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I’m Back

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Most of my dishes I’ll never try again. Not because they’re not good but just because I never seem to have the same ingredients when I want something for lunch or dinner, and my appetite gives me exactly 12 minutes to satisfy it. But this one was something which I will actually try my hardest to replicate, which means keeping it in mind when I go shopping next time, which I have done for oatmeal with nuts and seeds for breakfast for about half a year now, but for nothing else.
So, in lieu of a photo, here is a verbal description – Delicious.
That is a word which I would not normally use for a lentil dish.
And the ingredients:

– that’s a symbol for pause while I went back and finished off the plate (it’s that good).
I’m back!

lentils – as much as you think you’re going to eat, which depends on how much you can’t stand lentils, body size, size of hunger pangs, etc.
Boil in water while the rest is being prepared.
cut up and dice 1/2 red pepper, 1/2 red onion, 4-5 garlic cloves
some dried wakame (very good for the iodine which you may be low on causing all sorts of problems (check it out. You really may be low which is really not good for you). And if you’re pregnant – extremely important for the new baby in terms of IQ and a lot of other things (see the link below).
Put it all in when the lentils are done, (more or less) and add lots of coconut oil, and if the water has just about disappeared, a small amount of water and cover.
Cook for another 3-4 minutes; transfer to plate
Add salt, oregano, sweet basil (didn’t put it in but would have made it even better), turmeric (and I’m talking about at least a tablespoon or more, and not the way we usually use spices, which is something on the order of the way we use salt, which is just not enough), a small amount of black pepper to help in the digestion of the turmeric, and, if you have it, a bit of butter.


Iodine in your pregnancy diet 
7 Foods Rich in Iodine


The great pick-me-up
Since lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are both so good for you for any number of reasons (from cleaning out, shoring up, keeping it going, destroying what needs to be destroyed and settling everything, what have you), I decided to mix the juice of half a lemon together with 2-3 tablespoons of ACV (that’s apple cider vinegar for those of us who don’t do so well with initials – can never get the hang of it), and 8 drops of Stevia to make a truly incredible cocktail before everything else in the morning. It tastes great. Then, since I can’t wait for that freezing part of grating frozen lemons onto whatever to add all of the extras which the peel of the lemon gives you, I just grate (on the large part of the grater) some of the peel on my oatmeal and nuts, under the cinnamon and maple syrup, and I figure that I’m ready for another day of disappointments (why not tell it like it really is most of the time) with the surprises which make life more than worth living. Which is why I know that I’ll come back in, after it’s all over. Which is maybe why I’m learning Spanish, because I certainly don’t plan on using it on this round.

She wanted more of the attention than the food
Although she didn’t turn that down either.
But immediately asked for more petting when she finished, before leaving me again for the night. I’m just very glad that she enjoys wherever she has found an alternative whatever.
I’m talking about my cat.
And I’m left with no-ney (short for No Name) who never leaves. When she doesn’t like the smell of the cat sand box, she digs up the flower pots to pee. And when I pet her, she constantly moves, turning to mock bite me, making her sound interspaced with purring. Whenever I move away from the desk she is immediately out of the delivery box which she has temporarily designated as THE sleeping place, and is weaving back and forth between my legs with her incessant meow, which in her case is maya-awwwwe. And when she is not waiting on the other side of the door to dart into the room I don’t want her in, she’s going out the window and up the sheer wall to my second floor porch to the part of the apartment which is off limits. And when I tell her that she’s “a pain in the a**,  but she’s a nice kitty” she doesn’t seem to hear either the disapprobation or the complement, and just keeps doing whatever is so exasperating, whether it’s sniffing the cat litter and then searching for a nice potted plant, or constantly getting between me and what I’m trying to do, if it’s on her level, wherever.

By the way
check out for excellent spell checking (most of the time) and grammar checking. I’m not being paid for this advertisement, but I use it so often I thought I really should give something back. Haven’t used the grammar part, which is why I can get away with such grievous errors.

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