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How Decisions Are Made

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Artist unknown.
A new wall was built around a  garden here. And on the following day, what looked like a layer of cement was added on top of the original blocks.  I thought – Brilliant! A way to keep wall painters from doing their own concept of wall art. This is a new form of art. And then there was the next day. A new layer of real concrete had been added and smoothed down flat. Oh well, so much for that idea.
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After a lot of thinking on how to save money, I decided NOT to have a muffin with my daily cappuccino, even though it is the one thing that gets me out of the house for my walk each day. So, there I was crossing the street: Can’t remember whether I was thinking about my decision or not, but I do remember thinking ‘That’s a strange place to stop a car, right in the middle of the road’ as I passed in back of it. Suddenly, it backs up and knocks me down. And as I fell, I do remember hoping that I would be able to get up. Two guys, one more shaken than I — must have been the driver —  rushed over and lifted me to my feet. The getting-up problem solved!
Then, all the questions about ‘Are you all right?’, ‘Do you need an ambulance?‘, ‘etc?’ I tried to reassure the driver that indeed I was OK – although a bit shaken. Then, while I was walking away still reassuring everyone that I was all right, I was trying to figure out why he had indeed backed up. Seems he had overshot a left turn.
I needed a muffin!

Selfie – together with what looks like a portrait of my last year
LISTEN TO YOURSELF – You May Know More Than You Think
I opened up the new bottle of gas which had just been delivered, after being sure the other, which was empty, was fully closed. Had decided to get only one bottle. Then, had an idea (it was one of those days). Why not put a little gas in the empty bottle so when I run out, I’ll still have a small backup although not really necessary because delivery here is great. Fast forward – finally ran out after 9 months (I don’t make soup) and called for a delivery. Since I didn’t know if my backup idea would work, when she said “Do you want it today or regular?, I answered “Today. Then she said “I’m trying to get the local crew but can’t get through so I’ll have them call you.” I waited and waited and by the time the local crew called, it was way past midday. “We can’t deliver today so the earliest will be tomorrow... and then her voice changed – that’s the marathon”, as she asked someone else “are we delivering with the marathon on?” and back to me “I’m sorry, but we can’t deliver until the end of the weekend (three days), and what we would have charged for one day service, we won’t charge you”. That’s nice.
Now I know why I had that idea to save some gas: the breakdown of the call transfer on the local level, and of course, there is always a marathon. In any case, when you have these ideas, listen – there is more going on then we know.

appliedturmericandcayenneYou’re thinking ‘Good grief. I’d throw it out’. But see what it does for you before doing that. And, by the way, it tasted great.
Not knowing how long I had with the saved gas, I cooked the vegetables for the evening meal along with the two grilled cheese sandwiches. I even fried the grilled cheese as open face to be sure both sides got an equal amount of the gas that was left.guaranteedinner

This is one lunch for the books. Covers a lot of healthy stuff including
turmeric on the grilled cheese.
fantastic sauerkraut which will solve problems you didn’t even know you had as well as some you do know. Check this out Surprising health benefits of sauerkraut. You might decide to start eating sauerkraut every day, or at least every other day… once a week?
a healthy portion of cayenne pepper (that’s right, the stuff that will make you wish you had never seen it. But, I found that you can get it’s health benefits and even enjoy it by mixing in some hummus along with a lot of sweet red pepper to take out some, if not all, of the bite.
In order to save on gas as well as the having to wait for whatever to cook, I have taken to making 3-4 times the amount of base (rice, beans, oatmeal, etc) at one time once every 3 to 4 days.  If the already cooked and saved base is something for dinner, then I simply add a new batch of slightly undercooked vegetables each day. The more stuff I add each time, the richer the base becomes, until it’s so rich even the fungus can’t resist it. When you find yourself fighting for space, it’s time to start fresh.
The example shows thick oatmeal (takes longer to cook than the regular quick cook or instant oatmeal but gives great texture (mush is mush, which this isn’t), raisins, walnuts, sunflower seeds, ground flax seeds, coconut oil. Added: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, maple syrup, butter.

I went through the store with the word ‘salad’ in my mind. Otherwise, I end up getting everything except salad stuff (and I needed it). Well, It worked, but I got the other stuff anyway.
Made the salad and decided to take a photo, but all the good stuff was at the bottom, so I had to go get it and put it on top. Remember this the next time you’re down, ‘the good stuff always falls to the bottom’. What you need is someone who cares enough to bring you piece by piece up to the top again.
Of course, there is another way and that is to turn the utensil you have prepared it in upside down onto the plate. Would have worked except that half the good stuff I had put on top was now on the bottom. Can’t win.
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