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Life is counter intuitive. Everything you thought would happen is eclipsed by the unforeseen

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My cat Attackit is doing great except she’s upset with something right now. But usually, time is passed just sitting and waiting for the next meal (A repeat note on her name: As a small kitten she somehow found her way through the window into my apartment which is on the second floor, and in the total commanding fury of small kitten fluff defending territory, threw herself at top speed toward a hugh tom which had also interloped. I’ve never seen a big cat move so fast conceding territory to something 1/8 his size.)
Fast forward three years – Now she’s looking for a place to pee in the flower boxes, and when I tell her she’s not to, she flicks her tail as if to say ‘wish you hadn’t seen that’. I told her to go in the catbox or go outside. Seems she’s done the latter – or at least is somewhere contemplating it.
Wrote to a friend a number of days later:
Attackit has apparently left me. After coming a number of mornings from long nights away, she would come to me for petting, purring, and eating which was followed by disappearing to only reappear the next morning. Did this three times. I think she was sort of telling me she had found a new home, and that was her way of breaking it to me gently. She was a great kitty. I will miss her. I just hope she is happy where she is.
No-Ney never leaves. So I guess that’s some form of compensation, but there are some things that are irreplaceable. Have tears in my eyes.
Five Minute Omelet
Fast track to an omelet early in the morning after having fed No-Ney, the cat who gets what she wants, when she wants it, where she wants it by meowing and weaving in and out of my legs with constant purring. See, you can get what you want in life – it just takes using the right amount of meows, purrs, athletic dexterity, and singleness of purpose.
Of course, having the source or provider close at hand does help.
Procedure: Heat pan on low flame with sufficient olive oil to cover bottom. While heating, mix 2 eggs, a bit of water, some buckwheat flour and a small amount of baking soda (all carefully measured by eye) in a jar and shake, with the lid on of course. By this time, the oil is smoking. Pour and cover to cook while putting sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts into a strainer to be rinsed with boiling water from the coffee maker. And by this time, the omelet is ready. All of about 5 minutes. What takes time is taking the pictures. Solution: take no pictures.

This is what it looks like with the spices which almost obliterate all. Of course, it would have been better if I had put the spices on before the nuts and syrup but that would have taken forethought, something I’m in short supply of early in the morning.

Couldn’t find the omelet so this is the same thing (eggs) in a different form (scrambled) after putting all the spices on top. Includes cinnamon (powdered), ginger (powdered form), nutmeg (powdered), salt – and since we’re defining types (granulated).
Would have used milk instead of water, but I’m trying to find out what I’m allergic to, and milk is the next on the list to leave out. 

This isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done.
two egg answer

If you are on a low or non-sugar and a low or non-glutin diet, or trying to find out what is causing an allergic reaction and rash sort of thing, or on a ketogenic diet to lose weight, or trying to stem epilpsy, or want a power breakfast, or have run out of sugar and bread, or just like what you see, this is the breakfast for you.
Two eggs fried in butter with slices of goat cheese on top (no, I can’t find them either, but if I said they’re there, then they’re there), pecans, hummus with cayenne pepper and the regular spices turmeric, black pepper, thyme, oregano, salt.
I’m not going to say anything about the cayenne since I’ve covered it elsewhere, but it is absolutely amazing stuff. Just keep it in proportion to the hummus or tahini you have it in. Look it up or click here Cayenne Pepper  or here 17 Health Benefit of Cayenne Pepper 
And when we get to turmeric, it beats pharmaceutical drugs in preventing cancer

To see what else each of these these spices do, see The Healing Power of Spices
The spices of Asian cooking: Spices of Life

After that, you can see why I put so much of the spices on my dishes and why I add them after cooking. One of my dishes as an illustration:



A dark chocolate chip muffin.
The only thing that gets me out of the house each day for a 4 km walk. This gets me there – 2km. Then I have to get back home somehow.  Day before yesterday I cheated and took the bus. Wow, that felt good seeing all that scenery flash by.

Why I walk 4km each day

Why I walk 4km each day

Had to show you the inside with the dark chocolate!inside chocolate chip mufin


scrmbled eggs with spices 
Have resisted buying cauliflower because it seemed too big for one person. Then I heard someone say that cauliflower should be cut with a knife into small pieces. Just cut across the top. And the very next day I saw a small cauliflower — things sort of come together like that. Life is made up of things occurring in tandum.
Plus the fact that it does some amazing things for the body – just take a look at this for its health benefits and an amazing mashed cauliflower dish cauliflower
eggplant (cut into small pieces)
green stuff
garlic if I had had it
black pepper
coconut oil
Don’t cook it too much.

This has changed my thinking about cauliflower. Will actually buy it again – when I can find a small one.
This is cheat oatmeal
There are things which should not be in there, But I added them in token amounts as psychological support to enjoying breakfast – 5 raisins, 1/4 cap maple syrup (and let me tell you, that’s next to nothing), but you’d be amazed how much I look forward to the next bite knowing there might be a taste of them. I am trying the no sugar, no grain diet – and really, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. There are an amazing amount of things which I never thought of eating before which are actually quite good – like heavy (whipping) cream (unsweetened and no additions), lots of real butter, multiple eggs per day, lots of tomatoes, broccoli, sauerkraut, oatmeal, and the list goes on and on. It’s amazing the amount of stuff you really don’t require that we have based our life on – not only do we not need most of it, but because it gives so little of what we do need, we look for more and more as we try desperately to make up for whatever is lacking.  The keto diet basic principle: Instead of carbohydrates (sugars, grains, fruits),  get the body to start burning fat by giving it nothing but good fats, proteins, roughage and ….really does give all of the nutrients and roughage you need once you’ve made the transition. It’s making the transition that’s the difficult part psychologically, and just getting to the point where you have stocked up on what is really necessary without all of the sugars, fruits, and grains.
Ingredients: whey powder, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, coconut oil, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg.
About 9 small drops of Stevia take up the rest of the necessary space in the taste department.

An excellent overview of protein powder and alternatives Is Your Protein Powder Toxic

Doesn’t Everyone Eat Swiss Chard?
Found the photo for this dish. It was so out of focus that I can’t use it. But, the dish itself was incredible – for swiss chard. So I’ll talk about it anyway, and below give another rendition of chard with a better photo. 

This dish does 3 things which are very important:
First, it cooks all of the chard which otherwise would just sit there in the fridge and rot after the first few leaves are cooked. Swiss chard is one of my favorite greens, but have you had chard 3 times in a row?
Thought not?
Second, it uses the second half of the red pepper which would otherwise gather mold in the fridge.
Third, gave me a chance to pet the cat. Well, I didn’t have a third, and she didn’t come to me until I made  the smallest movement away from the desk in order to take the photo of the dish.

O.K., so after the photo, I shovelled it back into the pan with all the rest until I figure out how I’m going to keep two days worth of chard in the refrigerator. I’m running out of plastic boxes.
One of the great things about swiss chard is that the stems become tender and eatable, unlike celery, after just 3-4 minutes on the stove. Also, so as not to overcook the leaves and lose most of the vitamins, etc., another 2-3 minutes is enough. And it tastes great with onion and bell pepper with salt and whatever other spices you decide to put on it.
The process: I put the sliced onion and the cut bell (never have figured out the best way to cut a bell pepper) in the pan with some boiling water first (used the coffee maker to boil the water since I can never wait for that to happen), while thoroughly washing all of the chard, cutting the stems and leaves and adding them.
Spices: salt, pepper, thyme, sweet basil, oregano (didn’t have it), and za’atar.
Oil: 2 teaspoons of coconut oil, two heaping tsps pure butter.

 Another use for swiss chard
tempeh swiss chard squash spaghetti
Includes: swiss chard, summer squash, tomato slices, some strands of spaghetti, and separately fried tempeh. It all disappeared within 2 minutes after this photo.

Attackit came back today!!!!!
Gone for three weeks. She was suddenly there, acting sort of distant and unsure, so I almost thought it was another cat. When  I said “Attackit, you’re back!!!” and went toward her, she continued to act like a stray cat and wouldn’t let me touch her or even get close. So, I fed her and she disappeared, only to return about an hour later, all loving and as if nothing had happened. Almost as if she had been afraid of my reaction to her having left in the first place. Interesting… Can’t get out of her where she was all that time. But she’s much thinner. So dreams do have their down side.

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