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Impatient Cooking with some tips, comments but no recipes

December 15th, 2008 · 71 Comments

Beginning is one post down. In the mean time, enjoy these. Click on photos to enlarge.

If you are cooking alone and you don’t know what to do, or you have had it with your every-day-the-same-thing routine, this is the place to start.

groundhog.jpg Groundhog as in Groundhog day. Used a fork to mince the burger. Added miso, rich mushroom soup powder, sweet chili sauce, sweet basil, garlic powder, and a small amount of boiling water to keep it wet and smooth while cooking. Toasted the roll with the cheese in the small oven. First time I’ve used that in a long while. There is the minimalist approach to cooking which many gourmet cooks take. The art is great but you go away hungry and ready for this. Which is the opposite statement. And therein lies the beauty. By the way, it is said that cooked soy (burger) gives about 50% of daily value Omega-3. As for the monster roll and the cheese, we’ll just say that the dish is delicious, and in terms of life enhancement, that’s a big deal.

turmerictomatosand.jpg Can’t remember what I had for dinner. When I remember, I’ll come back. On a roll! I’m back.  There’s something special here – the roll, the swiss, the red onion, the cherry tomatoes, the mayonnaise? Nope! It’s the turmeric. If you are from the West you probably don’t know what this can do for you. It has been said that Indians who regularly use Turmeric in cooking have less heart attacks. If it’s from the turmeric or not, I do not know, but research has shown that the spice with its active ingredient curcumin is extremely good for a large number of health issues. As one report puts it “power to block inflammation, stop cancer, kill infectious microbes, and improve heart health.” Also check these out. Health Diaries, The Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric ezineWorlds Healthiest Foods. The medicinal value of many spices is amazing. And I always thought that it just made food taste good. It’s worth your time to study what some spices can do for you. Just don’t get it on your clothes. It is used as a dye and bright orange may not become you. Of course if it does, pour away. Looked at my shirt. Very nice yellow.

onswiss.jpgLight Lunch on Swiss. This is where the “hamburger” has to be very good on its own. The burger is soy burger mashed with a fork and fried in butter. Added enough water as it cooks so it does not stick to the bottom of the pan and leave  half of what I hoped to get out of it. Added garlic powder, rosemary, sweet basil, salt, pepper, sweet paprika, turmeric, and a small tin of tomato paste. After its on the Swiss, added chutney on top.

signaturemushroom.jpgSignature Mushroom Breakfast. Emphasis must be put on your best part. Hence the mushroom. This plate is a pale rendition of that which I finally ate. I toasted the bread in butter and put cinnamon on the apple. The mushroom I didn’t touch. There are just certain things you should not play around with. There are two important features here. The first is the bread. You can only get cuts like this by cutting the bread frozen. Number two, the chutney on the land dogs and the mushrooms. And the third – I know I only said two but this is important. The blueberry jam over there. It has one of the highest antioxidant effect of any fruit, which mitigate the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Plus I heard that they help improve memory. And since I could not remember the name of my first girl friend the other day, you know that I need blueberries. Within a minute I had retrieved it, but that was scary. Just to keep the story straight, I did not eat blueberries during that minute.

Read the mushroom warning above to the left.
[waiting on photo] For this one, cook the mushrooms first and then put in the slaw. Served with sweet chili sauce for chicken without the chicken. Added salt, caraway seeds, sweet basil, turmeric. That’s chutney on the dogs. Can’t get enough of it. There are many kinds from coconut, onion, tomato, mango, lime, garlic, peach, peanut to etc. Mine is a fruit. I was looking for a relish, but the market where I live does not carry any, so I came up with the chutney and felt my quest had been successful. See chutney at Wikipedia for more.

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