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The Here and Now

December 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

A WinnerAn enterprising coffee shop with a patio put out a  chalkboard for the kids. 
                                                        This is a winner. 
Solving problems
Had a dream (some of them are good, and may even portend something which is about to happen or gives advice which it would  serve well to follow). Anyway, in the dream, I was standing in a long line which wasn’t moving. Asked why and got the answer that they had no change to give out on the purchases, and were waiting to receive it. So, I went over to the manager who was sitting on the outside and suggested that instead of waiting for someone from headquarters to rush over change through city traffic, at least half of the line could be served if they had the exact change. Whereupon he walked back into the shop (hopefully a good sign), and I woke up. And then I thought of all of the other possibilities: the customers can make the exact change between themselves, or there is someone with change who can make a loan and be given a percentage in return, or exchange their coins for larger notes, or the change received from those with exact amount will give the change needed for all the others who are waiting in line. Or, at the very least, go next door to the nickel and dime place and trade. Some things are simple if one has the right frame of mind. The solution is usually right infront of us. Or take Haks’ advice column which is really rather simple at base. It’s different forms of: dump the guy, tell everyone to mind their own business, get married anyway, cut the connection, ignore the in-laws, call the authorities, move to another city, adopt a kid, or grow your own (talking about a garden here). Of course, she has a better way of putting it, but in the end it’s all quite simple – until you actually try to do one of the above, which usually means that advice given is usually not taken and people follow their own path wherever it may lead. But, at least they have the feeling they have tried (which is very important). I’m still waiting to see if my dream is a sign of some sort to me.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –  an indication of time passed
Nope, not yet.

IMG_20131202_083355-001 Two Egg Omelet

Just had to photograph this – for the artistry of it. It’s a wonder what a little bit of warmth can do. Goes for many things. The underside we won’t talk about except to say that its sort of yellowish and white and very unappetizing. But when we get to the part of completing the ‘made for’ stuff, the taste is great. There are some similes here which I can’t come up with
so are apparently better left unsaid.




I surpassed myself with this
Started off with something else which rapidly changed into something different when I decided to use the last of the tempeh, which wasn’t that much.

But it’s the end of the month and I figure that I could survive another 6 days with what I have in my refrigerator and cupboard – which is basically nothing. Pickles made by my daughter, pickled cabbage (whatever that’s called), 7 eggs – 4 of which will go to the guy living on the street, the other half of the summer squash, some frozen hummus, some butter, and … well, that’s the refrigerator. Outside are some nuts and sunflower seeds, 2 tomatoes, an onion, oatmeal, spinach spaghetti, and some non-wheat flour, rice (which is really in the refrigerator for some reason), and that’s about it. At least I have cat food (no, for the cats), $10 and some change.

So, back to the dish which was great, unlike its predecessor (only eatable). Includes fried in olive oil spinach noodles (after soaking in boiling water for a while), onion, garlic, summer squash, the last of the tempeh fried in a separate part of the frying pan, and the spices oregano, turmeric, black pepper, salt, coriander. Try it sometime, but hopefully with more in the refrigerator as backup.

I’m Going Down 
I have been going down in my views per month. More recently had 3,000 views per month, which by ‘going viral’ standards is a drop in the bucket – in fact, not even noticeable except under a microscope. And now I’m down from that so must be doing something wrong. Perhaps I should stop eating, or taking photos of what I do eat, or get a better camera, or retire from the blogging business entirely. Any other suggestions? Trying to get comments switched back on so I can register the complaints, or advice which I clearly need.

I think WordPress turned off the comments because I was getting so much spam. Maybe a sign.
Words To Live By
If I had known in the past what I know now, my life would be exactly the same. There are some things better said than done, and they’re the things which should not be said. All the things I have to do, I’ll do in the next life, which gives me complete freedom to enjoy myself now.
And my attempt at Spanish (with help from Google) for the above: Si hubiera sabido en el pasado lo que sé ahora, mi vida sería la misma. Hay algunas cosas que mejor dicho que hecho, y ellos estan las cosas lo que no debe ser dicho. Todo las cosas que quiero que hacer, voy a hacer en la proxima vida.
And then there is ‘Este es un ensayo’.
Actually translated as ‘This is a rehearsal/test’ – which is in response to the sign I saw the other day: ‘ENJOY life. This is NOT a rehearsal’. My response: this IS a test so you can screw up as much as you want because you’ll get another chance, which is the way most of us live anyway, so why not acknowledge it and relax.
Fried apple and Tempeh
Fried apple slices and tempeh – and the green stuff
The broccoli is fried just enough to be eatable and still crunchy, along with red onion and garlic.
But the real winner is the tempeh with apple slices fried in olive oil. It’s really a taste treat.
Winter Patterns



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