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Impatient Cooking – In Continuation

June 8th, 2008 · 10 Comments

Everything should have ‘A Beginning‘, and so this does – Very Important to read – see link at left, or scroll down until you see the cat eating. Everything is on this one page. All 260+ ‘recipes’. Photographed in cooperation between the cooker and the eater, which is this case is/are the same person.


Hayarkon River Tel Aviv at sunset 


vegetarian burger and banana slicesBanana Burger on-a-roll. I’m not going to go anywhere with that. It’s a taste sensation you should have at least once in your life – Maybe even twice.

spaghetti with onions and mushroomsOM spaghetti. Onions and mushrooms on spaghetti. What can be said other than that it was delicious. Important: See ‘a mushroom warning’ (top left)

eggplant and red pepper with sauce sidedishEggplant and red pepper with mushroom powder sauce. The cutlet was a stand in.


One of the top 10 dishes. I don’t know which ones are in the top ten but I do know that this is among them. Made a white sauce which color wise would have gone nicely with the other colors, but it just did not have the flavor, so it was out and on went the powdered mushroom powder-for-cooking mixed with butter, flour and milk. Eggplant cut large so would not turn to mush in the frying process. Always leave the outside on. Gives them dignity as well as identification. Identity is very important in food. At least you know what you are spitting out when it tastes terrible. But in general, knowing what you are eating tells your stomach what to expect. If you are cringing or expecting something hot or spicy, your whole system backs up a pace and readies its arsenal of suppressors, mixers, antioxidants. Whereas, if it’s something sweet, good looking, etc. then the stomach is saying bring it on down, everything is relaxed and in quiet coordination, and everyone is happy.


Rice in tomato sauce with eggplant cover in case of rainCrunchy Rice. Couldn’t wait any longer. Together with stewed crushed tomatoes from a can, lots of paprika to make it redder (didn’t help) but my mouth knew the difference. Mushroom powder-for-cooking. Eggplant slabs for cover in case it rains with red pepper rings filled with Swiss cheese. One bit of advise – do not put the cheese to melt directly onto the pan – Next time, I will put it under water and then some flour. You can get it off the bottom of the pan but its a struggle. If you do not want someone coming back, do not serve them this. Remember that two negatives make a positive. Do I really have to spell that out? Okay. If you want someone to come back, this is the dish to serve. I’m definitely coming back, but then I don’t have much of a choice.
I had to try the garlic dressing I bought and sort of needed a larger plate. The burger is on a bed of red onions, red pepper and (yes) mushrooms. Too many of my dishes have mushrooms in them. and I keep having to put on the ‘be sure to read the mushroom’ warning. But I just bought a whole basket of them so just bear with  me. Important: See ‘a mushroom warning’ (top left)

banana sliced nuts in chocolateBan-nuts. The biggest problem with this dessert is having the banana pieces be straight and lie flat. Not easy unless you find a really straight banana. So, starting with a curved banana, cut the outside of the curve in ever increasing lengths producing a unique fan display. The cream is whipped creamed cheese mixed with honey or sugar, or sweetened whipped cream/milk. Together with chocolate and nuts.

rice with lettuce vegetarian cutlet and salad dressingHot rice salad with cutlet chunks. Fried with lettuce, and a topping of (in this case) garlic dressing.  Needs both paprikas. Next time, a small amount of honey will be added as an adaptation. It just wasn’t sweet enough. Adaptation evolves from discomfort. If everything is great, why change. But the moment something doesn’t sit right, its time for an adaptation – either changing the self or the environment. For most of us it is easier to change the environment. Self adaptation is more difficult but many times more successful since we carry ourselves into new environment and rarely the opposite. Of course, we can go around seeking out similar environments.

small grilled cheese sandwiches and salad The Ingathering. The small grilled cheese sandwiches were made from a thinly sliced long sweet roll. Fourteen slices plus 2 as a replacement should something happen to one of the others, like being eaten before it gets to the plate (although I ate the ends of the roll even before the slices hit the pan. If you can, make it seven (or 5 if you are on a diet, but do not go below that number – too much deprivation is not a good thing). The only thing to note in addition, are the blue cheese chunks on the garlic dressing salad. The old blue on the door of the refrigerator finally got thrown out This is new and I again have the task of finishing it off before it finishes me.

eggplant friedSheaf of eggplant with white cheese sauce. You can take off the peel of the eggplant but I leave mine to help keep the strands from turning into mush. On sauce which is just butter, flour, milk, and two cheeses – kashkabal and parmesan.

egg and flour omeletBase Camp. From here you can climb the highest mountains (dishwise that is). One egg and about 3 tablespoons of cake flour and some water and you have the tastiest egg-panlet you have ever eaten. I put the water into the jar, put the flour on top and then dropped in the egg and shook it. Should be runny enough to fill the bottom of the pan without having to beat it down. I turn it over when the top is dry and, sort of cooked. One version of this starter is below with my initial ‘M’ in syrup so that if I ever got lost, the helicopters flying over will see it.  
omelet with syrup initial


 frozen vegetables with mushroom powder white sauceFried frozen mixed vegetables with a white sauce of swiss and blue cheese.  Leave the sauce chunky. Smooth has no character. And you do not get the individual taste of the different cheeses which is the best part here for someone who hates vegetables. I’ll guarantee that h/is/er mind will be changed.

graps and banana salad vegetarian cutlet with Teriyaki sauceSeedless grape and banana salad in mayonnaise with a cutlet. The important thing here is to cut the grapes in half. I haven’t met a grape yet that had mayonnaise inside.  There is just too much inside without it if you don’t slice. This is really great with ground nutmeg on top as long as you do not overdo it. And the cutlet – it’s one cutlet sliced down the middle. You can either thaw the cutlet first, but that takes too much forethought for me. I fried it, and then raccoon style, washed it under water so that I could hold it without getting burned, and with infinite patience cut it right down the middle. Then refried it (both sides). Not only do you think that you have eaten more than you actually have, but the Teriyaki sauce on top goes right through taste wise. This Teriyaki sauce was a little too sharp for me, so I mixed some blackberry jam with it. Just right.

cabbage and mushrooms fried with sweet chili sauceIf you hate cabbage, you will love this. It’s mushrooms fried until browned with cabbage sliced/diced/cubed (whatever) put in to fry until cooked but still crisp. Then sweet chili sauce added (but not too much)  in the pan and mixed. Sweet and hot red paprika. The amount of the hot depends on how much of the chili sauce went on. Probably too much if you poured it straight from the bottle. Important: See ‘a mushroom warning’ (top left).

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