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Advice on everything and disclaimer

November 3rd, 2009 · 8 Comments

To My Readers: General Notice and Disclaimer:  All information and advice given on this blog are my own ideas on different topics mostly related to food. It is not medical advice or even advice from someone who knows how to cook. I cook for myself out of necessity. You must use your own common sense in following any of the suggestions, recipes, or advice. Basically, you are on your own, as I am. I therefore ask that you freely accept the responsibility for utilizing the information on this blog. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it. 

The management

 Waiting on photos – rest of new stuff is here

My first piece of advice: Get Aloe Vera in liquid form for drinking and/or in pill form. It has helped me out of many tight situations.  And my second: Get at least 10 minutes of direct sunshine (not through glass) 4-5 times a week.  End of health seminar


The breakfast you will never forget.
Guaranteed. Very high protein and very healthy.
2 slices French style bread (actually any bread will do)
1 egg
sesame seeds
cayenne pepper

Fry egg in olive oil. When egg has been turned over and is done, put the two slices of bread in the pan with some butter on the fry side, or a little extra oil if dry. Put the egg on one of the slices, add basil, thyme, cayenne pepper, coriander (unfortunately, I was out), sesame seeds, raisins (in the bread but next time extra), hummus. Keep checking the other piece of bread to see if done. When it’s toasted, cover the egg with it and remove from pan. Salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy with 1/4 glass of grape juice (fermented or not), or lassi (sweet yogurt drink).


If you are down to nothing, and I mean nothing with very little money, I mean very little, what do you buy for nutrition, AND to make it eatable, AND so you think you are eating high on the hog (since I’m vegetarian, this is not an apt phrase).

This is sort of in order of importantce depending on resources. If addicted to coffee, that of course comes first. And the younger you are, the higher up the list the milk will probably be. Note: See notes at the bottom for several of the items. But eggs are first with the olive oil (the best oil for you of all the oils) if you are going to fry them. And anyone with a cat or dog understands the first item.

cat food
olive oil
sweet potatoes
tomato paste
*fruit – blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, prune, strawberry, apple
*russet potatoes
milk or powdered milk
*beans – black/kidney/pinto
peanut butter
juices: pomegranate/concord grape/blueberry/black cherry/cranberry
instant oats
red wine
instant soup
brewer’s yeast
cayenne pepper
coffee creamer
maple syrup

 If you are vegetarian
The above will give you all of the nutrients plus protein except that if you are really following a vegetarian diet, than you are probably not getting enough of the following: Zinc, B12, niacin, and magnesium of which most people are not getting enough (see this link on quotes about magnesium to see how important it is) . I use brewer’s yeast for all the Bs except B12. Take supplements of zinc, niacin, b12 (I take them every other day), or be prepared to eat some really strange food and lots of it. As for the B vitamins, I put 2-3 tsp of brewer’s yeast in anything which will hide its flavor, at least once every 2 days.

 And The Most Important – Vitamin D
And perhaps the most important of all, and it’s free: Getting vitamin D – all it takes is 10 minutes of direct sunshine at least 4-5 times a week and not through glass.

On food items to buy: Of course, all of the other vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds, spices and herbs, dairy, sweeteners, and meats (if not vegetarian) can be substituted in.

Notes On A Number of Items In the Above List of Foods

On eggs – barn laid, organic, or free range if available (chickens have more freedom).  And remember, all eggs sold in the major markets are candled to check if the egg is non-inseminated – no baby chicks if this is important to you. For a very good guide on eggs, see

On spices – you may think that spices are over the top extras. They are not. They are integral to being really healthy. To check out what each spice does, this page on gives one of the best (my opinion) rundowns.

*On Antioxidants
Antioxidants may be very beneficial in reducing the effects of flu. These are from the list of 20 of the highest antioxidant foods according to an USDA study
beans- black/kidney/pinto
fruit – blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, prune,
strawberry, apple
vegetables – artichokes, russet potatoes
nuts – pecans
Of course, there are other beans, fruit, vegetables, and nuts I have included which have high antioxidants. 
Among the top ten healthiest juices according to UCLA study: Pomegranate/Concord Grape/Blueberry/Black Cherry/Cranberry  CBS news

On hummus (humus) – garbanzo beans/chickpeas spread. Very high in protein and tastes fabulous. Be sure that it comes in a recyclable plastic container which is number 1, 2, 4, 5 only (see Plastic Containers below). For more on hummus, see Casspi of NBA and hummus  Note: Hummus elsewhere is very, very good.

On olive oil – for frying and salads. Do not settle for the other oils. Olive is the best for you health wise. Pick a good one. Worth the extra even if you have to give up something else.

On red wine– Very good for the heart and circulatory system, digestive system. For an indepth discussion of the benefits of red wine, as well as its benefits without the alcohol  Resveratrol Grape Juice: Safest Antioxidant Current status of research – Linus Pauling Institute states that while moderate alcohol has been associated with 20-30% reduction in coronary heart disease, the benefits of resveratrol found in grapes, red wine, purple grape juice, peanuts and some berries is not yet known.

On mushrooms – you may not have used mushrooms much in the past but they are very healthy for you whether or not you are a vegetarian. But be sure you buy them from a trusted store and do not pick them yourself – if you do, it could make you very sick, even if you think you know what you are doing. Some people have allergies to them (even to the non-poisonous varieties), but in general there are relatively few deaths from eating mushrooms (see below). So if you think that there is a possible poisoning, take samples of the mushroom, if you can get it, and go to the hospital for early care.

“There are thousands of varieties of mushrooms in North America, but only about 100 are poisonous and can be dangerous if eaten by humans. However, unless you are an expert at identifying mushrooms, it is difficult to tell a poisonous mushroom from one that is not poisonous. Children, particularly, are victims of mushroom poisoning.” From University of Virginia Health System. Instructions on what to do .

Some statistics on mushroom poisoning in U.S. 1989 AAPCC (American Association of Poison Control Centers) “…found that of 9,208 total cases of exposure, the species involved was identified in only 3.4%. Most patients (81%) were younger than 6 years. Only 0.2% of the patients had major toxic manifestations, and the mortality rate was extremely low (0.03%). All 3 deaths involved amatoxin-containing species such as Amanita phalloides. Ten years later, the 1998 AAPCC data showed…: 9,839 reported cases of exposure, with 69% involving children younger than 6 years. The species was identified in only 12% of cases, with only 1 death” source  The rate is higher in some other countries. A very interesting read is  An Overview of Mushroom Poisonings in North America. There is also a link to some interesting looking recipes, mushroom fairs, and lists of species displayed.

On Plastic Containers – Beware the chemicals in plastic containers. You will notice, there are no packaged foods/meals on my list. For one thing, nutritionally they are often a waste of money. Also, be aware that foods in plastic are generally not purchased due to the chemicals PVC, BPA, Styrene, and DEHA in many of the plastic containers, plastic linings of much canned goods, and food wraps. If you must use plastic containers, use those with a recycle mark of either 1, 2, 4, 5 and do not use 3, 6, or 7 unless the 7 is also marked as bio-based. I have found that on some containers you cannot see the recycle emblem in the plastic except from the inside of the container on the bottom after you have finished its contents. But usually it is on the outside of the bottom and can be seen unless there is a label of some sort over it. Do not microwave in plastic.   For general information:  Smart Plastics Guide – Healthier Food Uses of Plastics for Parents and Children. A good introductory article at is More-Safe-Water-Bottles-that-Are-Actually-Dangerous.  For another source:  Green Living Community

On trailmix– Depending on the trailmix there could be nutrients in there you are not normally getting. For the very good type, it is sort of like multivitamins in eatable form although this is certainly an exaggeration.

On Brewer’s yeast – you may have to go to a health food store to get this but worth the trip. If you are not eating that much meat or are a vegetarian, it is very important for giving you the B vitamins you will normally not be getting in the foods you eat. 



Combo Protein Rice With Sliced Sweet Potato Bun. Now I am really out of food. Must see if today is my day to go shopping. Hope it is or tomorrow will be bleak. No. I still have 1 cup of instant oats, the left over of this rice, miso paste, flour, olive oil, spices, nuts and seeds, peanut butter, chutney, lentils, coffee, powdered creamer, and brown sugar. Oh, and something left over in the freezer from months ago which I have not gotten around to looking at. And, since I still have  coffee and sunshine, maybe one more day.  But the rain keeps coming and I finally broke down and went to the store and got: Eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, hummus, mayonnaise. Clearly, I have to go again – when the rain lets up.

The Rice contains:
3 tbsp high protein fermented soy miso
heaping tbsp tomato paste
chug of mild chutney
sunflower seeds
sesame seeds
tbsp olive oil
tsp oregano
tsp basil
tsp thyme
tsp garlic powder
tsp turmeric
tsp cayenne pepper sauce
brewer’s yeast
red wine to taste
small amount of salt and pepper to taste
Put it in water with the rice and let it boil on low flame until done adding water as needed. Or, you can cook the rice in the usual way and create a sauce in the frying pan with all the rest of the ingredients to add to the rice or use as a topping. Previous sweet potato pie sliced and served cold.




Spaghetti Salad. Really delicious.
Cooked the spaghetti, onions, garlic until spaghetti done. Strain it and cool it by 2-3 changes of cold water in the sauce pan straining each time. Add chopped up lettuce, sliced cherry tomatoes, 2 heaping tbsp mayonnaise, 1 tbsp olive oil, heaping tsp each of basil, thyme, 2 dashes pepper, salt to taste, dash of red wine (optional), and top with at much cayenne pepper as your palette thinks it can stand. Licking the mixing bowl was better than the frosting bowls – well, not quite, but very good.

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