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Another day following its predestined path

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Saying for the day, or month or year depending on when I have the next: As with many things, the beginning is always the easiest. We are sort of just in the middle of it before we realize. It’s the continuation that’s difficult. Which is why most things only have a beginning. 
I did tens of thousands of moves today and accomplished a great deal, but made few if any conscious decisions. Everything just flowed, one after another without thinking. There was a moment when I did not know what to do, so I just stopped and stood there until I found myself moving in a direction I had only contemplated previously as a possibility with very little probability. Such is most of life. If you think you’re in total control, think again.
Eggs With Whipped Cream and Cottage
Photo says it all except for the turmeric and pinch of black pepper I put on afterwards when I was just too hungry to photograph.
Preparation: shook the cream in a smallish jar until it was simply unshakable. Added two eggs, shook two more times and poured into a hot pan with melted butter. Slid onto plate and added cottage cheese (in this case 3%) plus oregano and salt. Fried the mushrooms, and then added lots of turmeric.
One of the best answers to the yokes vs whites controversy that I have come across
Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You In brief: whole eggs much healthier since the yoke contains the main nutrients, and the body itself balances out the cholesterol, while its higher calories actually help burn off body fat. This is especially so from free roaming chickens. The yoke is gold. Doesn’t say anything about the contentment factor and what that may mean in terms of the recommended eggs from range free chickens who get to eat what they want from the barn yard. And talking about contentment, there is the part about always having your eggs swiped each morning or whenever. But then, without access to the rooster, it may be a case of ‘who cares?’
The meal above was accompanied by green tea (2 bags, both of which had sen [seen] better times – like last night). 

One of the few if any decision points which I faced today: whether to add the letter ‘e’ before or after the ‘e’ which is in the word ‘sen’ above. Never had something like this before. I decided to put it before although, as I was in the process, it felt wrong. Should have been put after, but once it was in place, a seemingly pointless operation. Of course, I took it out to preserve the original state for purposes of this comment, with the ‘ee’ in brackets flowing naturally in perfect order from left to right. Problem solved? Not really.
Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar together?
For a while now I’ve been drinking half a squeezed lemon and 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar with 7 drops of Stevia and water to the top of the glass. Just thought it was healthy. Now I know why. I ran across this article which is great – includes all the health benefits of 10 advantages of morning AVC tonic: apple cider vinegar, lemon and water  – be sure to rinse your mouth afterwards – the article warns: since apple cider vinegar and lemon is acidic and can erode tooth enamel, it is best to rinse your mouth afterwards with fresh water and NOT brush your teeth for about 1/2 hour.
OK, this is the first real photo with my NEW phone. The bad photo has nothing to do with the camera or the phone but only the fact that I was hungry and didn’t know what I was doing or its effects, etc. 
Took me 12 minutes to find the camera (yes, the lens is on the back). Don’t like reading instruction booklets. Haven’t even looked to see if there is one. The wall almost received the phone. I swear I’ll get the hang of this system – one of these days. 
Somehow the ‘wake up’ setting had been set and I couldn’t seem to turn it off, the only thing which reacted was the snooze button. So I ended up snoozing even though I was up and fixing breakfast. Doesn’t give you long. Finally, just had to let it run out – at least the sound is not so bad. 
Back to the egg. This is an eggalmonlete. That’s some almond flour in with two eggs. Minus the egg shells fished out, plus some brewer’s yeast to protect against a flea problem I have almost conquered, and some milk. Put some bits of swiss cheese on top. Added turmeric which makes you live longer and sterilizes everything (well not everything but close to it)  and does 20 other things you never knew you could solve with some simple yellow stuff. Just so you’re in the know, a very good article on it,  The Health Benefits of Turmeric  plus a warning at the end  “…normally has no side effects but…”, high doses should not be taken if you have gallstones or bile obstruction, or are on blood thinners (consult doc).”  By the way, can take it as a pill, like just about everything else.
If you have never tried turmeric (curry is not the same thing), you are really missing out on something which could just add some serious living to your life. And if you want to go early, forget I ever said anything. And, then, if you don’t try it after the next article, you are either: 
on the short trajectory to the end,  
you can’t stand the color yellow,  
you don’t know where to buy it,  
or you didn’t read the article. 
NOW, continuing with the inexact measurement of everything – a bit of oregano, salt, and some black pepper to help digest the turmeric. And now to enjoy it cold after finding the photo thing to take the what turned out to be a lousy picture. 
Sunflower Sprouts and Juice
salad shootsScallions cut to tips (both ends), tomato, cucumber, sunflower sprouts and juice (the juice being one of the best parts, so don’t keep draining it out. Although how to drain it at the end? I just tip my plate up, but then I live alone. The juice is made up of water still dripping off the well washed vegetables, plus soy sauce (and this is where the real art comes in: 3-4 swigs – swipes, chugs (whatever you do when  making some go out the front end while swiping it forward in a sidewise position and stopping suddently – there must be a word for it. And here I teach English?), and the spices: thyme, oregano, turmeric, black pepper, za’atar, and salt. Add some Stevia (only 3 small drops of Stevia unless you want dessert), organic/natural  apple cider vinegar (ab 1 tbsp). See Cathy Wong on Apple Cider Vinegar – Health from soup to nuts (no, that’s not the title)  7 Health Benefits You May Not Know About (wow)  
The only problem with Cathy Wong’s version of ACV is that once you get to the ‘Side Effects and Safety Concerns’, you don’t want to use the stuff. But remember, she’s talking about undiluted, and long term use, excessive doses, and theoretical drug interactions.
 And did you know that you have the makings of a porch garden or whatever in the parts of greens you are throwing out when making vegetables or salads? According to the article below, it includes leftover parts of scallions, garlic, romaine lettuce, carrots, basil, lemmon grass, celery, onions and bok choy… we’ll stop there 13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves.
And to an entirely different but related topic:
The Constantly Miraculous
Call it what you will, but we really do not know what is going on in this world. 
I have to admit that there is something which we tend to write off as fortuitous, or luck or just random occurrences, but when we ask ourselves, we have to admit that there is actually something much more – whether built into the protracted occurrences of the entire system, the unseen hand of an overarching world or mind(s) which intervene(s) on what we would call the cause and effect level, or a mechanistic world in which everything is set from beginning to end. 
This does not have the great romantic overtones of a fateful moment or the great aha moments that occur in life, but a very mundane occurrence which was one of the hundreds occurring every day without our even noticing them. But in their own small way they are miraculous. 
Whatever you want to call it, this was one of those times. Had a small but constant leak in the bathroom which I could not stop. I went into the local hardware store and asked if he had a round wheel which would fit the screw of the plumbing so I could turn the valve and close it, to which he said “no”. So then I asked if he had a wrench which would fit the valve screw and he asked if I meant a wrench which can be adjusted moving back and forth to fit the size of the screw.  He showed me several and I said “no”, I had one of those and it didn’t work. So then he showed me another type which was precast to specific sizes and exactly what I had in mind but they were all too large. As he was showing me, something dropped on the floor which both he and I ignored. But, as I was finally deciding that all he had would just not help since they were all much too large and there was nothing which was the very small size I needed, I looked down, and there on the floor it was. I knew without measuring it that it was the right one, bought it, took it home and it was perfect, allowing me to turn off the water and save myself 100s of dollars in water bills. Yes, I know, just fortuitous, but then again… 
One of the local delicacies 
Yup, made it myself. With the labor intensive part of breaking up the walnuts and pecans making me truly appreciative of those who de-shell these nuts. What a way to make a living. 
The ginger is on the side, because I really don’t like it that much but what it does for you makes it an almost necessary part of any omelet or pancake which requires maple syrup (gives a balance to the tang of the ginger). If you really want to know what it does: 11 Benefits of Ginger That You Didn’t Know About 
Just noticed while taking the photo that one of the disks beside the dish (which I dragged out from somewhere to keep the cats off the desk) says 1980 written in my sloppy handwriting. Can’t imagine that I was saving stuff on disks that far back in time. Before most of the readers of this blog (if there are any) were born. The ingredients, since I am trying to keep away from white flour, is buckwheat flour (would have put almond flour in it but the ants have found their way through the plastic (actually biting holes in it) and I can’t hurt them, so at the moment I have a supply of flour which will keep the ants trundling up here for the next 10 years. Have to find a way of carefully separating the two. There are enough other sources of sustenance for the colony.  
To continue, two eggs and a bit of milk. The milk is kept in a jar in the freezer since the milk goes bad in about 4 days in the refrigerator (actually keep it in the original container since it was sterilized and will last far longer than any jar). Add coconut oil – no measuring on quantity. All on the fly, making each breakfast slightly different and some unphotographable, although not ineatable – depends on what you’re ready to eat. With my bad experiences in the kitchen, just about anything. 
Fried on smoking hot olive oil (yeh, I know, not good, but the only way to keep the stainless steel skillet from bonding with the egg – too many instances of that). And of course, cinnamon – makes it all worth while. Fantastic! 
Living Alone
If I keep going out with the feeling that each time may be my last, and keep coming back, I’m going to have to wash the floor.

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