Make the portions small so you can throw them away if you need to and still have the main course left. But the best advice is to be open, to add different things no self respecting cook would add. If you don’t have something – fake it. Like I had no milk for the white sauce. Nobody is going to write in a cookbook to use instant coffee creamer. But since I am nobody, I can tell you that it works. This time, blue cheese melted in seemed like the right thing to do, along with the butter, and  flour and sweet paprika. By the time it was all together, the main part was cold. Just sitting there waiting for everything else to show up can get you down right frosty. But with the final “right” things together, I poured the sauce on, and took pictures. The battery ran out on the third shot so I sat down and ate my creation. It needed a little bit more of sweet paprika, so on it went. But it was as good as it looks. But that depends on you. After the soup, I wasn’t that hungry, so if it was still good, it must have been great.


[Photo to come] Cutlet on sweet roll. In food, image is important. Something which looks very good leads to surprise when taste does not follow form. If, on the other hand, something does not look good, we normally eschew the taste side of the equation. But if we do taste, we are again surprised when we are proved wrong. One of the reasons why the best chefs in the world are visual artists as well as taste. You would think from this that surprise is one of the major elements in cooking. It is not. Our senses align themselves to what our body needs. The cherry at the top is only decoration  appealing to our aesthetic side. What is underneath is going through rigid scrutiny from the system to ascertain its role in fulfilling voids in the need structure. When we have overeaten, we say “I don’t want to see another ice cream sunday for a year.”  In fact, presenting another one, might cause the body to react rather violently no matter how good the sunday may look to someone else. But also, we have learned to identify certain shapes with the fulfillment of these needs. A breaded cutlet arouses certain positive responses in us. Seeing a cow does not normally elicit these responses. Because of this association, the vegetarian industry has attempted to follow form and has created food looking like what we have come to associate with certain necessary components, and have included taste as well as the protein and other nutrients we normally associate with a particular food. I guess that the vegetarian industry for a pride of lions would do it differently. All this only to say that I really enjoyed my vegetarian cutlet on a sweet roll with onion, lettuce, Swiss cheese, and mayonnaise. The most important thing here is to always put mayonnaise on both the top and the bottom slices. Otherwise, when you bite down, the top of your mouth is saying “where in … is the  mayonnaise?”


Spaghetti Tomato Sauce With Vegetarian BurgerOne of my sisters said that I was not eating enough greens. What my other sisters said I will not say. Except that without their constant support I would not have been able to continue. In relation to the greens comment, this is a SPINACH, cashew, burger with pizza-sauce sauce. When all else fails, have a bottle of pizza sauce around. However, I did not put any on the bottom. I would have needed outside help to lift the spaghetti. One of the problems of one pan cooking. One of the few. But the cashews came to the rescue. they rolled off of everything, so that when I got to the bottom and there was no more sauce, the cashews were there. You can always count on cashews. Parmesan cheese would be great on this. I put on blue. My advice – don’t. A piece of burger covered in sauce fell on the floor. It looked really good. Now that’s a test of good cooking. No, I did not eat it. I have my principles.

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