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More about E coli and spices

June 17th, 2011 · 1 Comment

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The Against-All Eggs 
This will take care of everything, or it is my time. There is so much protection here that I feel I am safe from anything except a space ship falling directly on me. And the odds of that happening in this life time… well, maybe the next, but you get the picture. 
– 2 eggs  
– cucumber 
– oregano – a huge amount. If it is not fresh, just be sure that all the small hard sharp stems have been removed. I think they can be dangerous. The health advantages of oregano, other than against certain microbes, is immense.  
– thyme with sumac and sesame seeds – a lot 
– cayenne pepper – lots 
– parsley – for effect and its high C against arthritis, folic acid protection against – heart attack, and general anti oxidant which may be effective in neutralizing cigarette smoke. So really pour it on.  
– basil – possible protection at the cellular level against radiation and damage caused by oxygen, plus being anti-bacterial (see above link).  
– virgin olive oil used in frying the eggs in a stainless steel skillet heated just to the point of smoking, so the eggs do not stick. Also drizzled on the cucumbers. 
– hummus with tahini 
– Downed with a cup of coffee, with cinnamon which is the ultimate shield, with 5 drops of Stevia and milk. 

Another version with salsa and broccoli sprouts. No cayenne, but plenty of thyme, parsley, oregano and sweet basil. 
The eggs here are the carrier for a significant amount of internal body armor. What they do for the body physically, is second only to the peace of mind they deliver. 

Spices and The E coli Thing 
This dish is for when you feel you are missing something but not sure what.

– onion 
– mushrooms 
– sweet bell pepper 
– the squash of course 
fried on low flame in coconut oil for about as long as it takes to feed the cat. And if you don’t have a cat, get one. Great company. Makes no demands. Well, almost none, except for when the hour hand points at the appointed feeding time. And then there are the times she just comes to tell you she loves you. And then of course, there is the timing function which can be invaluable to a dish which has not lost all of its nutrients in the cooking process.  

– Add the sunflower sprouts just 1 minutes before the end. The minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in this dish are unbelievable. 
The photo was taken before pouring on the spices, in particular thyme mixed with sumac and sesame seeds (called za’atar  in the Middle East’atar) which totally obliterated the view. Since thyme is one of the major antibacterials, the amount I put on depends on how long the ingredients have been out.  

And E coli? Along with oregano, cinnamon (no, not in this dish), turmeric, sage and several other spices, they may be able to protect you against just about any negative form of E-coli and other bacterials making the rounds. I think that the spice traders fared better than the average citizen in the plague. And I once read that the grave robbers covered themselves with a few of them. Must have known something we have forgotten in the meantime.  The ancient spice trade was not just a question of taste but of survival.  
Check out the links below: 
The antibiotic properties of living foods, carry none of the natural resistance developed by bacteria to the overuse of artificial antibiotics. 
Effectiveness of natural antibiotics 
excellent article on the types and uses of natural antibiotics and their effetiveness over artificial. 
O104 is resistant to more than a dozen antibiotics in eight classes: penicillins; streptomycin; tetracycline; the quinolone nalidixic acid; the sulfa drug combination trimethoprimsulfamethoxazol; three generations of cephalosporins; and the combination drugs amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, piperacillinsulbactam, and piperacillintazobactam.”|de|drug%20resistance 
Drug resistance of natural antibiotics drug resistance and use of phage. 

Looked around and there was nothing. 
Well, almost nothing 
– some walnuts I use instead of coumadin for my 20 year old DVT (plus almonds and pecans: put them in boiling water for the count of 8, rinsed)  
– mushrooms which I had forgotten about in the sack on the floor 
– an old slightly shriveled bell pepper 
– an onion (had lots of those) 
– the turned/turning (as in going) goat feta  
– 2 slices of Swiss cheese. 

With all of the spices 
– sweet basil (out but two flakes left in cannister) 
– oregano (go through it for sticks) 
– thyme (out but 1/8 tsp left) 
– rosemary (go through it for sticks) 
 – parsley (out) 
– sea salt 
– pepper (out but I saw a couple of specks when I shook the cannister) 
After spices mixed in, 
Really great! 

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  • 1 Dr. Paul Blake, N.D. // May 11, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    You are right about eating cayenne peppers with eggs, I can eat the hottest peppers on the planet as long as I have some egg dish to eat them with. Twenty years ago when I had prostate cancer the naturopath said I must get down as much 200,000 plus HU cayenne as possible (no capsules) to move the blood and herbs to my prostate. Didn’t know about the eggs then so I made tea and gulped it down, tomato juice and also gulped it, fruit juices and also gulped them and ended up with plenty of blisters in my mouth. But I beat the cancer and I still use napalm grade cayenne and fresh peppers at every meal, mmmm good!

    Happy Healthy Trails
    Doc Blake

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