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Finding Something To Do

It is far harder than it sounds. Many have tried and failed but it's the only way. Some have actually started new careers this way, and whatever you choose may lead to other avenues which in fact will be exactly what you want or need. I am talking to both those who are working, or not working at the moment. If you are not working - sitting and waiting for someone to answer your applications can be nerve racking at best. So while looking, get something to take your mind off of a process which can take some time unless you are willing to take just about anything or have an 'in' somewhere.

Some Alternatives

  • If you already have an avocation or hobby which takes a lot of your time, then you have already solved the problem. But, if not, let's see what you like doing aside, of course, finding someone to fill the void.

  • Reach back to something you enjoyed doing in the past. Starting with some sort of base can be encouraging. Perhaps you need a new format, a new way of approaching the subject. A new outlet like finding someone else who is ready to participate with you in getting something started, or a new purpose to the old hobby – like making it earn some money for you, or finding someone who can give you new information and new avenues of approach.

  • If past interests do not move you, then in every city of the world there are groups of people doing just about everything. Get a list of clubs, seminars, groups, free classes in your town and see if any of the topics spark an interest. You must force yourself to get out of the house. Sitting in your underwear, watching TV, waiting for the phone to ring does not advance your life style or your life for that matter.

  • I ran across an opportunity which may appeal to some of you - BLOGGING - If you have something to say, and even if you don't, this gives an opportunity to get the creative juices flowing or just let the world know that you exist. However, this should come with the label "addictive". There are literally 100s of blogs platforms out there. And once you have signed up, you are, according to most of them, blogging in about 5 minutes (give or take about 30). And for almost all of them, it's free. If you want to have your own domain name without the name of the blog platform you are working on attached to the address, then it can cost you anywhere from $6-12 a month to set yourself up on a host platform and whatever the one time fee is for the domain name you want (some hosts include this in their price and will do all of the leg work for you). But most bloggers do not necessarily want or need their own unique name without the blog name attached. The biggest blogging platforms are:

  • Blogger Google's own. enter and type - Free.
  • free - just enter and type - hosted at no cost.
  • pay for own domain/hosting. Difference between & org explained.
  • TypePad largest paid blogging service in the world. According to typepad - "TypePad is the premier blogging service for professionals, hosting many of the world’s most popular blogs and small business websites".
  • Movable Type paid blogging. "...publishing platform designed to meet the website content management needs of growing organizations and to serve as a social media platform that enables businesses to create community-driven websites. Since 2001, Movable Type has powered many of the web's most popular blogs and communities."
  • ExpressionEngine core engine free, personal and commercial paid. See overview and pricing page "ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich content management system that empowers thousands of individuals, organizations, and companies around the world to easily manage their website."
  • Others - Lists 49 platforms which readers of use according to Problogger's poll.

  • Another possibility is to publish your own material and sell it, or have it as downloadable for family and friends. Now that sounds very hard to do. But there are several POD (print on demand) companies out there which allow you to upload whatever you have - manuscripts, photos, poems, etc. - and the cost is minimal for the process of creating your first book. If you wish to sell it, they take back 20% of whatever price you charge. You can sell from their site or even set yourself up to sell in bookstores, and if you wish, become your own publisher. Otherwise the company remains the publisher. One such company is Check them out and become a published author over night (or however long it will take you to write your novel or get all your already written stuff together and organized). For an article written in Newsweek and comments about Lulu, see Web-based Self-Publishing Explodes However, if you are interested, you should check out the different POD companies and make your own decision as to which one is the best fit for you. Here is a site which gives a comparison chart of the different companies, and talks about other companies which are not included in the chart.

  • If I still have not jogged any brain cells into action, how about this? We all have something that we want to do or wish that we had done but for one reason or another we never did it - responsibilities, time, money, no one to do it with, and the list continues as to why we did not do it in the past. But, now is now and then…, and there is always a way around each of those things which you used before to keep from fulfilling your desires. Start thinking of ways around all the negatives for not doing the thing and start to think positively and start planning. The first step may be to look it up on the internet and see who else is doing it and how they are managing. Then the second is to set down an over all plan – it doesn't matter if it seems possible right now or not. Do it and make it as detailed as you can. Then, take one of the pieces of the plan and break that down. Now start working on one of the breakdowns. Really start working on it to make it happen – it does not matter if it is not the crucial point, or even if it is the part which seems the most impossible right now – start working on it. Just do it. It is amazing how new avenues open up, how others are willing to help, how things just seem to fall into place as we travel down a specific path. And just remember, if there is a reason for doing something, I don't care what that reason is, just keep going. Even if you get rebuffed, hit a hard spot or several, try a couple of times and it does not work, do it again and keep the reason you have in the forefront of your mind. Things do not always simply fall into place the first time for anyone – even the most "lucky". It just looks like it does. But, if you ask them and find out the real story, a different picture starts to emerge.

  • Or, how about this: Humm, I draw a blank. So if you have not been helped by the other suggestions than you are the only one who can come up with a solution for yourself. When you come up with one, and notice I did not say 'if', write to me and tell me what it is so I can put it up here to help others, giving you credit of course.


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