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The right way to get out of bed

May 26th, 2009 · 5 Comments

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Personal Eggplant Pizza. Well, that took one year off my life. But it was worth it. When I get to that one last year, I may reconsider. Two things I learned from this. Give yourself what you want. Who else is going to give it to you? And secondly, life is for winging it. We spend too much time planning, mapping strategies, making arrangements and not enough time doing. Of course, some people are built that way, and I would not want to intervene. It might be a disaster. But then, I may be underestimating. Letting it go may be one of the auxiliary plans. So, forget the recipe, the ingredients. Just make one with whatever you have. And no matter how it turns out, you will enjoy eating it because you made it. Just don’t force anybody else to share it with you


What Water Can Do For You – You thought you knew, and you also think you are drinking enough. Think again. It is very important that everyone read this interview.  Water Cure: An interview with Dr. Batmanghelidj



 howtogetup.jpgThe Right Way To Get Out of Bed. Well, one of them anyway. The best way is on your feet. But once up, some people are running on empty, and snack as they run which inevitably leads to a lot of sugar filled, greasy rolls, cookies, bags of chips, or coffee only, all of which have absolutely no real nutritional value and then we wonder why our energy is low, why we are putting on weight (I only had two small buns! Yup, and there they are), and more time is spent on thinking about lunch than doing what we are otherwise doing to be productive in this life. The bowl in its totality? Let’s just say that it’s a hard smoothie. Takes exactly 3 minutes to prepare (if you’re going for the record, send in your time). It gives the following:
1. whole grain oatmeal (instant kind) blood sugar level control, lowers risk of heart disease, cancers, anti-oxidant, may enhance immune system response 
2. variety of nuts (put through the grinder)
        walnuts – a handful has higher Omega-3 than a serving of fish, promotes health of heart, protect against high blood pressure, bone health, fosters mental acuity, protects against cancer formation among its many attributes.
        almonds – protection against diabetes and cardiovascular disease, very good for your heart, could help promote weight loss, a serving has more protein than an egg, antioxidant
3. seeds – ground in with the nuts
        sunflower anti-cancer properties, promotes DNA repair, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant due to its high vitamin E content. Helpful to cardio-vascular system  
        sesame – protects against high blood pressure, liver damage, its copper and magnesium play an important role in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant systems, and promotes vascular and respiratory health
4. raisins – anti-oxidant, promotes the health of bones (good source of boron), protects against vision problems.
5. honey – immunity booster, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral
6. cinnamon  anti-blood clotting, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, helps balance blood sugar, enhances cognitive processing (for more info, see Cashew Oatmeal below)
7. brewer’s yeast – provides many of the B vitamins you may be missing in your diet. Does not include B12. See below for precautions if you have certain conditions.
8. milk (o.k., so yes, you can get that in your coffee. One point for you :)
The health benefits listed above are just the tip of that berg above water, and are given only as an indication of the health benefits of the foods listed. Source:


Comments On Lunch
It’s just good that you have my sense of fair play and taste to save you from me. That was the worst lunch I have had in a long time. Do you see it? No! Do you know the name of it? No!  What is healthy does not always follow suit in the taste area. I ate it, and I am healthier for it, but I will not put it on you. And I will not try it again. There are other ways to tastefully obtain the benefits of the ingredients involved.


sweetpotatoesandburger.jpg Another in the series ‘Dishes In A Bowl’. Sweet Potato In A Bowl. Soy burger, onion, eggplant with rosemary, thyme, coriander, powdered garlic.


chickpeasbeets.jpg Chickpeas and Co. This is health personified. Beets, onions, red bell pepper. The complementing spice sauce is composed of miso, turmeric, crushed black pepper, thyme, cumin, garlic powder with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. I looked at it. It looked at me. I was thinking of going out of business, and then I tasted it. Didn’t make enough! This is health in a bowl. And when you think that most of the time nobody likes beets, or chickpeas (unless it’s in humus), this is a true winner. No salt because the miso has a slight salty taste. Whatever you had and wanted to get rid of?  It’s already on its way. And if you keep eating like this, it won’t come back. Miso?  World’s Healthiest Foods extols its virtues.


Tempeh. Some supermarkets carry tempeh, but usually you have to get it at a health food store. A high protein fermented soy which is very easy on the digestive system because the fermentation process breaks down the complex proteins. Good site on tempeh 


hummuspita2.jpg hummuspita.jpg MidEast Tortilla. Liked it so much I’m giving you two views. Tortilla slightly browned on both sides in olive oil. Hummus, fried mushrooms (read mushroom warning top left), za’atar (my particular package is labeled zahatar), hot paprika, and fold. One thing great about za’atar is the anti-microbial, anti-fungi properties of the thyme, the high copper, manganese, calcium, iron and zinc plus of the sesame seeds, and the antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of the sumac which is also a diuretic and helps in digestion.  By the way, not the same as poison sumac. More on dietary  sumac. This particular variety  is native to parts of the Middle East. Add to that the pluses of mushrooms. Then there is the protein of garbanzo beans(chickpeas) with it high fiber, folate, and trace minerals, and you have just ended worrying about the future. It’s been assured.


beetshummus.jpg Hummus and Beets with Sesame Seed Salad. Of course, it’s a matter of taste, but there is nothing like hummus. Creamy with an absolutely fantastic taste. Which is why there are shops around here which do nothing but sell hummus. Together with a boiled egg, 2 pitas, vegetable preserves, pickles, olives, and it’s a complete meal. In this case, my own version of another way to eat beets. Includes olive oil, za’atar, hot paprika, salt. 


mushroomomelet1.jpg Spanish Omelet. I am going to Barcelona on my way to the States, so I wanted to be prepared. Learning Spanish might be a better way. Enjoyed it anyway. Onion, red bell pepper, mushrooms (yeh, read the warning), sesame seeds, za’atar (zatar), small amount of turmeric, crushed black pepper, garlic powder. Any cheese on top (this one is kashkaval). Can eat it with a chili sauce but that’s over the top and you lose the flavor. 


blueberrypancake1.jpg Blueberry Pancake –  Blueberry Pancake – actually, raisin pancake with blueberries on top. Be sure that the blue berries have ripened fully. A little bit sour otherwise. But the maple syrup took care of that. I finally broke down and measured something – again. 1 part water, 1 1/2 parts white flour, 1 egg. Additions: 2 tbsp brewer’s yeast, raisins, cinnamon, sesame seeds. True maple syrup.  


Brewer’s yeast – I use about 2 teaspoons a day on or in several things to make up for the difficulty of finding enough B vitamins on a vegetarian type diet. Makes it very easy. I also understand that it helps with fleas. Not mine, my cat’s, but come to think of it… Those allergic to yeast, or who have gout, vaginal infections, Candida albicans,  diabetes, impaired immune system, or intestinal disease should read precautions in


inlaidegg.jpg  Inlaid Egg. Takes care of many holes in the diet. Soy, onion, champignon mushrooms (crimini) all fried first before putting on the egg. Put fruit chutney on the dogs, and after the shoot, za’atar on the egg – well, on everything. Wanted to be extra sure. I have eaten the mushrooms raw when fresh, but these had a bit of a fuzz on them, so cooked well, and the anti-fungal, anti-microbial aspects of the za’atar could come in handy. I am the early warning eyes and ears of the internal system.  


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