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Impatient Cooking

April 28th, 2008 · 3 Comments

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cheese pancake with flaxCheese pancake with flax and walnuts with honey adjustment opportunity.

Adjustment Opportunity
There is no failure. There is an opportunity for adjustment. There are four steps to follow here: First, admit that it is not working as planned. Second, we never fail unless we do not learn from our mistakes. Actually take the time (usually a moment or two but if complicated – a life time) to determine just where it went wrong and what can be done next time to correct it. Third, assess the current situation and determine what good can come out of it. Absolutely nothing is lost in universal terms. It is part of the ever changing fabric of existence. There are many outcomes from this experience. Rather than start to list the first billion or so of them, we will just observe that this is the end point of and the beginning of a myriad processes, and we just happen to be standing in the middle of it. Fourth, regroup and using what you have just learned, and whether the next step is containment of what may appear to be out of control, or a creation of something totally new, create a new harmony. If you really want to look at something to its depths, or at least to the depths that we can see, we will realize that there are as many failures as there are successes in any single change. But we have to remember that the concept of failure or success is a view point only. From the highest perception, it is perfect – the way it should be. We cannot see that ourselves, but we must know that it is seen.


The dish you do not see? Know that I worked very hard, but… I finally just poured catsup on and ate it.


Sunflower seed pancake with cream cheeseSunflower Seed and Maple/Cream cheese Pancake.  That was very good.  Put the sunflower seeds into the pan and then pour the batter on top. You can really mix in the syrup together with the cream cheese, but I like the marbled effect.



Corn and Burger Vegetarian ComfortersHumm. Well, I am definitely not professional but then this just shows you that you can do it also. Corn and Burger Comforters. Vegetarian burger/corn/Teriyaki sauce, colander, marjoram, added and mixed until it tastes so good you sort of do not want to get to the putting it in the flour and frying it part. That good. Remembering that if the middle isn’t any good… Fried on both sides and then turned on the sides up against the sides of the pan to toast them also. After prepared and photographed, normally I do not stop in the middle of a meal to show what’s inside. Too difficult. A photographer these days can’t even get a decent meal finished before he’s called out to do a cutaway.
comforter cutaway

I have had this image of tomatoes and rice for some time now. Apparently this was the right time. The mashed burger and corn roll from lunch (cold) and almond raisin rice with  crushed tomatoes from a can and garlic powder.

Saved Comforter and Tomato RicePreparation and amounts? Dump as much rice as you think you can eat into the pan before or after the boiling water. Put in  a lot of raisins and some diced almonds for crunch (as if my half cooked rice isn’t crunchy enough), and however much garlic powder you think you can spare along with enough crushed tomatoes to be the red you think you can live with. And keep adding more water as you run out. That’s usually about as definite I can get. At one point, I put the lid on and turned the stove off and let it sit.
Actually worked. The rice was less watery, more cooked and, most importantly, looked rested.


Vegetarian cutlet and fried onionsA cut above the rest. Surrounded by his old palace guard and the new guard (disorderly and out of uniform) on top of him –  either because they feel he’s safer that way, or that they are. This is the last onion. Kept some reserve in the box just in case it’s needed. I’m a strategist from way back.


raisin nut cookieThis is one nut and raisin cookie to sit down with and enjoy. One comment. Do not use pistachios.  Too much of a distinctive flavor of their own. And in the interests of having the chocolate stand on its own, I tried mixing cream cheese with it and putting it through the blender. Don’t unless you love cream cheese anywhere, anytime, any… And even than, I would not advise it. Secondly, cleaning the blender was not so easy.


When I am out of everything, all those things I saved back a little of, come in handy. Since I have nothing to show except dinner, I have instituted the series entitled “meals”.

Everything Plate For When Out of EverythingThis is Meal Number One:

It is not as bad as it seems. I just hate to shop. Put a shopping cart in front of me and I just stand there.  Plus, when I do get going, I left the list at home and usually end up with all the things that look good.  The list, when I try to remember what was on it, just goes blank in those places where I had written what I really need and why I came here in the first place.


Special Baked BeansThis is Meal Number Two:
When I am eating baked beans, you know that I have put off going to the market too long. But after this, I am glad that I waited until after lunch to go. This is a can of ordinary baked beans in sauce, to which was added crushed stewed tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, 3 heaping spoonfuls of mushroom powder for cooking and soups. I had to keep myself from finishing off the whole can. And on the way to the refrigerator, it lost some more. 

Meal Number three: Haven’t gotten there yet and I hope to go to the store before I do.  You might just see an empty plate – clean!!!


Fried Baked PotatoMy version of baked potato. Have you looked up how long it takes to bake a potato. Well, potato was on the menu in my mind but there was no way I was going to wait that long. So sliced and fried and reassembled according to the puncture holes I put in the side of each layer for positioning. Actually did not use the technology. What you see is just piled on as it came out of the pan. As random things go, it could be right on. Could have used a lot more mushrooms. But with the whipped cream cheese, it was really great.


eggpland with banana and whipped cream cheesePotassium Fix. Crusty Eggpland With Banana. The jury is still out on this one. But it is definitely worth a try. Fry the eggplant first so it is eatable. The flour and water blanket only keeps them warm. The whipped cream cheese has random hot and sweet paprika on them. Sort of a roulette. Actually, since I put too little, did not taste the difference.

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