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Taken 2005 HaYarkon River at dusk  Copyright 2005 Morgan Thomas All rights reserved FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE TEMPORARILY SINGLE
or single and hating it, or loving it, or well... just anybody who
might enjoy a story or two

Guide to living alone and surviving
A monthly

Going it alone
from friends and family, the recently divorced
or in the midst of deciding, or suddenly alone due to a loss.
Stories, food, cooking, computer tips, dealing with loss,
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Hope it helps and that you will enjoy it.
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Volume 1 No. 4    DECEMBER 2007

Story of the Month
As told to Tamara

Emu Story  Copyright 2007 Morgan Thomas all rights reserved
photo source
This is the look she had when she
suddenly found herself in Africa

She said "Tell me a story"

And I told her about
The Emu Who Went To Africa

One day our friend the hippo in Africa met an emu. What's an emu? Its like an ostrich which is the largest bird in the world, but only a little bit smaller. And it is native to Australia, and although it has wings, it cannot fly, but it can run up to 50 miles per hour which is pretty fast. So now you might say "What is an emu doing in Africa?" Well, it just so happens that this emu was very confused. You see, she had been minding her own business way over in Australia when a dingo (that's the wild dog of Australia) started chasing her and she ran so fast and in such a panic that she ran right up the gang plank of a banana boat from Africa just pulling away on its return trip... click to continue story


Article of the Month

Handling Sense of Guilt

Forward by Tamara Deuel
"We are given grief and sadness but at the same time we are given love and beauty. And for our continuation we should not hold on to the pain, at least not with all of our power, but believe and live the life that is given to us with love and beauty and start to climb out of the darkness."

Guilt is a normal experience when someone close passes away.

We go through a series of stages during which we tend to blame ourselves, blame others, blame third parties, or the institutions which cared for the individual. But, foremost is the sense of personal guilt... click to continue article


Nice To Have Column

I was having difficulty with my computer and a popup appeared on the screen saying "you have very low disk space to effectively operate. Would you like to delete some files?" or something to that effect. I checked yes and the machine gave a list of deletions I could make. When I had made some deletions, another popup said "You have successfully solved your problem. Would you like to make more space available?"

Something like that for life would help a great deal.


Part IV: Types of Food and Vitamins
Continuation of Helpful Hints On
Eating Right Without Trying

This is not fun but important. I have attached the best sources I could find to help in this staying alive business. Hope it helps.

Basically, think of it this way: You should have some form of protein at every meal, along with something made of vegetable, fruit, oil, grain, carbohydrates, and the equivalent of 6-8 glasses of water per day. Today, I will start with carbohydrates and protein with very good links, and finally a little about supplemental vitamins. Which, if you are reading this, you probably need. It also covers Omega-3 and B12 which our bodies do not manufacture... click to continue article


Recipe of the Month

For those of you who like recipes, there are a few really good ones I have found. Plus: Don't fold snacks, and a piece on pancakes in a jar.

  • World's Healthiest Foods An excellent site along with a wealth of other material on healthy living.

  • Cooking for one Reading her recipes made me hungry, but there is no way that I am going to go out and buy all of those spices or am I? Well, maybe just to see if her stuff is any good. But, since I do not have a microwave, that involves using more than one pan at a time. I'll have to think about this.

    Snack - This is really worthwhile reading
    When you decided that you are hungry but it's not meal time yet? You take a piece of sliced bread, put something on it - doesn't matter what, and because you can't hold it without its dropping whatever you put on, what do you do? You FOLD ... click to continue

    Laundry - Doing It or Not

    The tendency is to let it pile up until you have nothing to wear. Then, everyone wonders why you are wearing such funny combinations, or you find yourself not going out as much, or you are running around the house half naked which means you are running all over the place when the doorbell rings.

    If you have a washing machine, your tendency is to say, I'll wait until I have a full load. Don't, because the things that are on top of the pile waiting to be washed are usually the pieces you most often wear. If you do not have a machine, then the best idea is to wash one piece of clothing every time you take a shower, or when you wash your hands, or whenever. Thinking that you will do it all at the same time leaves it until it almost never happens and then you are in the same situation I talked about at the beginning.

    If you have a machine - whenever the pile gets too big, do it. Or don't and because you are not going out for the foreseeable future, you don't need all the things in the pile. So, just run around the house in what you have left until someone calls and invites you out. Then where are you? One note of caution here, if it all has been sitting on the floor, check each piece of clothing for roaches, spiders and other bugs who because it has been there so long, think that they have found a safe haven. They tend to hide under anything that is available voila, your pile of clothes on the floor. You may find a few panicky bugs whose adrenaline (or whatever) levels have just gone through the ceiling. Help them out, don't kill them.

    By the way, if you are really not into doing the washing and drying anyway, after washing you can leave it in the washer with the door closed for up to two days without mildew setting in (my own experimentation without controls however) before you put it into the dryer or hang to dry.

    Notes on Garbage Disposal
    and other things

    I hate going out to throw away the trash in the dead of night, so I have found a great way of delaying the process. I refrigerate it all, the perishable stuff, in old ice cream cartons. Stuff which might have food on them also go there. My refrigerator is filling up with empty bags, boxes, frozen food wrappers, empty bread bags, depleted frozen juice cartons, empty ice cream vats, mostly empty jam jars (do you need a whole list?). I will take the garbage all out tomorrow. But I have said that for the last 4 days.

    On going to the market
    I can continue without going to the market until the mayonnaise runs out. I may run out of everything else but its the mayonnaise... I look at the jar each night to figure how many more days I can still hold out.


    Notes on photography

    Sometimes The Beauty <br>Is Right Under Our Feet  Copyright 2007 Morgan Thomas All rights reserved

    Sometimes The Beauty Is Right Under Our Feet

    Waiting For Summer  Copyright 2007 Morgan Thomas All rights reserved

    Waiting For Summer

    Mediterranean Sunset  Copyright 2007 Morgan Thomas All rights reserved

    Sunset Over The Mediterranean

    These are photographs which I took on my wanderings around my neighborhood. Yes, the Mediterranean happens to be in my neighborhood. But then the Garden of Eden is found wherever we look for it. Mine just happened to be here. I can go for days without taking one picture and then suddenly, there it is in front of me or behind me, depending on which way I am facing. Up until recently I used an old camera which was left behind when someone received a new one. And now I have a digital. I used to ration things with the old and take only those pictures which I felt I could not do without. Now, with the new, we take 100-200 at a time and we become flippant and sort of off hand about the whole thing. We just add clutter to our lives. I like the old, where you know what to expect, we feel comfortable with it, never disappoints you and somehow it adds meaning to life. Once a teenager stopped me and in an incredulous voice asked me "What is that?" This is an old, old camera." "Oh." and he looked away in the direction which he then went a millisecond later. Ahh, youth, not knowing the value of memories, or things gained and then lost but never forgotten, of a depth and breadth which they think they know but cannot yet grasp. Well, give them time. Think I will go back to my old camera.

  • Photo of the Month
    Also see photos end of page

    Mediterannean beach at sunset 2007

    Sunset10 photographed by Morgan

    Excellent photographer of nature, people, and architecture Darren Stone on Flickr. Check him out.

    Each month a new photo, having nothing
    to do with the contents of this site, will be
    put up showing aspects of my immediate
    environment. From time to time, works
    of others will be shown.

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    From Grandmother With Love

    We need some advice, but first of all you have to be a grandmother to give it. With more and more young people on their own and many families split up by jobs and just the sheer mobility of modern society, we need help. We've called it "From Grandmother With Love". If you have a recipe for those who are alone and do not have the time to cook or just do not know how, and some advice or... click to read further

    Recommended Sites

  • M.O.M.S. The International Non-Profit Single Moms and Dads Organization aka Single Mothers On a Mission. Highly recommended. Memberships from 65 countries.

    Computer Tips

    Some Comments and a Tip

  • Blogger? Ways to promote site
    Ran across this and if you are already a blogger or are thinking of starting one, here is a very good list:
    99 ways to promote your blog for free by Vandelay Design. Also check out his blog at Vandelaydesign He has some interesting material.

    Note on special saving of material.
    It can happen to you. Read this.
    My experiences on the web for a day
    I have had a run of bad luck today. Four times, a program on different servers has refused, deleted or otherwise parlayed my writings and left me feeling totally ineffective. Yet I am not discouraged. Just very wary. This is my advice if you have written something off the top of your head, particularly something funny, because funny does not return in the same format, while serious always has some hope of being recreated. Before you hit that save or publish button or whatever, Select All and save to memory. Just do not hit the Del key when it has been selected and before you save. Then, after saving, put it in a .txt file or better yet, click create mail and email it to yourself. That way, even when you are not receiving something, you get yourself. Disappointment? I know. But you have to admit, its better than nothing. And you can always correct it and resend. In any case, if some other person's software does not want to recognize what you wrote, and throws you out because of some technical snafu, you have it saved.

    One of these events which I mentioned above (the second such event):
    I went into a book publishing interface and wrote a rather long piece. Saving as I went along of course. Then I hit publish and got a gray screen which never turned white until suddenly the initial screen appeared - the one which said 'click to write'. And my 'manuscript'. It's winging its way south for the winter. So, then I hit the help button and a chat box came on asking me to write my problem. Which I did at length. When the girl came on, ...finally..., she typed, 'wait for a moment as I read your problem' Then she typed, 'you should write short queries'. Do you want anything else? Sensing defeat, I said 'No' and she immediately disconnected. I typed in 'goodbye' just to be polite, but I already knew there was no one there. With two in a row, I guess I am too long winded for my own good. I can hear you all saying Hear! Hear!


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