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Taken September 2007 Mediterranean at dusk © Copyright 2007 Morgan Thomas all rights reserved FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE TEMPORARILY SINGLE
Going it alone
from friends and family, the recently divorced
or in the midst of deciding, or suddenly alone due to a loss.
Stories, food, cooking, computer tips, dealing with loss,
photography, articles, helpful hints, great links
Hope it helps and that you will enjoy it.
Guide to living alone and surviving
Volume 1 No. 3 November 2007

Story of the Month
As told to Tamara

HappyHippoStory © Copyright 2007 Morgan Thomas all rights reserved

She said "Tell me a story"

And I told her about
The Lake That Moved Twice"

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Article of the Month

The Process of Healing


  • Process of healing
  • How we heal
  • Checklist
        Expression of emotions
        Focus on life
        The meaning of the event
        Alternative approaches
        Internal world
        Helping out
        Continuation of life

    Written for tsingle    
  • ________________

    A Word To the Wise

    Find Something To Do
    5 very good suggestions

    It is far harder than it sounds. Many have tried and failed but it's the only way. Some have actually started new careers this way, and whatever you choose may lead to other avenues which in fact will be exactly what you want or need. I am talking to both those who are working, or are not working at the moment. More


    Part III: Food Preparation
    Continuation of Helpful Hints On
    Eating Right Without Trying

    If you have a stove (if you don't, and I am serious about this, go out there and find someone quickly), here are some things you can do with it. Some suggestions which will make it easier about pizza, spaghetti, rice, the green stuff, onions, etc. and about burning pans

    You can order it, but that costs plus there is always the tip. Or, you can buy it already made and frozen, but that is pretty big to carry any distance, and in any case they never have the amount of cheese on them that they show in the picture. In relative terms, it costs a lot. The only alternative...


    Recipe Of The Month

    For those who want something different
    and want recipes, try this:

    Ethnic Dishes from around the world hosted by the Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. Includes historical recipes of different cultures, and many contemporary cultural dishes. Great Resource.

    And a recipe of my own.
    Recipe For Boiling Water

    Don't go away - This is only half whimsical
    Some valuable points and references here.
       Principles of evaporation
       Boiling time depends on altitude
       By altitude, cooking time opposite boiling time
       Boiling tips - boiling temperature always same
       Stages of boiling
       Significance to forests of world:

          Boiling time needed to purify water? None...
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    Signs that you are eating too fast

    One of the problems with eating alone, is that you are often not aware of the fact that you are eating. So, what are the signs you should watch out for which indicate you are eating too fast?

  • When you do not remember the last five bites.
  • When you are surprised that suddenly you are finished.
  • When out of a clear blue sky, the person you are sharing the table with, startles you by asking a question.
  • And, particularly if the question is "why are you eating so fast?"
  • When you are putting the next forkful in before you have finished chewing the last.
  • When you find that you have been looking at the plate the whole time.
  • When you have hic-ups.
  • When you are washing the dishes and something on the plate only vaguely reminds you of something you just ate.
  • Or when you find yourself washing a plate and you didn't think that you had started eating yet. (thanks to Gail Thomas)
  • When you don't remember what you had for your last meal (unless you always eat the same thing).

    Eating should not only be a healthy experience but an enjoyable one. Slow down and life will look different, or so they say.

  • Photo of the Month

    Mediterannean 2006 near Tel Aviv

    From The Railing

    Each month a new photo, having nothing to do with the content of the site, will be put up showing some aspect of my immediate environment. From time to time, the works of others will be shown.

    Archive of Past Months

  • September
    Wise Column: Keys, Story of Month: Ants, Foods to buy, Foods to double-up, Advice on eating out
  • October
    Wise Column: Laws if alone, Story of Month: Angie the baby antelope, Helpful hints to eating right , On getting out of the house, Computer tips

    From Grandmother With Love

    We need some advice, but first of all you have to be a grandmother to give it. With more and more young people on their own and many families split up by jobs and just the sheer mobility of modern society, we need help. We've called it "From Grandmother With Love". If you have a recipe for those who are alone and do not have the time to cook or just do not know how, and some advice or... More

    Recommended Sites

  • M.O.M.S. The International Non-Profit Single Moms and Dads Organization aka Single Mothers On a Mission. Highly recommended. Memberships from 65 countries.

    Computer tips

    Only Two This Month
    They are very important

    1. Backing up important stuff
    2. Computer freezes? You can fix
        easily w/o turning off

  • Backing up
    This fast forward stuff can get people in trouble.

    SideNote: I usually have something to say before I get to the tip, so stay with me.

    You really should be ready for that power outage, stolen computer, the day when the hard drive just lies down and won't get up, virus attack, fire,wrong file sent to the recycle bin and then dumped when cleaning up, misplaced file (can't find it no matter what because can not remember the name and the only word remembered is found in 1000 other docs type of thing, or a child comes in to play a game. [A side note here: You answer the phone and your child comes in who is a computer whiz, or the cat (who is not), presses a key and takes out your file before you saved it. (Remember that this is their world (exclude the cat here) unless you are under 25 Ė to be more realistic, for the computer as a regular household item, you would probably have to be under 20. Gates, Allen, Jobs and Wozniak, got started around 1975-6 and the personal computer only really took hold in the market in the mid 80s. But still, lets say that your child is under 5. As much as he/she knows, their main focus is not your manuscript. End of side note.] More

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