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Impatient Cooking – this is really new stuff. See just below for start.

April 24th, 2008 · 8 Comments

 A spring day 

Tough Neighborhood. Just be yourself and you’ll be O.K.


omelet with fried greensPerfect Egg Salad. A bit of honey on the salad with oil, vinegar, soy sauce, crushed black pepper, garlic powder with mushrooms and walnuts. Omelet fried in butter for the non splatter effect. Sometimes I think I have arrived, but then I realize that I am out of eggs and have to go out again. Read the mushroom warning above. The most difficult part of this was finding that the battery was exhausted in the camera, and having to wait for four minutes while it loaded enough for this.


eggplant with crushed stewed tomatoesTowering Eggplant/fried mushrooms and pecans with blue cheese sauce. The sauce you do not see. I put it on afterwards, made of blue cheese melted in milk and a small amount of oil. We associate high with good (cakes, ice cream cones, stack of pancakes and syrup). Join the trend to build higher. Eggplant boiled in water up to about half way (in essence steamed) until soft enough to be cooked but not to deflate under its own weight. Heated canned crushed tomatoes with garlic, and spices (mine here are sweet basil, garlic powder, crushed black pepper). Serves two but… because there was no one else around, I ate it all myself.


vegetarian hotdogs and blue cheese with a side of bananaNot-to-be-forgotten. You may hate this or love it, but I can tell you one thing – you will not forget it. Fried banana with honey on top, veg dogs with blue cheese (any kind will do here) and hummus with pure premium olive oil. The salad you cannot see went with it. I don’t try to get everything needed in each and every meal, but sometimes it just works out that way.


vegetarian burger with crushed tomatoes and sunflower seeds inside fried red pepper ringsRedpepperBurger. That’s canned stewed crushed tomatoes with garlic inside the fried pepper rings, with sunflower seeds.


veegetarian burger and omelet with garnishWhen you need protein. The importance of this dish is more than the protein it provides. It is all about garnish (not to be confused with condiments, spices and sauces) where they are not the main dish but added to make the dish better, more interesting, look more appetizing, etc. (in this case, the cream cheese, the mushrooms, the fried onion rings). Food without garnish is like life without Penelope. Who is Penelope? I don’t know. It’s just the first name that popped in, but you get the point. Garnish may have its own food value but its true value comes in combination with other foods. Without it, most of the restaurants in the world would be out of business. Garnish is what makes eating an experience.


This Photo axed. Didn’t look anything like the taste, which was great. If you hate spinach, you will hate this. If you hate something, you just hate it, and will just say that someone is trying to fool you. So stay away from this dish. For those of you who love spinach or at least can abide it, this is a great dish. I started with frozen spinach and added: Sunflower seeds, milk, flour, garlic powder, ground ginger, crushed black pepper, sweet basil, and honey. There were a few others I put in but I don’t want to bore you, and besides they did not help. What did it for me was the ginger and honey. To top it off, I added cheese (kashkabal of course) and hummus. The hummus can be mixed in or put on the side, but with it you have a full meal, and they go great together. After this, for dessert, I had 3 biscuits with blue cheese and a fine Belgium chocolate which my sister sent to me.


quick oats flax mush“Oh”, you say “Just great. Another bowl of Oatmeal”. No, not just another bowl. It has a lot of ground flax seed in it for Omega3 and potassium (cleverly disguised as a banana).


apple and banana riceApple and banana rice with cinnamon/brownsugar/honey sauce. Says it all. Great mix. Got the idea while cleaning up the fried banana from lunch. As I was finishing it off, I asked myself “What would go good with this?” The answer was rice. And the rest is…. as they say.


the pancake with everythingThis is not just another pancake. This is THE pancake. What is different about it is: Not just the fact that it is done, nor the fact that it has ground flax, banana, and raisins in it, nor the fact that it is crispy, but the fact that there is some extra baking powder added to the already “cake mix” flour, and the fact that it was cooked with the lid on and only turned over when it was done but not browned on top. Bon appitet to myself.

vegetarian cutlet with fried apple and mushroomUntil you have tried fried apple slices and mushrooms on a cutlet, you have not even begun to experience the taste sensations out there. We were given taste so that we could tell the bad from the good, but also so that we would want to take in all of the stuff our body needs to survive. Read mushroom warning below. 

light lunch vegetarian burger and onion ringsA light-light-lunch-because-holiday-dinner-cooked-by-someone-else. This is before the mayonnaise went on. Fried mushrooms and onion rings. Read the mushroom warning above.


cake with coffee milk and sugarThe perfect breakfast. Caffinated Pancake. This is for the person who is too much in a hurry to drink a hot cup of coffee but has at least gotten the pancake done.  Instant coffee, sugar and almost whipped milk. With some syrup, not half bad. Actually very good. But then I’m hooked on coffee.


vegetarian dogs on fried onions and mushroomsIf I were to be given the Chef of the Year title, it would be for this. Granted, who is going to give an award for hotdogs. But the flavor, the combination of tastes, the texture were all superb. Hotdogs on a bed of fried onions and mushrooms with garlic powder and sweet basil. Wish you were here. Note: Read mushroom warning at top of page. Dogs are vegetarian. I swear, you really can’t tell in a dish like this.


Sometimes I feel that this is a waste of time. But then I realize that I enjoy doing it, I look forward to the next meal, not for eating but for the creation part. I know that I would never eat as well unless I did this. Tried it and found myself subsisting on cereal from a box. So all things considered, it is definitely worth the effort. I have heard that when you eat regular meals, you do not gain pounds. Something about noshing just because you are hungry seems to add up. But, too many of these dishes cooked in the one pan, and that being a frying pan, also adds up. I am Just going to have to drink less coffee.


Blueberry Fold This is a blueberry fold with the pecans being used to batten down the hatches, and blueberry jam – a signature as proof that there are blueberries (well, jam) in the thing itself. You want the whole truth? Couldn’t get the pancake off the bottom of the pan so I folded it bit by bit to try to scrape it without scrapping it. But now that I’ve done it, I’ll do it again. Practice makes perfect. Two things to remember. 1. Never think that there is enough oil or butter or whatever on the bottom when you flip the pancake. Invariably there isn’t. 2. Always save a little of something for who knows what. Like I purposely saved the pecans and now have them to use. I saved back a few this time also. 3. Always come out of anything with aplum (no not a plum but with a b at the end). You never know who you will impress. Usually it is yourself. 4.Never try to move the unmovable. I left the fold sort of off center for artistic effect. Sure! 5. Always know that there are still 100 ways to do something that you have not thought of yet. When our ancestors, the cave men, threw something into the fire and then searched around for it before it was absolute charcoal, they thought that that was all it was good for. His only problem was that he had to wait for the next spontaneous grass fire to cook his next meal. I only said 2 things, so I will stop here.

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