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Recipes of the Month, Don't Fold It Snack, Pancakes In A Jar

For those of you who like recipes, here are a few really good ones I have found.

  • World's Healthiest Foods An excellent site along with a wealth of other material on healthy living.

  • Cooking for one Reading her recipes made me hungry, but there is no way that I am going to go out and buy all of those spices or am I? Well, maybe just to see if her stuff is any good. But, since I do not have a microwave, that involves using more than one pan at a time. I'll have to think about this.

    Snack - This is really worth while reading
    When you decided that you are hungry but it's not meal time yet? You take a piece of sliced bread, put something on it - doesn't matter what, and because you can't hold it without its dropping whatever you put on, what do you do? You FOLD it. Now when you eat it, its gone in half the time, the taste is gone because the taste buds at the top of your mouth are left out of the picture, and you don't even remember enjoying it.

    I have found the answer. I keep my bread in the freezer. Why? I don't know, I just started doing that awhile back. Now, I just take out a slice of bread and, if your freezer is not set to rock hard freeze, this will work. Spread whatever you want, and this is also a nice feature the bread does not fall apart as you put on the butter, peanut butter or whatnot. Put whatever you want on it and you can pick it up and have a delightful cool open-faced sandwich which holds everything and lets you eat at leisure while standing or sitting anywhere. And the best part is you don't have to FOLD it. The flavor goes right to the top of your mouth.

    The morning miracle in a jar.

  • Get an old jar - clean of course. Fill half way with water.

  • Pour in flour up to near the top. Never put the flour in and then the water. You'll never get the lumps out.

  • Close tightly (be sure to pick one with a tight cover or pancake will be all over).

  • Shake vigorously. It must be somewhat near the right consistency for pancakes must run smoothly not too fast and not too slowly. If too thick (doesn't move or shake), put a small amount of water in and re-shake. If too thin, you have to go and get the flour out again and dump some more in and all of that can be more than you bargained for. Don't worry, you will get the hang of it.

  • Pour some in a hot frying pan. You can use the microwave here but who wants pancakes from a microwave.

  • When the bubbles start rising, wait until all of the moisture is gone from the top of the cake before turning over. Note: If no bubbles rise, it means that you have kept the mixture in the refrigerator too long. Once, I wondered why it tasted so sour with the syrup on it. I lived as you can see.

  • Put the remaining mix in the refrigerator for tomorrow.

    The jar I use serves me for three days. I only eat one pancake at a time. Before, I used to eat a stack of three at once but that was when someone else cooked them, or I was giving myself a treat. Alone, I can survive very nicely with only one. By the way, if you are not eating fish, taking cod liver oil, noshing on walnuts, you might use this opportunity to put some Omega-3 in the batter. This stuff is absolutely essential (so I am told) for preventing all sorts of things. Once I had all of the symptoms and now I can't even remember what they were. See how well it works?

    One thing you might think about doing is before putting the cover back on the jar for saving the rest until next time, you might rinse off the cap and around the outside top of the jar. This way, you will: 1. be able to unscrew the top next time (did you ever use flour and water as paste when you were a child?). 2. You won't have a lot of dried flour falling into your next pancake when you pour it into the pan.

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