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Impatient Cooking

February 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment


Deepfried Lasagna PieInside Deepfried Lasagna Pie

Tonight I went all out. One of those days when you wait for a lot of things to happen and nothing does. Well, there is still tonight. Took pictures of some trees. They just happened to be standing around, and a bird which flew so fast I didn’t get him. As I said, not much happening today. I think that I will pay someone clever to come up with unique names for my dishes. I’m too close to it to be objective. But, maybe if I was objective, I wouldn’t be doing all of this. This is lasagna noodle/burger/slaw/onion pie with cheese. Since it doesn’t get a nice brown on top in a frying pan, I put the sweet paprika on. Always remember, the effect is 90% until you get inside, and if that is no good, than all of the effect in the world won’t help. Two things to be smart about. First, when you are trying to cut the hot noodles, don’t pick them up and think that you are going to go anywhere with them. Put some cold water on first. Second, cook the inside first and be sure that it tastes good. If it doesn’t, you can’t fake it unless you have some chili sauce sitting around. I put salt, sugar, garlic powder, oregano, seeds for cabbage. After eating it, I even asked myself if I could have more.

A successful life is about listening to yourself and taking your own good advice. This is where so many of us screw it all up. We somehow do not think that we are important enough to listen to, or for that matter, to ask for advice. Mankind did not get this far after millions of years, by only listening to each other. There were always those who listened to their own inner voices and provided the new directions which may have actually saved us in many instances in history, or at least saved a lot of human lives so that we could carry on. Take a moment out every once in a while to listen to yourself. You may be surprised at what you hear, and certainly grateful for what you may be able to accomplish because you did listen. 

High Protein Breakfast with Fruit Needed protein. This pancake and nuts plus the cutlet made all the difference, in contrast to an otherwise normal breakfast. This one contains wheat, butter, sugar, nuts, fruit (30 grapes without the water), cutlet of high protein soy. You figure out its nutritional value. Pretty well rounded. My physical self seemed satisfied. Great start to a cold winter’s morning.  

Powdered Garlic SpaghettiThe sauce on this is garlic powder, sweet basil, oregano, and salt with milk and flour. The blue cheese crumbled on top can not be seen because I put it on just before I ate it. Really great stuff.  And the eggplant (one of the eggplant supreme from last night) was excellent cold. Some people like to take the bite out of the eggplant by pressing it in salt, etc. for hours. I would rather save the effort and know that I was eating eggplant the way it was meant to be eaten – natural (although, come to think of it – had probably produced it so I wouldn’t eat it). Regarding the sauce, this morning I was about to use the last of the milk on a cup of coffee but something said to save a little – for what I didn’t know. When faced with the making of the garlic sauce, I was glad I still had some milk left.

Mountain Spaghetti With Burger Chunks (vege)You have not climbed until you master this. I still have not. Got half way through and had to stop – out of discretion, not will power or desire.  I had finished off the above spaghetti with the garlic powder sauce five minutes before. The burgers are veg. Made the sauce from a can of chopped tomatoes and onion, and added a packet of tomato paste. Some people like to put the spices inside but I like it on top – sweet basil, oregano and salt to taste.

[no picture here] The picture you do not see is probably the worst breakfast I have ever had in my life. And so as not to embarrass myself any further (since I ate it), or the preparer (which was me), we shall not think about or mention it again.

Onion Sauce ToastI just wanted something light. This is not light but it was ratching itself up to being great. But it missed something along the way. Was not going to put it up. But the basic idea is good, so you see the form – sweet bread loaf slices toasted in butter with mashed pecan nut/onion sauce. So I need some help here. Any help will be appreciated. It has coriander, salt, pepper, and a bit of sugar. I tried experiments with sweet basil, blue cheese, more pepper, more salt. By the time I got to the tail end of the experimentation, I was no longer hungry. Anyway, the instant vegetable soup (in the cup) was good – I had no hand in making it.

Fried Stew PieOne-Pan Fried Stew Pie. Remember that this is one pan cooking. I’m telling you the whole truth. Anyway, when it comes to one pan cooking, you have to know order – not the sort of order of which came first – the chicken or the egg, but the “what comes first – the crust or the vegetables and burger inside sort of order. Cooked the crust first with a little bit of sugar and oil, flattened out on dry flour to get something to roll up and unroll into the hot pan. Then boiled the potatoes, peas, burger, onion, all of which you can see. What you can not see are the spices, and the store-bought-in-a-packet mushroom sauce, and the bar-b-q sauce. The spices were marjoram, thyme, powdered garlic, coriander, something else I threw in but do not remember, and of course salt. The soup off of this was absolutely delicious. When I had poured that off, and mixed in some flour and a little more bar-b-q sauce and stirred, I was ready to put on the crust. Covered and heated it enough to get the crust, which by this time was stone cold, to merge at least heat wise with the stew. With this stew pie, I think I have finally arrived. At least that is the vote from my physical, aesthetic, and conceptual sectors. Precursor to FSPFSP Slice

Stew OmeletLeftover Stew Omelet. Sometimes you have to already have something in order to do something. In this case it is the stew from the night before. Anything from the night before is game. It just takes a bit of adjusting.  With catsup, bar-b-q sauce, chocolate (whatever your thing is), its a real cold morning starter.

Spinach Omelet with Cheese Sauce Spinach omelet with cheese sauce. The spinach is really in there. If spinach has any water in it whatsoever, be sure to squeeze it before putting it in. I just put it into a baggie and squeezed it over the sink, on a previous attempt. I was amazed at how much water came out.  I’m beginning to get a little tired of how good I think my stuff is. But it was.

carrot salad on greens and creamed brusselsCarrot salad (mayonnaise) on greens (oil and spices) and creamed Brussels.

disaster plate with banana slices put on after photoThe secret to life – No, I really do not know what that is. But, I do know that  whatever you attempt, do with all your heart and do it all the way. With that having been said, how does it apply to breakfast this morning.  I made a pancake.  It stuck to the bottom of the pan and it would not brown, and it would not turn over in one piece (more like 7 pieces). At this point, most pancakes would have met the garbage disposal unit or the sack. Not this one. I continued with my seven pieces which had now turned into about eleven until they did finally brown – and on both sides. That is what you see on the plate. Then after the photo session, which the pancake did not like because of the blinding flashing, I sliced some banana his way and then poured on the syrup.  All in all, it was a great breakfast.  Just do not give up at the first opportunity.

Making leftovers look good.  Tried this on my own personal self the other day. Didn’t work. But it did work with the stew I had made last night, which was looking sort of forlorn in the refrigerator.  Put  it into the red pepper shells you see and fried it.  My only comment – Boil the pepper slices a little first to soften them up for the degrading action of having stew poured in just so the stew looks good. Otherwise, you end of with pepper shells at the end of the meal with nowhere to go except back into the refrigerator for the next degrading exercise.

Burger Roll CakeAgain stuck here with nothing sweet. If you have a bun in the house, you have the basis for an instant cake. Cut the top and bottom off. Pour a mixture of sugar and milk over it, put in the frying pan and heat. Pour chocolate syrup on it and nuts and you have your dessert.

Carrot eggplant Mushroom BurgerEverything natural without all of the sauces, cheeses, etc. Only the burger has bar-b-q sauce on it. The mushrooms take care of everything else. Just be sure that the eggplant is fully cooked. Do I note slightly undercooked eggplant? I try not to spend more time eating than I do cooking. This is a general rule unless you get great pleasure out of cooking. Warning – read section on mushrooms at the top of blog.

Tortilla OmeletTortilla Omelet With Red Pepper. Put Kashkaval sheep cheese and dumped sweet paprika on before finishing it off. Very fitting, sitting there beside the new Spanish lesson CD that had just arrived. Hasta luego.
I haven’t written for about two days. Just photographed and eat. So you might just see some pictures, and can make of them what you will. 

Just so my sister will not say that I am not getting enough greens. Burger is veg 

Chips and Humus See Warning on Mushrooms at top of page.

Fried Cabbage and Cheese SauceSee Warning on Mushrooms at top of page.

Cookies“On the parts of the cookies that are burned, just close your eyes.” “I said only on the part that is burned…”  “Oh.”

Disaster SavedHave you ever had that feeling that failure is sitting there on the plate, but you eat it anyway? This is it. Got one vote. Delicious.  During the previous failure, 5 minutes before, I saw that when partially fried, bananas comes up bright yellow. So to make a short story long, I mixed up a “second” batch of batter and put it into the pan for, what else, pancakes so I could get that bright yellow banana look. I decided to add the bananas as destiny would have it, as I sliced the banana over the cooking dough, but part of the slices fell off the cake. So I had to put them on, and there went the idea of random distribution – a very powerful concept with me. Then I turned the cake over and everything was bubbling – bubbling? – yes, the banana has a lot of water. Then I turned it over, and the bananas were indeed yellow but the cake was a pasty white. Back on its back and then the bananas burned.  Then the pancake did not get that golden brown it was supposed to and fell apart when I turned it over to have a look. So I got out a glass and cut small round pancakes with it. They did not brown either and besides there were only four of them and I had all this left over “trimmings”. What to do? Admit it. Total failure. Well, not quite, as you can see from the first few lines above.

BananutNutCakeRollWinter has brought out the worst of the sweet tooth in me. I am losing weight through shivering, so my body is trying to keep the balance. This is an experiment.
Banana Nut CakeRoll. Topping has brown sugar / bananas / pecans / raisins / butter / flour / milk cooked to the consistency you want. The cake is just flour / sugar / water / oil (vanilla extract / milk / butter / salt) would have been nice. Again, cooked in the frying pan until done and then turned over to brown the top. It’s not going to win any prizes (at least mine won’t, but yours may), but it solved my craving for sweets. But now, after holding it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and then tasting it, I think I’m ready for prime time.

Eggplant SupremeEggplant Supreme. Large slices fried with cashews, covered in white sauce, and doused with mushrooms fried in butter. Could not get any better. For before, during, or actually, for the whole meal. Fry on low with cover on to cook eggplant. Warning – See mushroom warning at beginning of this page.

Hot cabbage salad with burgers. Eat with thousand island, Roquefort, or oil and vinegar. The fried burger balls have two types of cheese, flax for omega-3, garlic powder, salt, coriander, rolled in flour. Good when you feel that you are not getting enough green stuff, and uhh… oil.

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