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A Whale Rescue; The Turning Point On Alzheimer’s

November 9th, 2011 · 1 Comment

In this edition: The rescue of a whale and its reaction which is one of the most fantastic things I have seen, plus an amazing story of a recent discovery related to Alzheimer’s which may be the turning point on this disease, and of course, the regular dishes plus special dill pickles.

Absolutely beautiful. It is really worth living – just to see this.

Alzheimer’s treatable? preventable?
We still don’t know what causes it. And 99% of everybody, and that’s quite a few people, say that it isn’t curable and it can’t even be successfully treated – at least not yet. But that appears to be about to change.

Read the following article to get one version of what happened in the real world with one researcher, and the links to others who have experienced similar reactions. It’s amazing. To make a long story short. A medical doctor’s husband had Alzheimer’s and had totally lost his personality, ability to remember, and could not even talk coherently. She heard of two programs which were testing a new drug for Alzheimer’s and since nothing which he was taking was helping, decided to enroll him. They went to the first and after the husband was evaluated, the administrator came out and said that the husband Alzeimer’s was so severe they could not accept him. Totally depressed, she went home and while waiting for the next  interview, ran across something about coconut oil and its possible beneficial effect on Alzheimer’s. So she said to herself ‘why not?’.  She bought and gave him some coconut oil the morning of the second interview. They went for the interview, and since there was no change in her husband she figured that he would probably be rejected again. After the evaluation, the evaluator came out and said that he had done very well on the test (the same test which had been given on the previous interview) and was accepted for the trial. It appears that it takes about 3 hours for the beneficial effects of coconut oil to have an effect on the brain cells and the effect had kicked in during the evaluation. One of the reasons for this effect on the system may have something to do with the fact that coconut oil is made up mainly of fatty acids which are joined together in medium chain triglycerides which the liver matabolizes into keytone bodies which are very easily assimulated as fuel by the neurons in the brain, while almost all other oils we use are long chain. Whether or not this is the reason for its effect on Alzheimer’s, on with the story. So she decided to continue with the coconut oil. One day the husband came downstairs laughing and talking coherently and joking like his former self.  She says that she had gotten her husband back. And the improvements (while not total) have remained over time. She contacted a researcher Dr. Richard Veech at the Natonal Institute of Health (NIH) in the U.S. who could verify what had taken place based on his experiements. The 5 part video gives the details and is really worth viewing. This transformation has also occurred to others, and I include below a video of another couple.

Article summarizing the above:
What if there was a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and no one knew? A case study by Dr. Mary Newport. Especially see drawing of clock at bottom of page.
Available through Amazon

Since I live in Israel, here is an on target article in Hebrew:
שמן קוקוס תרופה טבעית לאלצהיימר? ריפוי בשמן קוקוס

And this interview in 5 parts is worth every minute you spend watching it. An interview with Dr. Newport’s experiences with Alzheimer’s and the use of coconut oil for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s. Also mentioned is the work of Dr. Veech a researcher at NIH.
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Another case of Alzheimer’s and the use of coconut oil
An interview on a different case of Alzheimer’s and the effects of coconut oil and naicin!

A new book by Dr. Fife backed by years of research including a diet which will prevent and even stop the effects of Alzheimer’s, dimentia and other neurological diseases: Stop Alzheimer’s Now
“A must read for everyone concerned with Alzheimer’s disease…the author explains how diet modifications and the addition of coconut oil can drastically change the course of the disease”. –Edmond Devroey, MD, The Longevity Institute
Have not yet read it but it has some very good reviews.

The first question everyone asks – isn’t it fattening?
Well, no and it actually helps the body reduce weight. Listen to the following, to find out why we have been led to think of it as fattening.
Dr. Mercola: Is Coconut Oil REALLY Healthy?
It emphasizes the fact that you should never use hydrogenated coconut or any other type of hydrogenated oil.
Use only virgin coconut oil or other virgin or natural oils.


How to use it? Here is one.
Pure undiluted coconut oil on a biscuit with real strawberry jam. Absolutely delicious!

 Two teaspoons three times a day, and there are so many ways to use it because at room temperature it is hard but melts when you eat it, has almost no taste, and the body apparently loves it. Over the years there has been a lot of research on what it does in the body and how it can help in a large number of conditions, but few had connected it with Alzheimer’s.  See the list by Dr. Fife

Homemade dill pickles
You can have them also. But then, you would have to know my daughter. Of course, you can get them at the super, but it’s not the same.
The important thing here is the fact that the spread, on which the sandwich filling rests, is 80% coconut oil plus a lot of herbs and spices. The story of Alzheimer’s above tells you why that’s important.

The Perks
It’s the perks in life that make it worth all our effort, aside from the survival aspect and fulfillment of goals sort of thing. That smile from friends when they see you, or the smile from the girl in the coffee shop, because you gave her a big tip last time, or because she thinks you are the nicest person in town, well in the neighborhood, or let’s say the shop when you are the only one in there. No matter! The important thing is the smile. It makes it all worthwhile. It’s like the blob of strawberry jam on the spelt and the small piece of goat feta on the egg. They make the breakfast. Try giving some – you’ll make someone’s day. No, not the feta and jam.
By the way, that spelt is great, especially when all the water has dissipated when cooking it – even if it means putting it through the strainer and back into the pan for a last minute on high flame. It becomes an entrée and not mush – very important conceptually. Not that I’m against mush as such, but sometimes mush just does not say anything to you, although  in most cases that is exactly what we need when we have just gotten up. But at other times, it just isn’t enough. The egg was fried in coconut oil, and the spelt was boiled and coconut oil added to ‘moisten’ the drying flakes.  

Basmati Rice
Rice slightly underdone, but who can wait forever. Hoped my stomach would give me some slack. Actually gave it a slightly chewy feeling which was great. Will do it again. Soft rice just has no character, I don’t care where it comes from, or who brought it up.
slightly underdone basmati rice
1 small onion
1/2 bell pepper
1/2 zucchini squash
sea salt
1 capful kikkoman soy sauce
fried in coconut oil
I would even invite someone over for this one.

Vegetable quinoa stew with an egg.
Didn’t think I could get it out of the pan successfully, hence the photo within.
All my eggs have come out with broken yokes, until I decided to use both hands.
There’s a solution for every problem. You just have to find it.


My lunch

A salad as always. I feel that it’s sort of boring, but if I’m healthy who am I to complain.
Nothing new here: romaine, egg, goat feta cheese, bell pepper, spices, herbs, olive oil, Kikkoman fermented soy sauce. But, just to  be able to say that there is balsamic vinegar in there, I had to stand a full 15 seconds with the empty bottle upended to get 3 drops of the stuff. 

Breakfast – The best of all worlds

grapefruit, avocado slices, 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, walnuts and raisins with maple syrup, and the spices turmeric, thyme, oregano, basil, sea salt. Could be fried in coconut oil with a small amount of olive oil to help seal the pan so that the eggs would not stick.

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