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Impatient Cooking – Listening

May 12th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Beginning of this blog is two doors down. You do not need the archives. It’s all here on this one page. 200+ “recipes”.

Omelet with walnutsTomelet (Omelet with Teeth). Do you want a breakfast with teeth so you can go out there and face the world? With walnuts on whipped P cream cheese and blue cheese crumpled on top afterwards. I tried something else which I threw away. When I can’t eat something, you know that it is uneatable. This rates a 6-7 on my order of magnitudes in the early morning.

Red pepper eggplant mushroomsRedPepper-copia. Got back from the dentist and decided to reward myself for going in the first place. Besides the RP, there’s eggplant, mushrooms all fried together with the red pepper shell and rings. Peanuts (bought dry roasted and cleaned under water to remove inner ‘shells’), and parmesan cheese. Spices: marjoram, sweet basil, turmeric. The hot and sweet paprika I put on afterwards, because an unsteady hand after the trip would be art obliterating. The empty plate is sitting on my lap as I type and even that looks good. No, I am not going to photograph it. Read mushroom warning below.

TIP: A tip on cutting soft non-processed cheese and whipped or otherwise cream cheese, is to pour boiling hot water over the knife or spoon before each slice. Cuts it like butter and just drops off the utensil. 

Cookies, Maple Cream CheeseNeeded cookies. And of course didn’t have any. This is the — time that I have made cookies. This time it was going to be really good. Put oil inside (thought it might hold it together better) with the raisins and nuts (cashews)and tried to flatten them out. The baking powder was stronger than me. More exercise.  On a whim, decided to give two to a neighbor who was out on the patio doing who knows what because I never look her way. But I went down and .. well, she… she seemed surprised that I was offering her something. Looked at the bottom (to see if it was burned). I told her to at least wait until I left to ditch them. I can hear her still down there so either she did ditch them or survived. The white in the middle is whipped cream cheese mixed with maple syrup. Really good. You should try it sometime on broccoli – just kidding, but then why not.

Eggplant Stewed Tomatoes MushroomsSit and savor this one. Soak in the environment around this moment. Like most of the good things in life, they are there too short a time and are gone in an instant. Ahh.. but then there are the memories. Back to food. Fried eggplant topped with crushed stewed tomatoes, parmesan slices and fried mushrooms.  Sweet basil and powdered garlic after the shoot.  Stewed tomatoes at room temperature in this case. See warning on mushrooms in this blog two posts down.

SpaghettiIrish unsalted butter spaghetti. In the interests of truth in advertising, this was only half a fork and not a full one. But the process is very important here so I am including it. Irish unsalted butter? I have always loved unsalted butter. Why? I don’t know. And Irish? I just decided to support the Irish Dairy industry. Turn about is fair play. I hope they will support me some day. Anyway, it sounds special. To the Irish, it is just “ho hum, what else is new”. But to the rest of the world…. This is a two part preparation. Most things are, but there is a special reason for this. Have you ever eaten a cake which was so awful you only ate the frosting? Well, the spaghetti must be perfect before the topping goes on. And that takes some testing. Make extra spaghetti or you will end up with the topping only, which in this case was perfect – mushrooms and cashews fried in olive oil with marjoram and garlic powder. Now to the spaghetti. The butter is the base of it all. On that base, I tried everything until I came across the blue cheese which had been screaming at me all the time from inside the refrigerator to pick it. Too busy. Just didn’t tune in. It was the solution and the blue knew it all along. Stop and listen once in a while. Not to the blue. He’s had his say. But to what is being said all around you. We get so busy with direction, that we miss the answers which are right there. With a little bit of soy sauce to give it an edge, there it was. I put a quarter teaspoon of sugar in but you might want to leave that out – too much of a good thing. You must have it at the point that you want to finish off the plate before you get around to putting the topping on. By the way, by this time, you might want to reheat the topping, unless of course you are using more than one pan. I advise it but I’m sort of bound here by the concept of this whole thing.

Sheer delight. Apple crepe with cinnamon and sugar. The egg and flour batter was very thin which it why it is the shape it is. Sort of just splat when it hit the smoking hot oil and toasted to a crisp. The apple slices were made with a slicer so they were very thin, and I left the peel on.  Put them on the top as soon as the batter was in the pan.  This was a problem solver. I needed something sweet, and because I was going to make a long distance call late at night, I needed to drink a cup of coffee. But I needed something to go with it, otherwise I would just toss and turn. Now I will sleep but will probably have to get up 5 times before 8:00 tomorrow. For the crepe, it was worth it. Sometimes its the smallest things which make life worth living in the toughest of times.

Tomato |salad on rice and lentils with hummusTOMATO MESA.  The hummus is just a convenient place holder for the crackers. The mesa is rice and lentils with raisins, nuts mixed with hummus. Should be hot or at least warm in order to contrast with the tomato/onion salad with light mustard sauce. Its the difference in temperature which counts here. Before partaking, I dumped on the rest of the salad. Very good. Full protein from the rice and lentils and from the hummus if you bought the hummus with tahini. If not, then it is just as good taste wise.

Lentils with stewed tomatoesLentils_Espanola. This is something I rarely do. Listen to someone else’s recipe. Well I didn’t really. She said lentils and my mind went half blank. Then she said “soak overnight”. What happened next I really do not remember except I do remember the words hot paprika and sweet paprika. You know how the subconscious works. I had to try it. Forget the over-night. I boiled them and poured off the brownish water and then I boiled them again and put in onions (I do remember that, because I had to think of the word for cooked-but-not-cooked onions. I came up with “see-throughable”). When I did not break a tooth testing it, I determined that it was ready. Drained what was left of the water and put in hot oil to fry. Added canned crushed stewed tomatoes in garlic, and added sweet basil and turmeric. Then I added the rememberds, sweet and hot paprika. Served with Kashkabal cheese, to counteract  the over enthusiastic addition of the hot one. Great blend. Two of the slices of cheese did not come out right, so I ate them. One great thing about being a “gourmet” chef is that you can eat everything which does not look exactly right – pays to be sloppy.  Oh, and the Espanola is because the instigator of the dish writes history books in Spanish. When I run across her again in the park, she is going to tell me that it is nothing like what she said, but I still enjoyed it.

Eggplant Tortilla This is something I could accept every night for supper. Eggplant Tortilla. Just fold and eat. Eggplant, mushrooms, red pepper, burger (vegetarian) topped with sweet chili sauce. Read warning about mushrooms above or below. Wherever its moved to. And, for dessert,  Kashkabal cheese on piquant biscuits. A meal to remember. spices: coriander, sweet basil, garlic powder.

Rice with mushrooms vegitarian burger with sweet chili sauceMushroom rice. Cooked the rice with mushroom powder for cooking, real mushrooms to give it authenticity, Served with burger topped with sweet chili sauce and whipped cream cheese. Read mushroom warning below.

Potato PilePotato Pile. This is thinly sliced potatoes fried and stacked with whipped cream cheese in between every 2nd or 3rd layer. Honey on top. I put garlic powder in the middle layer. Don’t. When you are in the elevator going up or down, do not push the button for this level. Need a knife for this dish.

Potato pancake and eggplant fryInstant potato wrap. I just had to find a recipe for instant potatoes. Such a resource should not be overlooked in our drive to be authentic. Paid for by the Instant Potato Company, [just kidding]. Instant potato flakes mixed with flour. Enough so that you just know that it will hold together when you flip. You have to be able to sense these things. Takes real concentration. Beyond that I can not help. Olive oil in the pan was a disaster. Had to redo and used butter (Irish unsalted butter in this case). Eggplant stir fry with red pepper and mushrooms from yesterday. The display side of the pancake is always the first side in. When you turn it over, it rarely duplicates the perfection of initial pour. Always try to wait until the batter is dry on top and the edges are starting to brown before flipping. I can’t always wait that long, but then I wish I had.

Mushroom rice in red pepperRice in Mushroom Sauce Overflow. One thing that is good about these modular dishes is that an add-on can go just about anywhere. All it takes is a sense of fit, or of the ridiculous. Of course where the add-on is to be consumed along with the module, it must mesh taste wise. In many cases, it is a make or break situation. The add-on is in fact the dish or becomes it, and without it, we have porridge for instance. Which is one reason the spice trade became so lucrative early on in our civilizations. Some add-ons are taken for granted: Cream cheese or butter and chives for baked potato. Cheese on toast briskets for onion soup, red tomato sauce for spaghetti. While most add-ons can go anywhere and some are just mixed in with the main dish, others do often present a placement problem. Out of the myriad possibilities for this dish, unprocessed cheese won out. And what was at hand, took the prize – parmesan. It could be grated, laid out in strips, a square at the top or at the bottom. But the structure called for a flag to be planted and so the slab of cheese filled the need. Ask “what does this dish need architecturally, color wise, taste wise, esthetically, in order to send a message, and the list goes on. But if you at least ask the first 4 or 5 of these possibilities, you will do your food and those you serve a great favor. Read mushroom warning below.

Salad with balsamic vinegar, mushrooms and cashewsI was introduced to a great wine vinegar (Balsamic vinegar). Comes from Modina.  Really great taste. Dark red in color. After I had finished the salad, there was some at the bottom on the bowl and I had to finish it off. Mushrooms and cashews fried with blue cheese put on after the shoot, and pure extra virgin premium olive oil. A salad to remember. Used in marinades, sauces and desserts. Its worth reading about it in Wikipedia Mine is not ‘tradizionale’ and did not set me back that much.

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