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June 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments



cabbage and vegetarian burgerPea-bbage and burger with salsa. Salsa again? Well, I find that I really like it, so you’re going to have to suffer. Before, I thought that it was only a South American dance. Shows you how much I know about cooking. But then, as I said before, if I can do it, so can you. Back to salsa. Use it cold on whatever. Really great condiment. In this case peas, cabbage and burger all fried together until I couldn’t wait any longer.


lasagna noodle soup with vegetarian burger chunksI don’t care if you were a tiger-in-your-last-life meat-eater, this one you have to try. Create your own title for it. Involves the noodles you use for lasagna, burgers (you know, the vegetarian ones), crushed stewed tomatoes from a can (when it comes to eating, I am not a purist), garlic powder, chili sauce (not much), sweet paprika, hot paprika (put this in only after it is all done and you have tasted it. And even then, be careful) If you have ignored this warning, be sure to have a glob of humus in the middle as a safety precaution (don’t mix it in), crushed black pepper, oriental cumin, oregano.  All boiled together until the pasta is ready. You will thank me for this.

pancake with whipped cream cheese and chocolate syrupThis was to solve a lack-of-sugar-problem which came upon me shortly (about 1 minute) after lunch. I tried to cook a light blanket (its summer here) but only came up with this winter quilt. Same taste. With whipped cream cheese and chocolate inside – then rolled and you see the window-dressing.


olive spaghettiOlive Spaghetti. I was going to save half of it for another day but I could not help myself. Just to prove that I had some self restraint, I left a couple of olives behind. And by the way, if an olive or two roll onto the floor during the transfer, always pick them up. Now, I have olive all over the floors of the apartment. Not that they didn’t need it. Everything was boiled together – the eggplant, olives, burger, spaghetti and then separated for the ceremonious spaghetti draining which is anything but ceremonious – drain in large sieve, pour boiling hot water over, and dump onto the plate. After which, everything except the spaghetti was fried in (of course) olive oil.


salad with humus and cherry tomatoesGreen Salad with Humus. If you have never tried humus, you just do not know what you’re missing. This salad, with olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, salt and zahtar is a winner. You are not eating enough green.


omelet with lasagna noodle soupOpenfacedOmeletNumber 5. What do you do with leftover tomato/pasta/burgerball soup? If there IS any after the meal before. I really had to go into deep denial to save this for the omelet. I could picture it surrounded by yellow. What was I supposed to do?

potato and red pepper soupPotato and Red Pepper Soup. Even after I had finished and was too full for dessert (never happens – well, this time it did), I went with a tablespoon to the pan where there was some left over. Just for one more taste. Now, you know that has to be good. With humus on top. In a soup, you want that richness of taste so what else you put in is vital. Turmeric, granulated garlic powder, just a touch of soy sauce, sweet chili sauce (not much), hot paprika, which I left out of this one, two tablespoons of Irish unsalted butter (any will do). Fried the potatoes, peppers, burgers in olive oil for about 5 minutes before adding the water (boiling hot), and let cook until potatoes were done.


potatoes onions whipped cream cheesePotato and onion side dish with creamed whipped-cream-cheese. No topping on this – would have looked artificial. Potatoes and onions boiled until done and then fried in butter until brown. You wait seemingly forever for the browning to start but when it does, its very fast. Has to lose all of that water first to even begin to think of browning. Also, be careful with the boiling hot water to make the whipped dream cheese spreadable or pourable. A very, very little water goes a long, long way. This is close to the best it gets.


cabbage and vetetarian burger sweet chili sauceCab-bage. Cabbage which is a source of Omega-3 with burger and sweet chili sauce. Spices are coriander, zahtar, black pepper and sweet paprika. Cook it so as not to be chewy. Too chewy even for me but couldn’t wait any longer. Really a great dish.  And now the amount of chili sauce: Not too much. Put in while cooking so really mixed. Remember, you can always add more later, so just one swipe of the bottle.


pancake omelet and walnutsNuts in Tariyaki Sauce on pancake and omelet. This is about as close as you are ever going to get to a breakfast with everything unless you just happen to be at a breakfast after the night-before smorgasbord.


eggplant in humusVegetables in Humus. You have got to try this one. The vegetables on the left are let-alone fried eggplant, onions, red peppers with garlic powder and coriander. The one on the right is the same but mixed with a small amount of humus (hummus). You will be pleasantly surprised. I sprayed one spray of Bragg on the let alones (or two drops of soy sauce).


egg omelet and cabbage with salsaSouth American cabbage omelet with Salsa. Don’t mention it south of the border. They will have never heard of it. Starts the day off with a bang. Best way (which is not the way I did it) is to cook the cabbage first – only the green leaves. Then put it in the scrambled egg and pour into the pan when smoking hot or, if you use butter, whenever. I understand that there are antidotes to the salsa if you don’t pick the mild one: lime juice, sour cream, yogurt, cheese, chopped cilantro, milk or dairy based drinks, sweetened, non carbonated drinks but ‘Stay away from water as all it does is spread the heat around in your mouth while doing very little to counteract it.’  Have not tried them myself because I used a ‘medium’ salsa, but I believe in being prepared.


salsa omeletSalsa Omelet with Swiss cheese. Try it to believe it. Gets the day started in the right direction if you are facing south.


cutlet (vegetarian) with fried eggplant and onionsCutlet on Challah. With grated parmesan, mayonnaise, and a small bit of sweet chili sauce. Went great with a beer. One thing that is really great about vegetarian burgers, cutlets, etc. is the fact that you do not have to be sure that they are cooked because they already are; they taste almost the same and depending in what combination, there is no difference; they are high in protein (I should know – have been eating this stuff for 26 years); it reduces the amount of red meat in your diet; it is very fast to prepare (most of the time, under 7 minutes); is greener to our environment. Do you need more? I have seven other reasons if you care to contact me.  In the mean time, see Vegetarian diets; the pluses and the pitfalls – includes related material FDA Consumer,  May, 1992  by Dixie Farley


Fried mushroom, cherry tomato, lettuce salad. Cook mushrooms in a small amount of cooking oil first until done, but in the sliced cherry tomatoes and when it looks ready  (looks are very important here), add the lettuce and continue to fry on low heat for about 2 minutes. Pour on olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper. Read mushroom warning on upper left.


pancake and yogurtI have never liked yogurt. That stuff just was not for me. But there I stood, picking it up in the super, looking at the label, and then putting two into the basket. And then I forgot about them. At least for a couple of days, when I suddenly did not have anything sweet and decided to try one. And then there was tonight. I took out the corn, the peas… to make who knows what at that early stage in the process, and just as suddenly put them all back. I had  an image of a pancake with raspberry yogurt on it. To be quite candid, that image had floated in front of me several times in the last few days. It was an event waiting to happen. And now that the pancake has been made, the photo taken and the raspberry yogurt pancake consumed, I can put closure to this particular process by writing about it. Because I believe that what we call free will is an illusion – everything that happens has a leading up and millions if not billions of unseen minute changes in the fabric of things leading to the next convolution. And for each event there radiates a whole new series of shifts leading to the next billion new realities –  which reach out literally to the ends of the universe.  And if we ever thought that all was random, we can be quite sure, were that the case, that within an instant, the whole would shatter. It only continues to flow because of the fact that it is one whole operating in its myriad intertwinings to produce what to us is the present and the future, but to someone who has a vantage point, is merely part of an ordered process which is not only known the instant it happens but can be foretold from as far back as the beginning of time.

A must read (also in video) The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination June 5, 2008, the commencement speech made by J.K. Rowling at Harvard University


Potato and onion side dish with creamed whipped-cream-cheese. No topping on this – would have looked artificial. Potatoes and onions boiled until done and then fried in butter until brown. You wait seemingly forever for the browning to start but when it does, its very fast. Has to lose all of that water first to even begin to think of browning. Also, be careful with the boiling hot water to make the whipped cream cheese spreadable or pourable. A very, very little water goes a long, long way. This is close to the best it gets.


sapghetti with eggplant and salsaSalsa Spaghetti – Oh, it’s there all right – under the onion/eggplant fry mix. Just do not do this with hot salsa. I used medium and was sure to have an antidote near at hand – in fact on the plate it self. Made a double portion of spaghetti. Just could not put it down, so now I am suffering from both heat and overload.


salad green with Balsamic and cheeseOrdinary salad. The important thing here is to have as many cheese slices are there will be possible bites. Secondly, when you wash the leaves, be sure to break off the longer stems. Otherwise, the salad becomes a chore instead of the treatment for whatever ails you. This has premium olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, garlic powder, pepper, salt, zahtar. I feel better already and its only been two minutes since I finished it off.


toastsedbun burger (vegetarian)Bunned Vegetarian Burger. With or without sauce. I ate it without the sauce, and I have about 10 of them. Sometimes, you just have to go with the basic ingredients, particularly when you are not in a decision making mood. 

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