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Don’t know how I do it, but still using only one pan

December 5th, 2008 · 5 Comments

Beginning of this is one post down. Should be about 480-500 dishes on the site by now. Click on the small pictures to enlarge (a bit). 


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cabbagefry.jpg I keep making dishes which surpass each other. Which means that a dish which I thought was the best I had ever tasted 10 months ago has been surpassed umpteenth times. So maybe I need to gather the 20 best recipes together of the 500. Anyway, this ranks up there. It’s the sauce, because you have heard of Sweet Potato/Eggplant/Cabbage Pot all fried together with or without the tempeh before. THE sauce: Butter (you be the judge on amount), miso (2 tbsp), garlic powder, turmeric (by the way, besides all of its other great properties, it is also very good against arsenic. Very few places in the U.S. have potentially higher than 10 ppb which is the level set by the CDC and is handled by the water system, but in some other parts of the world it would be important), honey, sweet red table wine, and miso which already has the salt you might be needing. You can mix it separately or just put each ingredient in as you are moved to do so. Miso is good for a flavoring for a lot of dishes. Very healthy for you. says it best: “Miso is a soy paste that is created by inoculating trays of rice with the vitamin B12 synthesizing fungus, Aspergillus oryzae, then mixing in a ground preparation of cooked soybeans and salt, and letting the mixture ferment for several days before grinding it into a paste with a nut butter consistency”. You should go out of your way to find it if by any chance your supermarket does not carry it. Check out its health values in the above, and also the potential for in some people for an allergic reaction which is true with a number of foods.


nopancakeflour.jpg End of the Road and Beginning of a New Path Breakfast. The end of the road is not where I suggest you find the mushrooms in this dish. To quote Wikipedia (a very readable piece giving information, some photos, and symptoms of poisoning) “To prevent mushroom poisoning, mushroom gatherers need to be very intimately familiar with the mushrooms they intend to collect, including knowledge of the toxic species that look similar to these edible species. Other considerations regard methods of preparation and toxicity of some fungal species that appears to vary with geographic location, raising the potential of mushroom poisoning due to local toxicity of a correctly identified species.” According to the reading, one of the most poisonous mushroom, Amanita Phalloides, in its early stages of growth looks like one of the editable mushrooms. Regarding children, it states ” A majority of mushroom poisonings in general are the result of small children, especially toddlers in the “grazing” stage, ingesting mushrooms found in the lawn”. So taken together, unless you are an expert, do not go collecting your own.

That being said, I wanted a pancake this morning but being out of flour had to find an alternative. So cutting 3 slices of bread into cubes and frying them with mushrooms, sunflower seeds and walnuts provided the cure. Be sure to get that browned all over look. Art is part of successful living. What you see on there is chutney which did not work. Pouring on maple syrup fixed it. Further on the mushrooms thing. RogersMushrooms states  “Do not believe old wives’ tales about how to distinguish between edible and poisonous mushrooms. They are all rubbish. Taste is no help either. Some of the most deadly poisonous mushrooms can be quite tasty.”  Also gives what to do in an emergency. Well, there goes my recipe. Now, no one will want to even try it. But mushrooms, from a known supplier, are one of the joys of great cooking and eating as well as being healthy since it provides some of the more important nutrients we may be lacking in our regular diets – see crimini (related to white and portabella)  and shiitake mushrooms.


eggcake.jpgMy Cakecrepe. Jam jar filled 1/4 with water or milk, 1/4 with cake flour, 1 egg. Close tightly. Shake. Pour into hot skillet with lots of butter. Cover on low flame. Wait until the top is cooked, which means you have to keep looking, then flip. Turn off burner and let cook by itself for a minute or two. Was going to use a Spanish word here but that’s pretentious. (Hint. I’ve been pretentious before).


potatosurprise.jpgPotatoes with Support. Sometimes, all you want is potato. This is one potato. The secret here is honey, powdered mushroom soup, and basilicum. The more obvious are mushrooms, basil, garlic powder,. Fry the mushrooms first to a golden brown and set aside. Boiling the potato to about half done will speed the process of frying and make sure that the potato is eatable. Put in the spices towards the end of the fry or they all stick to the bottom of the pan leaving the potato cubes high and dry. Put the honey in at the very end. A little goes a long way. You want a hint, not a statement. If you are still hungry, you used a small potato. If you are cooking the largest potato shown here, invite some friends over.



tempehandchurney.jpgTempeh/Banana and Chutney. Fried tempeh with banana and chutney added at end with salt and pepper. Saw the bottle and knew I had to have it. Why? I found out this evening. Great dish. The nutty flavor of the tempeh together with the banana and chutney was perfect. The cabbage and onion cooked in oil for one minute to retain color, flavor, vitamins, crunch. Topped with hot chili sauce. 


nutcookies.jpg Nut Cookies. And some raisins. These are cookies which give you the stuff inside of nuts which you find difficult to get in other places. Specifically the vitamins and minerals in sunflower seeds and walnuts. I have come up with a surefire way to figure out the measurements of the batter ingredients. It’s called ET (empirical testing). To put it another way, have you ever tried a recipe and the mix was not to your taste? Make up a batch with all the ingredients, cook one or two examples of it, taste it, and add ingredients, or subtract out by adding more of all the other ingredients, to get your final mix. This is necessary since I have nothing which can measure out flour, water etc. No measuring cup, no table spoon or even tea spoon (I use a long handled jelly spoon which is neither tea or table so am left with dump and test. Ingredients as poured into a spare jam jar with a tight lid: Water (first), flour, sugar, egg, vanilla, salt (be careful with the vanilla and salt – they’re hard to dilute).


toastandhighprotein.jpgBreakfast Number 42. I just give these numbers out of thin air. So 42 must be its reference number somewhere. This is high protein served (veggie burger and egg) with chili sauce, and whole wheat toast with blueberry preserve. Only 10 items in Google for “blueberry perserve” and 3,300 for the correct spelling of preserve. When someone else has spelled it incorrectly the way you did, Google doesn’t say anything. But when you are the only one who has made the error out of 80 billion users, they politely say “do you mean ______? Of course the other major search engines do it also. Best dictionaries in the world. No other dictionary online that I know of will suggest a word if you mangle it.  The blueberry jam is special. I’ve heard what it can do for you and checked it out – an antioxident which prevents free-radical damage plus, protects the brain, improves nightvision (if you’re an owl, pretty important), protects against various forms of cancer, helps prevent vision loss as you get older, and that’s just the beginning. See Blueberries at 

After finishing my toast with the blueberry jam, I looked at the screen and everything was blurry. Cleaned my glasses.

morgansuprise.jpg Morgan’s Special. About two heaping tsps (never measure, but that’s my take) of miso mixed with the cubed soy burger. onions (fried first), cherry tomatoes, butter, enough water to disburse the miso, finished off with sweet red table wine or chili sauce, or you name it. Sheer taste treat. The broccoli is steamed and not really cooked to tenderness in order to keep the green. It’s crunchy but I figure yellow looks bad in photographs, and anyway lose less vitamins and minerals that way. Topped with cheese melted in butter, milk and instant mushroom soup powder added. Now, my sisters have made various comments over the year about trying my dishes but still not one of them has done so. This is a must try. It will take some doing since they are all non-vegetarian but when I come up with something which is this good, I feel safe in making that statement. Besides being “Green” with a capital G, it gives all the protein you need, tastes great, and the animals will thank you.  By the way, many supermarkets have miso (fermented soy as has been done for centuries in the Far East. Much healthier for you).


dontletlooksfoolyou.jpgTopped Potatoes. Otherwise known as Kingdom: Plantae, Division: Magnoliophyta, Class: Magnoliopsida, Subclass: Asteridae, Order: Solanales, Family: Solanaceae, Genus: Solanum, Species: S. tuberosum. Also according to Wikipedia “with the skin provides 27 mg of vitamin C (45% of the Daily Value (DV)), 620 mg of potassium (18% of DV), 0.2 mg vitamin B6 (10% of DV) and trace amounts of thiamin, riboflavin, folate, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc”. For food value I could have stopped there but I was driven by other needs such as taste, appearance – I like to want to eat what I’m eating, photographability, amount (only had one white potato so added a sweet potato). Actually the sweet potato has a different spectrum of vitamins and minerals but I defer that to a different time and place. One note: The sweet potato cooks faster than the white, so if you cut the sweet thicker and the white thinner they should come out about the same in time. Not tested so don’t quote me. After the potatoes were boiled, fried the onion, then made the sauce – butter, flour, milk, salt, garlic, instant mushroom soup powder. Topped with yellow cheese, covered, and heated so cheese would melt. By the way, before putting the potatoes back in the pan, be sure to put some of the sauce on the bottom since pouring it in on top doesn’t always get there. Have enough left over for a potato omelet tomorrow. One of the advantages to living alone. And the others? Let me think about that, but I may no longer be an expert on this subject since ‘cat’ walked into the apartment one day and decided to stay. She doesn’t eat potatoes. By the way, do not eat potatoes which have turned green for it may mean (but not necessarily) an increase of glycoalkaloid due to light (why you should keep your potatoes covered and away from light), damage or aging. While this is toxic to humans, it is estimated that the level of glycoalkaloid consumed per day is far less than the level which would cause problems. For instance, in the U.S., according to the above source (which quotes another source), there have been no reported cases of potato poisoning in the last 50 years. And with an average population of 240 million (I’m guessing) over that length of time, that’s a lot of potatoes.


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    This lot of recipes ALL look tasty. I am especially looking forward to trying the potato with cheese one. I love potato…sadly. The miso sounds interesting. Iwill go find it and try it out.
    I would thank you for all your recipes but then you would say,”Well I have to eat anyway.”Sometimes you say you have run out of flour BUT never honey, syrup, chocolate…!!

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