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You Owe It To Yourself

Take Time Out To:

Note: Many of the things we can do, are spontaneous occurrences. The difference is that we have to be ready to react - ready to give. Normally we just go around thinking that everyone can take care of themselves and if they don't... well, they should. And it really does not matter that we have already thanked someone - once is enough. Sometimes it is, but not always, and besides, we like to be appreciated for what we do, over and over again. And normally, I do not have time to do those extra things - even though 90% of those extra things took a total of 3 minutes.

And the things to do?

Create something. You can even create a scene. Just as long as it is your creation. It does not matter what it is. Something from within you. Let it out. I am not only talking about something artistic. It can be anything which is essentially part of you in the outside world.

Crawl into bed when you should be working - just for a short nap. Be sure to set the alarm.

Cook something or prepare yourself something special to eat.

Take a picture.

Make a list of the things you like doing the most and try to do at least one of them each day. Two if you can.

Buy something small which costs almost nothing but which you would normally not buy for yourself.

Buy something small for someone else.

Just sit and listen to the noises around you or just listen to the silence.

Listen to a piece of music you have wanted to hear.

Read something, no matter how short, that you have wanted to read or have said that when you have the time... At least start it - one page a day type of thing.

Make a list at the end of the day of what you did for yourself today.

Write down your thoughts - even if you don't have any. Sometimes it will in fact be nothing, but sometimes you will surprise yourself.

Get up a little bit earlier than you should and feel the luxury of doing things you aren't too rushed to do, or just sit and enjoy the morning instead of rushing to get ready. That can wait for 10 minutes, and that spare ten minutes may just give you the energy and the satisfaction to accomplish the rest of the day.

Give something to someone - something you would not normally do. A smile, an encouragement, some money, a gift.

Help someone. Can be something very small. But, the fact that you do it will mean a great deal to the other.

Stop and ask yourself why something was successful. And take a moment to learn from it. Or why something was unsuccessful and take two moments to learn from it.

Decide that you are going to do something that you want to do and without any excuses, take the first step. Actually do something that will be the start of whatever it is.

And do not forget to make that list. And, by the way, every so often, take a look at your lists.

What did I do today? I have set up some categories which are relevant to me. You can make your own. It helps.

I learned a little bit more of a language I want to learn.

I made this list.

I took photos of two meals for the blog.
I took myself for a walk to photograph but photographed nothing. It was one of those days.

Not that I don't have any. Just haaven't gotten there yet.

Daily stuff
I re-potted a plant which is not looking so good.

I called someone and thanked them for something they did for me.
I offered to help take something down for someone in the store. She had already done it, but the fact that I offered seemed to mean something to her.

I bought myself a new razor.
I took a nap just because I felt like it.


It's not the end of the day. Maybe by then I will have thought of something.


Do you notice all of the sentences which begin with I. That's what this list is for.

This is life - the rest is obligation, necessity, someone else's desires.

By the way, there is nothing small in the world. Somehow it is all part of a much bigger totality.

copyright 2008 J. Morgan Thomas All rights reserved


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