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May 9th, 2008 · No Comments

Everything on this one page. Do not need the links on either side except for leaving a comment or getting lost. 

Yarkon River sunset 


Nut Raisin OmeletBest Breakfast – Nut and Raisin Omelet with Cinnamon. Two eggs. For truth in advertising, the types of nuts are displayed on top – Numbers? well I could only find one cashew and half of that is on top, 3 pistachios, after breaking up the walnuts, who can count, raisins didn’t even start counting. That’s whipped cream cheese and the cinnamon thrown on top with sugar hopefully finding all of the cinnamon. This, below, is the other side just to show the internal workings of this amazing gastronomic engine fuel.  reverse side with spatula I use


Pancake Egg and WalnutsSun and its corona against the constellation Nuts. Needed protein but wanted a pancake, so in a world where almost anything goes… Dropped the pancake batter into the hot pan in swirls with a hole in the middle. Then the egg. The tricky part is turning it over, so it’s best to cover it while cooking on the first side and that way get the egg at lease partially done for the turning part. Walnuts for Omega-3.


Eggplant and Mushrooms in Red Pepper ShellEggplant mushrooms with onions in red pepper. Be sure the RP is soft enough to but not collapsing – used pan with cover to boil in 2cm water. Mushroom powder for adding to cooking and for soup adds to the mix. Pea-Nut Rice. Safe for those allergic to peanuts. The secret here are the raisins (two kinds) which you should not skimp on because they give the necessary sweetness to the dish. Also mixed in is a small amount of mushroom powder for hot dishes and soup. See mushroom warning this page.


Eggplant deep friedFried eggplant Squares as appetizers.  You have got to love oil, as I do, for these. Be sure that you wait until the oil is smoking hot and reduce flame before putting them in to reduce the oil absorption. And have an absorbent paper ready (which I did not) when you take them out.  Appetizer to what? I just wanted more eggplant. So the next plate solved the problem.


vegetarian dog with eggplant and onionTopped Dog. This is a hotdog (veg) topped off with raw onion rings, fried eggplant squares in mayonnaise with sweet basil and crushed black pepper. Take special note of the sweet bun.


Tomato Rice with stewed tomatoesOleh! Pea-Nut Rice With Crushed Tomatoes. I don’t know why but that is what I said as I put the olives on. Perhaps they came from Spain. This is the still leftover pea-nut rice from yesterday. I also ate it for lunch but didn’t tell you about it. Mixed with stewed tomatoes from a can with the addition of garlic powder (wouldn’t come out so I opened up the top, and oops got too much in), hot paprika (also too much) Very good but I needed a grilled cheese sandwich after that to dampen the hot paprika feeling in my mouth.


stewed tomato sauce with onion on bunRS for really sloppy. This is the second time in 24 hours that I have had this. Great. Just be sure that you have running tap water or a stream near by. Have a fork handy just in case. Hamburger buns with canned stewed tomato in sauce, with red sweet onion, tomato and parmesan cheese (scraped it myself after cutting off the mold), with mayo. One just does not do it. This will make anyone happy.  Afterwards, I topped it off with Irish unsalted butter (still not being paid by the Irish export board), French picante whole cherry jam, on Israeli matzo. Now that’s a dessert.


Spaghetti Salad with Vegetarian burger strips deep friedSpaghetti Salad. I went into the kitchen with this in mind. Not something I always do.  Spaghetti with stewed tomatoes from a can, topped with strips of vegetarian burger and mushrooms fried (see warning on mushrooms on this page). Salad mixings and mayonnaise mixed in for a really delicious dinner.


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