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November 18th, 2009 · 94 Comments

What To Do About A Diagnosis of Herpes
This is an answer to a post
asking what to do after receiving a positive report for Herpes. Negative means you don’t have it. So, besides answering the post, I felt that so many people have this problem, that I would devote a page to it after doing some of my own research.

Original post from viewer:
“had recently herpes virus found in my blood. what I have to do??? I’m in panic…”

I just saw your post about wondering what to do when just diagnosed. From what I understand, some estimate that close to 20% of the population is effected which would mean that at least 60 million people have it in the U.S. alone not to mention other countries, so you are not alone. According to all accounts, it is treatable and can be made dormant which makes it less infectious, and you can live a totally normal life.

One view is that herpes appears when the immune system is compromised or when a person is under stress. Below are a number of sites which suggest ways of improving the immune system specifically to prevent herpes from appearing through the avoidance of certain foods and the addition of other foods and herbs to your diet which will significantly help the condition.

Also, I ran across a site which appears to do what it says it can do. I have attached two independent reviews which agree. To check it out, I purchased it and after reading, tend to agree that this could be an answer if the instructions are followed. See under POSSIBLE CURE at number 5 below.


1. There are several FORUMS which discuss this problem

Be sure to see this truly excellent forum and information site

Another good forum you might want to look at is yoshi2me: It has many, many people on their message board who are telling their story, receiving information and help from others, and advice, all run by someone with herpes. It has a great deal of useful information which can be of help.

One of the ways of treating herpes is by eating a number of ordinary foods like diary products – cheese, yogurt and beets, apples, avocado, soybean, etc. which contain a high amount of an amino acid Lysine, and reducing but not avoiding some other foods such as chocolate, nuts, some fruits, etc. which contain high amounts of another amino acid Arginine. The appearance of herpes on the skin and its ability to infect cells is dramatically reduced. Lysine can also be taken as a supplement (usually in pill form), and it has been suggested that it is better to take the supplement and eat normally while avoiding only some of the high Arginine foods. The reason for this is that both enzymes are absolutely essential to bodily functions and growth, and to add Lysine as a supplement means that you do not have to give up many foods with Arginine. To see what Lysine and Arginine do for you, check below in the appendix section. Source: Foods to Avoid With Cold Sores for Permanent Relief

A page on the forum which discusses Lysine is The most important post to read is the one by HC-Support near the bottom of the  forum page.

An extremely good page on the forum describes other conditions which can be confused with herpes.
But, it is important that you be tested to find out what you have, and not be treating something as herpes when it is not, particularly if it is also very infectious, or possibly non-transmittable to others. Be aware that some of the photos attached as links only (no photos on the page itself) are very graphic.

I ran across this site which describes a number of Natural & Home Remedies for Herpes 
Very good summary. Well worth taking a look at.

Natural Herbal Herpes Treatment? One herb may have the potential of being of benefit to herpes sufferers. The plant is Prunella Vulgaris otherwise named all-heal, heal all, woundwort, self heal. It is a weed found in many places worldwide, and in every State and Provence of the U.S. and Canada.  Can be obtained in supplement form. Be sure to get it only from a trusted pharmaceutical or natural food outlet. Video of prunella vulgaris growing wild in the backyard

a. A page which looks at the whole immune system and suggests what will help build your body to resist and to relieve herpes. Very good article.

b. Use of herbs to improve the immune system and reduce herpes

c. An article which discusses at length the benefits of dealing with herpes through the use of lemon balm, sage, and peppermint which are all available in oils and other forms at a naturalistic pharmacy.

d. In terms of garlic which has been testified to by many as helping and even preventing herpes, this is a very good article to read.

e. Here is someone who has a very interesting story, and may be of help. I am giving the source only for your own information. It may in fact be valid. I do not know.

Tested Negative. Further on the above, I located a blog of a guy who did the MMS thing and finally tested negative for herpes over a significant period of time. 
And here is a comment left on his blog by someone:
“I think its great that you’ve continued posting updates on this blog, keeping it current, long after you finished with MMS. Not only did you persist with the difficult MMS protocol in order to achieve 15dropsx3, you documented it every step of the way and still post long after the fact! You’re the only MMS “guinea pig” like this that I can find and its is a valuable resource. Great job and thank you!”  This comment is found at the bottom of the page in that site with all the other comments. 

There are a great many sites promising quick cures, treatments, etc.

Most Promising One
The one which seemed to be the most credible to me is Cold Sore Freedom In 3 Days (coldsorefreedomin3days) – How I safely cured my cold sores for life
The presenter is quite young, so the ‘for life’ bit has not been tested. I have not tried it, although I read the book, but if you decide to do so and it’s rubbish, tell me. I can not refund your money but she says she will. Apparently it is a best seller. See the reviews below.

Review 1:  Better Life Product Reports. Independent review of coldsorefreedomin3days 
At least for now, it is about the fourth review down on the page, after healthy lifestyle, fat burning, and earth4energy.
Review 2:
Also check out Ricky Lin’s review: 


APPENDIX FOR THIS ARTICLE (This is not necessary to read, but it gives details on the enzymes Lysine and Arginine and the major food sources for them):

Description of what Lysine and Arginine do for the body
LYSINE. “It is needed for growth and to help maintain nitrogen balance in the body. It also may help the body absorb and conserve calcium. Lysine also helps form collagen which makes up bone cartilage and connective tissues and aids in the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. Some studies have shown that lysine may be effective against herpes and is therefore often prescribed by doctors to people with cold sores or genital herpes.  Lysine at Diet and Fitness

ARGININE. “It promotes wound healing and regeneration of the liver. It also promotes the release of hormones including glucagon, insulin, and growth hormone. This effect of arginine on growth hormones has led body builders to experiment with this amino acid to assist muscle growth. Arginine also helps remove excess ammonia from the body, stimulates the immune function and may act as a natural blood thinner by reducing platelet aggregation and may help cholesterol level regulation. Arginine is also needed to increase protein synthesis, which can in turn increase cellular replication. Some studies have shown that men with low sperm counts experienced an increase in the number of sperm when supplemented with arginine. Arginine is also a precursor to nitric oxide, which the body uses to keep blood vessels dilated, allowing the heart to receive adequate oxygen. Researchers have begun to use arginine in people with angina and congestive heart failure.”  Arginine at Diet and Fitness

Major Food Sources of Lysine and Arginine
at gives an overall description of the enzyme, what it does for the body, foods with high ratio of lysine to Arginine, symptoms of deficiency.
“…the major food sources containing a high lysine to arginine ration are: fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk, cheese, beans, brewers yeast, and mung bean sprouts. Most fruits and vegetables also have a lysine ratio over arginine, with the exception of peas. Lysine is lacking in cereal proteins”
ARGININE at gives an overall description of the enzyme, what it does for the body, foods high in Arginine, symptoms of deficiency.
“Foods rich in arginine are: peanuts, peanut butter, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, walnuts, almonds, chocolate, coconut, cereal grains including white and whole wheat flour, dairy products, gelatin, meat, oats, soybeans, and edible seeds. It is also found in smaller amounts in peas, non-toasted cereals, garlic, and ginseng.”

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