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Do Not Use My Recipes

There are three reasons for eating well and one of them is not because you would be healthier. We've all heard that and quite frankly disregard it.

First, life is pretty humdrummy for most of us as it is regarding our personal life. I'm not talking about our professional life here. So, if you just wolf it all down than you are not giving yourself the daily space, esthetics, satisfaction, and quality which is rightfully yours.

Second, if you eat regular meals, you will not nosh as much and will probably lose (what I don't know - you pick: The 'life is a drag' feeling, some weight, the sense that there is no rhythm, much less rhyme or reason to your personal life, the slight empty feeling, the constant taste of pretzels...).

Third, if someone asks you what you did today, you can say "I had a really great lunch, which I enjoyed even though it was burned, soggy, undercooked, and too tough - but it was mine".

That being said, there is a very easy way to add great things to your life. Do NOT follow any of my recipes: I hope no one does because it could lead to disaster since there are no quantities and relatively little description attached, and the photography always looks better than real life.

Instead, just go out and buy two of the following list. If you want to splurge, then all of them. And if it doesn't fit into your budget - so what! It's your life.

Jar of candied cherries
Small basket of Champagnon mushrooms (I always fry mine)
Two small bags of nuts (different types)
A really good nonprocessed cheese from the delicatessen section
Box of raisins
Chocolate sauce
Can of very good olives (I have found that a large jar of good instant coffee is a great place to put olives after you open a can (of course, you finish the coffee first).
The best pickles you can buy
A jar of really good, expensive jam
A bottle of Tariyaki sauce
A bottle of the best salad dressing around
Powdered mushroom preparation for adding to sauces, dishes, and even for making soup.
A bag of really fantastic buns (something other than round hamburger buns)
Two red peppers
Something that fits on this list but is not here

Use them! You will be amazed how it helps.

One of my favorite readers (my sister) made a beautiful pdf file of the list. Eating For Quality (pdf)

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