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Impatient Cooking Salads and Lots Of Other Stuff

May 27th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Dumplings in Tomato Sauce Tomato Thing. Fried dumplings until brown covered with stewed tomatoes heated with sugar, sweet and hot paprika. Made balls of dough with coriander and sweet basil and put in boiling water until they looked done (or I just couldn’t wait any longer). covered them with dry flour and fried until ‘golden brown’. Put cold stewed canned crushed tomatoes on it but it was still lacking something. That’s when I added the sugar and paprika. Be careful with the hot stuff. Actually very good. Will have the three that are left over for breakfast tomorrow with syrup as round boiled pancakes. Sounds terrible but I’m looking forward to it.

Fried egg and dumplings Speed bumps. Egg was going too fast. Cut the dumplings from last night in half. Put sweet chili sauce on the egg, and raisins and nuts would have been an extra on the fried dumplings.


vegetarian burger on large roll I had an elephant help me finish it off. You should have seen him scarf it down. This is one of those one-of-a-kind moment. It’s lucky that I am the photographer because it someone was someone else, the camera on speed shutter would not have caught it. I keep telling myself to throw away the hot paprika, but I turn around and it’s still there. If you use that stuff, don’t drink coke during or even afterwards for that matter. To break it down, there was the RP, and the onion, and then the burger and the raisins, sweet basil, coriander, the paprikas, mushroom powder for cooking.  The salad with mayonnaise went on top. It’s also fortunate that I do my own cleaning, such as it is. A cleaner would come in and say “Who the *^%$# was eating here?” Well, I couldn’t very well tell them…


ITIT. This is it. I’m not sure what ‘it’ is, but this comes pretty close. This is diced burger (vegetarian), with a whipped cream cheese topping. Mixed with sweet chili sauce, no paprika, what was left of the Tariyaki sauce, catsup, diced onions on a tortilla. I know that you know it is a tortilla. But I have to put that in for the search engines. They are the only ones coming into this site. Better to be read by a robot than not be read at all. You can quote me on that – any robot that’s listening.


example of random distribution of food add-ons to a dishRandom perfection. The challah bread was thin sliced and crumbled in the frying pan of hot butter. Random distribution. The egg was poured on top and pan tilted until all surfaces covered. (The perfectionist in me won out here). Then I did not know what to do with the finished product. Finally, cut and dropped at random, pieces of Koshkabal cheese. Do you notice the clustering effect. Seems to happen a lot in nature. Of course, you will say that this is because that’s where my hand was when I dropped it on. But I say, that was part of the grand design. One of the clustering effectors. Ate it the same way.


Avocado Mushrooms on an open tortillaSubtle, very subtle. Fried the leaves in oil, and added avocado, mushrooms and a little bit of Balsamic vinegar. No spices. Just an appreciation of the combination of the basic flavors as they interact.  Savored together with a Tuborg straight from Copenhagen. How straight I don’t know, but it got here somehow.. See mushroom warning below.


Rice salad to enjoyHo-Hum… Rice Again. Solving The Ho-Hum Factor. Already packaged salad (you can make your own of course) fried a bit in olive oil and Balsamic vinegar. Put the vinegar on afterwards. That’s more directions than I usually give. The sweet chili sauce came in only one size where I shop – super. I almost had to take that home separately – I walk. Put that on top after the mix. Actually looking forward to the next Ho-Hum Rice.


vegetable everything including the vegetarian burgerThe green thing. If you ever wanted to know what a garden tastes like… All vegetable salad – including the diced vegetarian burger. Diced eggplant, sliced red pepper, pre-prepared salad mix in cello – all fried (except for the cello). Enjoyed with a mustard cream salad dressing. Sweet chili sauce works well also. Actually, just about anything works with this one, or just plain.

candybar pancakes Candybar Pancakes or Chocolate Soufs. Sliced chocolate and nugget candy bar inside. The chocolate on top was supposed to be just a symbol of what’s inside but the bottle of chocolare was so happy to be finally freed after so long, just could not contain itself. Never pour directly from the jar – but you already know that. The smaller bit of chocolate on the other one was when it had calmed down a bit. My nephew came to visit for a few days and brought a house gift of 14 assorted candy bars. Now that’s a gift you can use. But, I am down to the last three and its only been three days.


brussel sprouts and cream white sauce with mushroom powderInstant mashed and brussels with mushroom cream sauce. One of those days when you the ‘real’ potatoes are gone, spaghetti and rice seem to not be when the system is clamoring for at the moment and all you have is frozen stuff, or the instants. So I chose the instants, frozen brussels and some vegetable patties with real vegetables inside. One of the nice off shoots of the whole vegetarian soy/tofu trend is the actual vegetable frozen items on sale because apparently the manufacturers say, we’re making that shape anyway and freezing, why not do it for vegetables also. For this meal, the saving grace is the mushroom powder for cooking mixed in with some flour and milk and butter, and more milk, and oops I don’t have enough milk, so opening up the long shelf life milk (whatever its called). I have every type of extra milk just in case. Addicted to coffee and make mine with milk. I survived once for two days without it. Never again, including also having the powdered coffee creamer on hand just in case. Really good white sauce can cover a lot of taste errors, as well as complimenting a great meal. But be sure you have enough milk before you start the sauce.


Pancake with two kinds of cheese BlueCheese/Kashkabal Egg-Pan-Let.  Made the flour and egg batter so thin that I thought it would not stand the rigors of turnover. While in the pan it did, but once out I could not decide which was better – to have the cheese inside or outside – hence the break at the upper left/lower right depending on which photo I show. Cooked it well on one side, turned it over and added the cheese on top, and put on the lid on low. As you can see from the different reds, I have not yet thrown away the hot red paprika – my mouth says yes and my mind says no. Stay tuned.

Random Thought 

For some reason, I was thinking about excellence. For some people it is built in, and for others it is difficult but achievable. Open and fair competition can also bring it out irrespective of the prize. Governments and conglomerates which stifle competition, do so at the expense of the population, and in the end their own.


 Spaghetti cakes fried with flour and tomato sauce Tomato sauce spaghetti cakes. Mixed in flour, portioned it out, dumped in pan to fry. Crushed stewed tomatoes and whipped cream cheese.

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