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March 27th, 2013 · No Comments

Best of Friends
 The dog was brought to the park, and a
young cat living in the park came running
over and nuzzled up.
Learned something different today 
I know that my cat knows time. She comes to me within 2-3 minutes of 11:00 for lunch every day. 
Once she didn’t come and I was very worried. Sauntered in towards the middle of the afternoon. Had had other fish to fry – so to speak. There were two other times when she was gone for a day or two. Apparently, someone had fetched her ‘found her fetching’ and had thrown the lock. Now, I feel for the ‘new’ owners because she did not come back. Very sad. But she has been with me since she was a kitten, and we’re getting up there – both of us, so I guess precedence rules. And anyway, I like to think that she would run away from them again, even if they did find her, causing them to realize that the situation was hopeless.  
Well, to get back to today. My younger cat started making noises for lunch.  So I looked at the clock. It was an hour early, and I told her that she would have to wait. Much too early. She acted like she didn’t hear me. Does that a lot. I gave her a treat – didn’t help. She was rubbing up against my legs and talking. Suddenly, my eldest, Attackit, came in and made her time-for-lunch sound. I was fixing a snack for myself and told them that it was much too early – what had happened? But as I sat down to eat, realized that if I was going to eat, so should they. Laid down the plate, got up and fixed lunch – for them an hour early. Apparently, all of us were working on the time since breakfast and not the clock. I had gotten up an hour early this morning which I almost never do. And they eat first. So now it’s quiet around here. 
Middle Eastern Cure  
This is a culinary surprise which is the Middle Eastern Cure you won’t find anywhere else. 
It’s the sanitizing dish that can solve so many of your health problems you’ll certainly know you ate it.  
None of this working at the computer and looking down only to find your plate empty. 
Actually, I don’t know what it does but it tastes great, and each of the ingredients does so much for you on their own that together your body will figured that it’s finally been saved. 
All the measurements are approximate since I never measure. So take the tablespoon measurement as merely a helpful guide to whatever is really in there. 
heaping tablespoon or 2 of hummus 
From a heaping teaspoon upwards to a heaping tablespoon of cayenne pepper flakes (if ground, be sure to use less) 
1-2 heaping tablespoons cottage cheese 
2 heaping tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed 
1 teaspoon cinnamon 
3-4 drops Stevia or a capful of pure maple syrup. 
To really put the finishing touches in, add a teaspoon of the fantastic yellow spice turmeric. 
Only 3 comments:  
1 Have a glass of water handy, but don’t skimp on the cayenne pepper. That alone can save you. 
2 The cinnamon, the cayenne and the turmeric are all sanitizers in their own right. Which I think has saved me many times from questionable food (get a lot of that living alone and cooking for myself). There are a number of foods and spices which are actually antibiotic besides each having many other healthful qualities for the body.   
3 Oh, and the turmeric. Be sure it is not curry powder, which besides having the turmeric in it as one of the ingredients also according to various sources may or may not have any combination of other spices: bay leaf, caraway, cardamom, chili, cinnamon, clove, coriander, coconut milk, cumin, curry leaf, fennel seed, lemon grass, mustard seed, nutmeg, different peppers. In other words, the turmeric and its curcumon which is the basis of much of its medicinal value, may be highly diluted. While turmeric is generally considered safe to ingest, there might be some side effects, and certain persons probably should not use it at certain times – see—Discover-the-Dangers-of-Turmeric-Supplementation&id=3141480. I, on the other hand, use a lot of it – about 2 tablespoons a day. 
Some of the things coconut does for you 
A great article which I just ran across by a guy 73 years old who lives in Hawaii and knows why coconut oil does what it does. He mentions quite a few things the it will do for you, and doesn’t’ even get to mention Alzheimer’s which I think is one of the great pluses, but then that discovery is rather recent. I think he uses more coconut oil than I do, which is getting up there.  Why coconut oil stands out as today’s most amazing superfood

Never use the last of anything 
Unless it is the absolute last. The bread was getting stale and had a slight mold. Put it in the oven to toast. Put butter on and realized that I had nothing else. Remembered I had finished the honey, but kept the jar. There was half a teaspoon of honey left for half a slice of bread. Seemed fitting. Still did not throw away the jar – by heating it and melting the very small amount on the sides, could get one more serving out for next time. Probably still won’t thrown it out because honey jars are just the right size for shaking batter for single pancakes. 
 The cats are doing what cats do
– eating and sleeping. Except that the ‘new’ cat is very particular about the cat box. Need to change it every day or she digs up the flower boxes which is not my preferred method of gardening. Plus the fact that the flowers don’t seem to like it much. And as for my cats and eating, sometimes they won’t eat until I pet them. Maybe it’s like having an official taster. If I pet her she figures I’m not trying to get rid of her. But then again, maybe it’s just that form of communication and love we all need. 

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