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Impatient Cooking

April 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments

The start of this whole thing is about two posts down with the picture of the cat. Everything is on this one page. You do not have to go into any of the side links, unless you want to leave a comment, or just like getting lost.


Burger par excellent

Burger Par Excellence.  Where did I get a vegetarian burger this large. I didn’t. Just cut it into 8 wedges and arranged them around the outside of the bun with a hole in the middle filled with everything else. You are enjoying the burger so much that you forget there is no burger in the middle you have just eaten. Actually, it is a very small ‘middle’. The condiment is mayonnaise and Teriyaki sauce. Red pepper, onion, mushrooms. Read mushroom warning below. I’m thinking of entering the top bun with the M&T swipe into an art contest.


Brussels and dog on full riceDogs (I ate the other one) Half way through, I decided to add the apple salad, melted cheese and photograph after all. Full protein rice and lentils with cashews and raisins. I didn’t use to like brussels but with a butter and melted cheese in milk sauce, it was very good.


This whole project has been done in increments. By having to eat the project as it went along, there was no other way to do it. Doing things in increments starts to add up or pile up, depending on how you see it. The main thing to remember is to do it by the numbers and not leave a step out each time:  Cook, photograph, eat, write up. If you miss the last step, then it is very difficult to do it sometime down the road. Particularly, since 1. you can’t remember what it was in many cases just by looking at the photo. 2. For sure you don’t remember what went into it even if  recognizable, and 3. You don’t have all those things you were thinking about while cooking, photographing, and eating whatever it was. These thoughts are ephemeral and just not available at a later time.


Chocolate blueberry pancakeIn the category ‘If Doesn’t Kill You, It’ll Cure You’. Probably the best breakfast I have had in a long time. Chocolate blueberry leftover pancake. There are two things to remember. If it is still bubbling from the sides, then it isn’t done. But, who can wait forever. Further, the shape was dictated by the difficulty I had getting it out of the pan. There should be a rule here: Always leave plenty of space for the spatula to get in there and do its thing. This goes along with realizing that there are certain ingredients which tend to stick to the pan – jam being one of them. As I was putting on the walnuts, I was thinking ‘At least I will be getting my Omega3 for the day. And the chocolate syrup? I’ve wanted to put that on something for some time now. Great dish. Saved some chocolate syrup for next time.


[Currently looking for photo] Honey on fried instant potato mash mixed with self rising flour, vegeburger mixed with Teriyaki sauce and fried, my ever present (until it is finished) apple and raisin salad.  You may question the honey on potatoes. Have you tried it? Truly delicious. One thing that is important here, other than the taste, are the crispiness of the cakes and the sweet red pepper on the salad. But the most important, is the separation between the items on the plate. For fine dining things cannot run together. You don’t want to simulate the after-eating- process on the plate before hand. Quality in life is about esthetics together with doing it the best you can.

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